Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Teen Idols

It has come to Mistress MJ’s attention that Thombeau and (Canadian) Jon had crushes on Donny Osmond!

They’ve been trying to keep it a secret but Mistress MJ unearthed their clandestine conversation as follows:

JON: “My sister was so crazy about the show (well, mostly about Donny (and so was I... secretly!!!) and she forced me to play the part of Donny while she of course played Marie... It must have traumatized me in some way since I still find myself singing sometimes while walking to the bus stop:

♫I'm a little bit country.
And I'm a little bit rock'n roll♫

THOMBEAU: “I, too, had a thing for Donny. Still sorta do, but don't tell anyone."

Now that THAT secret is out of the bag, we here at Infomaniac want to know…

Who was YOUR teen idol?

And whatever happened to him/her?


  1. Replies
    1. Nerver heard about it... him! Very interesting!

      Dead, of c-horse. Peanut butter overdose surely.

    2. Ah, yes...
      Those associated with the nickname "Horse" are always very popular.

  2. I actually had lustful thoughts about many teen idols, pretty much anyone in my little sister's Tiger Beat magazines. But I could never tell anyone back then, for reasons of it being the seventies and all.

    A quick shout-out to BOBBY SHERMAN! And now I must Tiger Beat off.

  3. Teen idols... mmmm... I've always been much into more mature men and I didn't watch much tv anyways or was into anything hollwood.

    I vaguely remember both Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedick in the original Battlestar Gallactica serie but my first love was John Schneider as Bo Duke in the Dukes of Hazaard. Never missed one single episode! Of course I always pretended I watched it because of Daisy Duke... :P

    After that, any sexy cowboy in a western or any guy in tight leather pants would get my attention and if was a cowboy in leather gear... well, I simply fainted!!!

  4. I was (at various stages) in love with Donny (yes! another one!), Andy Gibb, Debbie Harry (well, I wanted to be her, actually), Adam Ant, Limahl and Sting... All still going (to varying degrees of success) except dear Andy (RIP). Jx

  5. My first major crushes were on Roger Daltry and Randolph Mantooth (EMERGENCY!)but then my heart went to Andy Gibb.
    OH! I can't forget "Bag Girl" Donna Summer!!
    She was such bad, bad girl!

  6. I never had a teen idol, but to be honest I was in mad love with the Priest at the Catholic Church about six blocks from our home. I was riding my bike by the church grounds and he was working in the yard without his shirt on and I just about shit my pants. He was young, handsome and had a nice, NICE body. He was also totally not interested. Figures. The women in the neighborhood used to call him "Father What A Waste". He left when I was 14 and was deployed to a congregation in New Jersey. He'd be70 or 75 today. What a Waste.

    1. That reminds me the few months I live in the "Mile End", a small borough of Montreal where you find the largest Hassidim community, and there was this guy living just next door that was just a hunk, very sturdy and large built type of a man, big wrestler type, and so cute with those little curls (how do you call them) falling on each side of his luscious bearded face; great smile and such a great guy always talking and joking with us, and me always hoping to get a "sign" from him.....

    2. Wow, you had one of the few Catholic priests that weren't sexually attracted to kids....

  7. Mine was totally the Saved by the Bell crew Mario Lopez and Mark-Paul Gosselar. It was hard to take my eyes off Mario's dimples and nice full crotch. Ahhhhh, the things that went on in my mind with the three of us, like all weekend sleep overs.

  8. I was all about Doug McClure: blonde, hairy, studly. Sigh. He be dead now.

    And I, too, was way on the Jan Michael Vincent AND Bobby Sherman trains, but I never even considered Donny, cause I liked boys.

  9. hard to remember that far back,
    but i recall swooning over john saxon and nick adams.

  10. When Donny gets to the top of the pole, is he gonna take Fonzie's advice and "Sit on it" ??
    My crush was on Lyle Waggoner, and I'd love when on the Burnett show they'd come up with any excuse to have him appear with just a wraparound-towel on. What an idiot, he left the Burnett to be on Wonder Woman. Lyle, gorgeous but dumb.