Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Daisy!

Birthday greetings go out today to our Daisy (from Illinois … The Corn State!)

Daisy is busy packing at this very moment for a trip to the UK.

She’ll be meeting up with some of Infomaniac’s lucky British bitches while she’s there.

Rumour has it that Beast will be showing Daisy his Dyson crevice tool!


In other news, tune in on Monday for a rare treat.

I’m shocked and appalled that we haven’t done a Blogging Roundup in over a year!

For those of you who are new to Infomaniac, Blogging Roundup is a peek at ‘the week that was’ with a handful of Infomaniac’s readers.

Look for it tomorrow. You may be in it!


  1. thank you are officially the first...and you put a smile on my face :)

  2. Hippy Birdie, Daisy!

    Have a great trip to the UK but watch out for that crevice tool!

    (That birthday greeting is from a very old Peanuts cartoon - Woodstock's typos.)

  3. Happy birthday, Daisy!

    Ooh, Blogging Roundup's coming back - Yay! I didn't realise it'd been so long. And I don't mean Beast's crevice tool.

    ***Flexes crevice tool at Miss MJ ***

  5. Happy Birthday Daisy dear!

    Oh oh oh blogging roundup! I love those.

  6. thank you xl :)

    oh ponygirl...woodstock has been a fav of mine since i was young...i remember that and thank you so much for taking me back there...

    thanks should watch out for that tool and all i have heard ;)

    thanks beast...stop flexing you'll put someone's eye out!

    thank you dear cyberpete :)

  7. My best wishes Daisy.
    I heared that strange people live on these islands. I hope you will have an amusing trip.

  8. DAISY: What else will you be doing other than inspecting Beast's crevice tool?

  9. Happy birthday Daisy.
    What a lovely picture.

  10. thank you usually is quite amusing which is why i go back...:)

    MJ...i know i am going to a friend wedding, and another's birthday party, and a friend's child's birthday party, all in ireland...then going to london and really have no set plans except meeting people on the 12th...i just like walking around places and i would like to see the changing of the guard but my trip doesn't revolve around it...

    kaz...thank you so much...i smiled all day was a good one and i am glad MJ picked it...

  11. DAISY: If you miss the changing of the guard, there's always Beast's big nappy to change.

  12. Is Daisy holding a small cute dog?

    Well, that's the kind of person I can wish a very Happy Birthday!!!!!

    **clicks on Daisy's blog, hoping to see more pix.**

  13. mj...i think i best make the changing of the guard then...

    AB sorry had to privatize my blog a while back due to some problems...

    thank you frobisher :)

  14. Miss MJ i asked you not to mentin the nappy......its not like I have to waer it ALL the time

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. BEAST: Do NOT take Miss Daisy into the bedroom lest she suffocate from the fumes from the stinky duvet.

  17. me thinks mj is trying to fluster beast...will watch the spectacle...with trepidation...

    Thank you so much tony! :)

  18. happy birthday Daisy!

    *staggering drunk from catching up on 2 weeks of smut in one go*

  19. Happy birthday!

    Your little puppy is the cutest, by the way!

  20. carnalis thank you...extra strength excederine and a full glass of water before bed may help

    Thank you Leah!

    Manuel...thank you

    You have all been very nice to me today and i thank you for that...

  21. a little late, but happy birthday, daisy! xoxo

  22. Happy Birthday, Daisy! Safe journey and Bon Voyage!

  23. Hmmm. Will this be a Fun Foto Monday????

  24. Thanks to everyone who dropped by today to wish the lovely Miss Daisy a happy birthday and bon voyage!

  25. H to the B Daisy.

    I'll bet that you never thought that you'd be embraced by so many pervs? Enjoy the UK and don't forget to stick a Maple Leaf on your backpack...atleast until Obama wins.