Thursday, December 10, 2009

High Maintenance Queen(s) Crowned!

Infomaniac is pleased to present the title of High Maintenance Queen to …

(drum roll, please)


After a hair-pulling, wig-snatching, back-biting and venom-spitting smackdown, Jill and CyberPete proved to be equally matched in the high maintenance department.

So they each win a fabulous sticky notes pad! …

Congratulations to the runners-up: First Nations, Michael Guy and Kevin.

Although Michael, it seems, has taken issue with his defeat and is emailing the officials and calling for an appeal as we speak …

With God as my witness that tiara should have been MINE!


  1. who needs a tiara when you have wicked witch of the east slippers.

  2. What's not to love?!...A man with ankle socks, I Dream of Jeannie slippers and a blackamoor looking over his shoulder?!

    Bravo, three cheers...I've had probably the most fun ever on the blogosphere. Now...lick it up you cocksuckers!

  3. Oh Good Lord,


    What is up with these people?

    Where is XL?

    ***stomps out****

  4. Yay! Although.. My high maintenance is unparalled.

    Bless you Kevin bur you ain't getting my sticky pad.

  5. Oh it was Michael!

    Well he ain't getting my sticky pad either.

  6. Congrats to Jill and Cyberpete.

    Well done.

    Oh hai Boxer. Where is XL?

  7. The black boy lamp had me fizzing at the clopper. It's exquiste, every home should have one.

  8. Well, glad thats over.
    *gingerly band-aids stilleto-heel wound*

    Yes and While I am relitivly new here, I would like to invite ya'll to my new blog, The Land of Confusion. Thank's, and Mistress MJ can you possibly send one of those fruitcakes my way?

  9. Lord Blogger, never mention cake! Never!

  10. BITCHES: Mistress MJ is indisposed but will pop by on Friday to visit your blogs.

    In the meantime, if you missed CyberPete’s coronation as the Queen of Denmark last year, click here.

    Thanks again to all of you who participated in the High Maintenance Queen competition.

    *faints back onto chaise*

  11. ::through gritted teeth:: Congratulations, dahlings.

    * gracefully sidesteps the puddled clopper fizz that Mitzi so thoughtfully left *

  12. *chucking down valium, swigging champagne out of the bottle, redialing her therapist* I'm SO happy for the winner. Yay. Congratulations. Really. Seriously. You should be very proud. It's a great honor.*snif* No, never mind me. I'll be fine.

  13. * is violently jealous of Michaels excellent footwear*

  14. Awww IDV and FN!

    Thank you darrrrlings *fake kisses*

  15. All hail the queens JILL and CYBER PETE!!! Pink Lady cocktails for everyone! (All right, don't crowd me! Be patient bitches, I can only make three at once!)

  16. LA DIVA CUCINA: I can only DRINK three at once!