Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Infomaniac Winter Olympics

Mob, Beast, Donn (fresh from yesterday's Snowmobile victory) and XL ...

(click to enlarge)


  1. Fine.

    But what is this event?

  2. I have never seen a more beautiful winter ballerino scene. The fraility of mankind, the hope for tomorrow, the children, none of these spring to mind as I eyeball these fat fucks. All I can think of is beer and cheese combos. And that may just be enough.

  3. Would someone put down their pipe long enough to bring me a beer and some nachos?

  4. **brings mj a snow cone and a pilsner**

    smells like cake farts in here...

  5. I didn't know it was the spechuls olympics yet.


  6. Great - Donn and his mates are going for double gold in the ice dancing event.
    Let's hope they remembered to bribe the judges.

  7. My name is Mob cos there's lots of us4:01 AM, February 18, 2010

    XL has done it again. Man oh man stop taunting us like this. OK then I will put the lyrics up myself:

    always believe in your soul
    you've got the power to know
    you're indestructible
    always believe in, because you are
    Gold , glad that you're bound to return
    there's something I could have learned
    you're indestructible, always believe in"

    And we are actually taking part in the synchronized swimming event but the water froze.

  8. Wow. They've captured the Spirit of the Games perfectly.

    And squashed it.

  9. these are the russians sarah palin sees from her house.

  10. It's the Exhibition, when the champions perform for the audience!

    I see they're doing the Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies! Always a crowd favorite!

  11. damn, eros beat me to it! but, yeah, that's it! xoxoxo

  12. Pfff, every Sunday afternoon in the park over the street ... Schwanensee blaring from the boombox ... arg ...

  13. Is it the fairy bobsledding team practicing their starting run up? They shall end up with very cold wands in that scanty attire one might imagine. Far too many tutus to toboggan in.

    Oh hi all i'm Home with Good news!

  14. Speaking of sledding, there's a new post up featuring Eroswings.

  15. Can I use this pic on my Christmas cards?