Saturday, October 25, 2008

Keeping it Gay

Mistress MJ will be keeping it gay and faggity today as she spends Saturday with one of her fave homosexualists.

Sunday will be spent recuperating from cocktails and churning out another exciting edition of Monday’s Blogging Roundup.

See you on Monday, bitches!


  1. Boo, I don't mind being bested by Eroswings, but who da hell is 'WW'.

    anyhoo, have a fabulously fab weekend.

  2. I didn't realize a.b. had exclusive rights to being first here, or to commenting, period.

    Sorry, I'll try to do better next time. But with all due respect and likewise, who da hell is a.b., and why does she just want to stomp my balls?

    I've been commenting here since 2006. I can stop if MJ asks me to. Is there some expiry date on commenters?

  3. Sounds fabulous. I wish it was me.

  4. Alphabetically ab beats ww - but the gapped tooth one is certainly a veteran round here.
    May the best bitch win.

  5. BOXER & WW: The pair of you, cut it out or you're going to your rooms!

    Allow me to introduce you to each other properly.

    The gal with the big mouth and attitude is A.B. (Anonymous Boxer) but I call her Boxer. She's been visiting here for almost a year. Even though she is my rival (ONE of my rivals) for Old Knudsen's affections AND his piss-stained cloth cap, she is a swell gal. She lives in Seattle so that makes us cross-border buddies. She works hard, plays hard and is a good mum to a group of teeny-tiny dogs with big personalities. She likes to cum first, I mean come first. I like the bitch despite the fact that she'd do anything to be Old Knudsen's top hoor.

    WW (Within/Without...or as we like to call him, "Winky Wienerhead") has been visiting Infomaniac since the summer of 2006. That's over 2 years of brand loyalty! How many of us have had lovers that lasted that long, let alone bloggers? WW is best friendsies with our Donn and y'all know Donnnnnnnnn. Just like Donn, WW is a good friend and a good man AND he's a fellow Canuck. I think very highly of him even though he doesn't clean behind his refrigerator and (worse) he's been seen wearing socks with sandals.

    There. My work here is done.

    FFS why am I settling disputes at 4 am?

    *adjusts wig, brushes dirt from hands and struts off into the sunrise*

    CYBERPOOF: Oh sweetie, you KNOW we'd be shopping for shoes and sipping fruity cocktails if you didn't have to entertain your imaginary boyfriend this weekend.

    KAZ: I'd also like to add that WW is a lover not a fighter even though he's got what it takes to slug it out if the occasion arose.

  6. PnH/TnP - Surely WE should be first?

    Not only have we been longer term visitors, but also in multiple guises.

    We want to complain! Where's the manager?

  7. PUPPY&HIPPO: Speaking of homosexualists, along come Yorkshire’s biggest poofs.

    You two have been with me since the very first week of Infomaniac! Under a different name, of course.

    But you know who was REALLY first? BETTY AND GEOFF! They commented on Day One and you didn’t show up ‘til a few days later…though admittedly it was probably because I hadn’t told you yet that I’d created a blog for fear you’d soil it. Which, of course, you did.

    Your first comment on my blog, by the way, was “Ewwww! I wouldn't eat either of those two! It'd be like eating chocolate flavoured shit.”

    Did I ever tell you about the first time I visited YOUR blog? There was a photo of a giant turd (possibly your own) in a toilet. I was horrified yet amused and knew I had found kindred spirits in you. The rest is history.

    Anyway (your fave word) when are you going to change your names back to T&P? I demand to see the manager!

  8. BITCHES: I’m outta here for the rest of the day.

    Don’t make me have to run after you with a wooden paddle and a birch whip when I get home.


  9. MJ, I have a couple of horse whips you can borrow - one reaches 10 feet so you could sit down and crack the whip on whose ever arse needs it.

    I will send them over asap - just let me know if you want them.

    ((smiles innocently))

  10. MJ:

    I prefer Winky Wankerpants, actually, another version of Donn's delightful doting and devotion.

    You make a marvellous referee, MJ, all decked out in sexy black and white and green elf shorts.

    But I wasn't lookin' for a fight to begin with, so I don't know where this is coming from or why.

    I was just passin' through. I don't see the need for anyone to get all territorial or whatever.

    MJ, I'm going to nominate you to be the next leader of the UN. You'd kick ass.

  11. I think I am ready for you again. The night terrors have subsided and the medication seems to be working. Yes...the time is right. Breathe deeply....

  12. Have A Fab Time.......I Take My Hat Off To You mj.

  13. March 2006! Bloody hell, don't time fly.

    Yay, first!

    (Well, second after Betty).

    I'm proud to have been there at the inauguration of a great blog.

  14. He.Is.NOT.My.Boyfriend!

    But we sure would and I'm sure my bank account would prefer it that way. Could also do with a stiff drink right now.

  15. I like to come first and then fall asleep. Just sayin'

  16. Who the fuck are all these people and what are you all doing in my living room?

  17. I've been commenting since 18sevenityeleven man and boy and I'll have you all know you lot have it easy. We used to have to tattoo pigeons and tape them onto half bricks and throw them at the bloggers and then at Christmas we'd sit doon for a feast of nutty turd sandwiches but you know what? we were happy even when the Zulus were bombing London of course I lived no where near that shite hole so who cares about those dirty southern Sassenachs?

  18. Goodnight MJ. See you again next week end.

  19. PONYGIRL: I don’t doubt you DO have whips, with a name like Ponygirl.

    WINKY: Referee?

    I just KNEW you’d find a way to work a sports reference into it!

    EDDIE: The long lost Eddie Waring?


    TONY: You can leave your hat on.

    But let’s see that fine peachy arse of yours again.

    GEOFF: My devoted bitch, Geoff.

    Infomaniac was a kinder, gentler blog back then, wasn’t it?

    Where did I go astray?

    You were one of the first blogs that I discovered and I’m still hooked.

    In fact, I’m holding you partially responsible for my blogging addiction.

  20. CYBERPOOF: I’m picturing the two of us drunken shoe shopping.

    Can you imagine the credit card bill?

    NATIONS: Stiff upper lip?

    T-BIRD: Old Knudsen likes weemen who lay still.

    Oh look, there he is!

    See how you’ve lured him in?

    KNUDSEN: I remember the first time you wiggled your bits at me through a bombed-out blogging bunker, holding out your cap to me in a gesture of good will…or did you want spare change? And muttering something about Fenian Cocksuckers and shaking a lemur off your leg. There was a bagpiper at your side and then I passed out.

    KOOKABURRA: Are you out on a weekend pass?

  21. Oh dear!

    Can you imagine how big a shoe closet we'll need?

  22. Oh, my! That lemur/bagpiper rant is pure gold, MJ. You need to frame that one.

  23. Nooooo... not that kind of Ponygirl... guess if I had known about that meaning when I named my blog, I would have called myself something more in line with this.

    I do, however, love to cowgirl up! Yeehaw!

  24. CHAMP: Shhhh.

    Not so loud.

    Everybody will want one.

    CYBERPOOF: We’ll have to build an addition to the house.

    T-BIRD: I was channeling Old Knudsen when I said that.

    PONYGIRL: Well one thing I know for certain is that you want to ride Eroswings.

    But then who doesn’t?

    May I pet your muzzle?

  25. Is it Xmas all ready?

    Don we now are gay apparel?

    As for that second album cover, I seriously doubt that dude is gay--what gay man would wear such a horrible looking get up!?! Really, someone needs to bitch slap some fashion sense into him!

  26. How's my second favorite Canuck? I hope you haven't been behaving yourself. If you're in the market for whips, I know a Mexican wholesaler I can put you in contact with.

  27. hope you had a lot of big gay fun!

  28. EROS: Who died and made you Mr. Blackwell?

    MADCELT: I know Celine Dion will always be your fave Canadian.

    MANUEL: Ta.

    I had a gay old time!

  29. and LAST!

    (Lousy copycat I am, but I liked that)

  30. Fair Mistress...what can I say? She wears great shoes.

  31. seems the canadian roundup is a bit different than the ones we have in illinois...