Friday, February 05, 2010

Filthy Friday – Nipple Tweaking Edition

Nipple Tweaking.

Everybody's doin' it.

So why don't you?

Note: This is a FEBRUARY FLASHBACK from the Infomaniac Archives. Content in Feburary Flashbacks may be slightly altered from the original posting. We welcome your comments but due to time limitations this month, Mistress MJ will not be responding personally to all your comments.


  1. I went away and tweaked. Now what?

  2. Perhaps you could go back to the previous posting and measure your penis.

  3. Filth!
    I mean first!

    drat, wrong on both accounts.

  4. Dear MJ,
    I see you have gathered the Canadian "Nipple Tweaking Team" in readiness for the London Games demonstration sport.

    Well done my dear.

    Are you turning into an Olympic Junkie?

  5. It's the Filthy Friday Chicken Dance! Coming to a wedding or bar mitzvah near you!

  6. I have had my nipples professionally tweaked, and have never look back. Don't wear a shirt with an embroidered logo without nipple protection. I spent an afternoon with bandaids covering my girls, and it made the lesbians I was with spastic with laughter.

  7. At least you could have done a fresh Filthy Friday posting. It is after all the highlight of Beasties day. You've disappointed him. A lot.

  8. ***tweaks nipples with an air of dissapointment***

  9. The guy in the white trousers looks very pleased to be tweaking his nipples.

    It's too early for nipple tweaking. I'm drinking my coffee instead.

  10. Mercifully I'd forgotten this one.

  11. I'm doing it but I still can't get radio 4.

  12. *breezes in briefly to promise new Filthy Friday for next week*

    *notices chafed nipples on kabuki and applies NipGuards*

    *tweaks Beast's nipples*

    *breezes back out*

  13. I'm ordering the Nip Guard t-shirt!

  14. this all should be nipped in the bud!

  15. *tweaks Normadesmond’s nipples as he protests*

    *attempts to tweak XL’s nipples but is thwarted by NipGuards*

    Where are my manners?

    We have a newcomer!...

    SALTY MISS JILL: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    We recognize you from Jason’s, Mr. Peenee’s, Jill’s, La Diva Cucina’s, and Thombeau’s, amongst others.

    BITCHES: Please see to it that Salty Miss Jill is made to feel at home here at Infomaniac.

    Do this in whatever way you know best.

  16. Will someone please tell me why all the hairy, fat, bald naked men like to fling their weenies out and photograph them for all the world to see? Why can't someone like Ryan Reynolds or Johnny Depp do this? We'd all much rather see that. Can I get an amen?!

  17. Kapitano, see I KNEW you wouldn't mind seeing Ryan Reynolds' or Johnny Depp's schlong. Anyone else? Anyone? Bueller?

  18. Mistress, I've found this udder cream useful today.

    [passes container around]

  19. That udder cream can be used in conjunction with Bag Balm.

    If it’s good enough for Shania Twain…