Saturday, February 13, 2010

Too Turned On?

Try Horny Remover from Japan.

We are thinking much about human body.
Enjoy promoting your health with our healthy goods.

Note: This is a FEBRUARY FLASHBACK from the Infomaniac Archives. Content in Feburary Flashbacks may be slightly altered from the original posting. We welcome your comments but due to time limitations this month, Mistress MJ will not be responding personally to all your comments.


  1. Looks like it works.

    I know my sex drive has been lowered thinking about the horns on a headband wearing gal being scaped off with a potato scrubber.

    Well, ok, now that I think about it... maybe not...

  2. xl - you torture me, I shall seek sweet revenge. No medal for 4th place. Does Horny Remover come in a larger size? I am talking huge, people. Like with wheels. kabuki gets BIG hornies, probably something in the water. (I have had suspicious water for months)

  3. XL, do you get insider information on when posts are going up? Cuz you have an inordinate number of firsts...

    Not that I care... just making an observation. ;-)

    (waves back)

  4. Harr harrr me hearties5:01 PM, February 13, 2010

    Either that Ponita or XL haunts these pages every single minute of every single day.

    Har harrr.

    Posted via semaphore for Mob who was last seen running down the M1 waving his zimmer frame in the air at some young scallywags who had pinched his seaworthy bathtub for a spot of tobogganing.

  5. Harr harrr me hearties5:09 PM, February 13, 2010

    And here is a little music to go with the sight of the horny lady playing with her vibrator:

  6. I'll pass. My elbows aren't horny. Hard? Yes. Horny? No.