Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eros On The Slopes

Flanked by a bevy of Infomaniac bitches, Eros prepares for the ride of a lifetime ...

For the most comprehensive and entertaining reportage of those other games, visit Eroswings.


  1. I thought that Nude Skeleton was a demo sport this year but had no idea that Mr Eros would be the debut competitor.

    This obviously accounts for his rampant fervour re all things with rings.

  2. Note in the photo finish, that xl is actually first!

    Eros, be sure to use wax!

  3. oh my! so, if mj is a judge...

    does this mean i get bronze? again?

    Oh Hai, xl and princess


  4. dang, this MUST be OUR sledding team... with all the ladies abiding by the "if your Canadian show us your..." rule.

  5. My name is Mob cos there's lots of us12:08 PM, February 18, 2010

    And who do you think took the photo?

  6. So the ladies get rid of one atlete ...

  7. He should really have on eye protection. He might get snow blindnesss. Athletes must be careful, after all they're only human. And naked. And surrounded by scantily clad babes. The summer olympics were not this fun. Canada is really putting on a show, Eh?

  8. Sorry I took so long to get back but a very special part of me was frozen to my snowmobile.

    I must confess that I am a little jealous that Mr Swing's event seems to have drawn more enthusiastic spectators. Ladies..hello..Look at how wee it is?

    Sure it's cute, but it will take forever to get "where-ya-wanna-go" on that thing...
    wouldn't you like a ride on a POWERtobbogan?

    Ooh that sounds so Canuck ;)

  9. That pic spells trouble with a capital T. What if he wrecks that sled and slices his willy off?!

  10. I'm waiting for Women's Parallel Parking, and Men's Underwater Bikini Waxing.

  11. Willy, shmilly. I have the strong impression that these ladies know how to help themselves.

  12. It was tough event, but I certainly enjoyed it!

    And I would like to thank the very accommodating and welcoming Vancouver Olympics snowbunny volunteers for checking to make sure everything was in perfect working order after the event!