Monday, October 20, 2008

Blogging Roundup

A peek at ‘the week that was’ with a handful of Infomaniac’s readers.

Today marks the return of the Blogging Roundup, documenting what you lot have been up to over the past week or so.

It’s been over a year since we’ve had a Blogging Roundup. Tsk tsk.

Time does not permit us to post this on a regular basis nor to list each one of you bitches in its contents.

So shut up, grab a cocktail and enjoy.

Let’s get started with IVD and CYBERPETE who took Tim up on his challenge to apply a wonky-mouth to something with HI-larious results.


IVD posted this pic of his familiar “Beaky” with Wonky Mouth…

And CyberPoof applied wonky-mouth to a sculpture in Denmark…

Admit it, bitches. You want to play wonky-mouth too, don’t you?


KAZ asked Madonna to cover up her ageing body…



Donn dealt with a case of Blog Theft with a plagiarist who had the nerve to copy and paste one of his original posts onto her blog.

Read Donn’s account here and the scumbag, er, I mean plagiarist’s response here.


Ladies, CLICK HERE to find out why Old Knudsen is Hot and Tasty.

Men, find out why your weemen cannot resist his charms.

“Do not watch if under the age of 18 or if you are easily offended by graphic sexual content involving badgers.”

Turn on your speakers and grab a dry pair of panties. You’ll need ‘em.


Frobi’s returned from his stint in sunny Spain and he’s promised us pics of hot Spanish men.

But so far, all we’ve got is a “pic of some thug who lived 5km walk from the villa and constantly made lewd & crude sexual suggestions to me, sometimes up to four times a day!”

Followed by a film review of Mamma Mia!

Nothing to do with Mamma Mia


The crafty Ms. Nations invites us to take up our buckets of premixed sheetrock mud and sheets of luan paneling.

I, for one, have plenty of this material on hand, don’t you?

You’ll also need 1 large bottle of Elmers CARPENTERS glue-NOT the white school stuff. I’ve enquired as to whether or not you can use salad cream instead.

Go over there with an "IDEA IN YOUR HEAD" and create a collage!


Puppy ponders the flavor of Irn Bru: Scotland’s most popular soft drink.


Need a laugh?

Got 46 seconds?

Then you’ll thank Random Chick for posting the “He's a Cat, Flushing the Toilet!” video…

And finally…


New Cunt of the Week” is a regular Blogging Roundup feature that welcomes new Infomaniac readers.

Since this is our first Blogging Roundup in over a year, there are a lot of new cunts!

If you think you qualify as a “New Cunt of the Week”, email Infomaniac and tell us a bit about yourself. Just a wee blurb that tells the other bitches who you are, where you’re from, your interests, etc. Include a pic too if you like.

The only criteria is that you’ve become both a regular reader AND commenter on Infomaniac sometime within the past 12 months or so.

If selected, all newcomers will be featured on next Monday’s Blogging Roundup in the New Cunt of the Week section!

Note: No new posting ‘til Wednesday.


  1. Is the round up cowgirl hiding a six shooter or is she just happy to see us?

  2. EROS: YOU'RE the cowboy.

    YOU tell US!

  3. Well, whether or not she's hidin' a six shooter, she sure don't know what to do with that lariat! Sissy cowgirl....

  4. All I have to say is that I just loves Irn Bru - wish it was available in Canada, or at least NWT. Bestest fizzy drink ever - especially after a night of drinking and you need something to wake ya up.

    Coulda used some Irn Bru after last marathon - but used some good Vancouver Island beers instead. Not a bad substitute!

    Has Old Knudsen chosen this time to release his Utube to coincide with the New James Bond release ???

  6. PONYGIRL: With a name like Ponygirl, YOU should know!

    NWT: Is my fanny in your face not enough to awaken you?

    BEAST: It's not all about YOU, you know.

  7. A video of cats flushing a toilet shouldn't be so amusing. Really.

    * watches it again *

  8. IVD: Could you please have a word with Beast and let him know that a cat video AND a wonky-mouth trump his glove puppet anytime?

  9. Thanks for the cat Random chick.
    It beats that Crazy Frog any day.
    I'm off to look for your new cunts now and to play wonky mouth.
    What a wonderful life!

  10. Thank you MJ for visiting the blogs so I don't have to

  11. Now I want a wonky mouth cat flushing the toilet... can someone *make it so*?

    Also: I snorted and drink came out my nose at your caption for 'nothing to do with a film review about Mamma Mia'. MJ, this is why I keep coming back for more and more...

  12. Thanks for being the glue that holds this randy collection of miscreants from infecting the rest of the blogosphere.

    You keep our wickets nice n' sticky and ask so little in return.
    I don't know how (or why) you do it...
    but I appreciate it.

  13. KAZ: Your madcap approach to life is absolutely contagious!

    FROBI: At least have the good grace to visit Ms. Nations if you haven’t already made an appearance.

    She loves you so.

    T-BIRD: You know how I feel about bodily fluids being spewed onto my blog.

    Please try to exercise some self-control in future; although I know this is not part of the Aussie temperament.

    The real reason you keep coming back is because you’re in search of cock.

    I hope Mr. Frobisher was able to fill that gap for you today.

    DONN: Infomaniac is a drop-in centre for the daft and the demented.

    Someone has to keep them off the streets.

  14. lol , ot htuom yknow taht gnittup fo kniht dluoc i sgniht fo stros lla s'ereht

  15. !enilno m'i tslihw agoy gniod pots tsum i !timmad

  16. ˙ʎzzıp ǝlʇʇıl ɐ lǝǝɟ llıʇs ı ʇnq ɹǝʇʇǝq ʇıq ɐ s,ʇɐɥʇ llǝʍ ¡ɥoooo

  17. I must check that post out when I get home.

    Sounds enterrrrtaining

  18. GINRO: I’m forwarding my chiropractic bill to you.

    CYBERPOOF: Which post?

    They’re ALL entertaining.

  19. I can't stop watching the cat flush the toilet.

    Why can't my dogs do this?

  20. Hah! Grrrrreat!

    You must do blog roundups at once a week.

    I doubt he's Spanish but it appears that Frobi did almost make good on his word.

  21. I hope my cat Lola doesn't see the flushing video. She's so compulsive the water would never stop.

  22. LEAH: Thanks are not necessary.

    Simply make your cheque payable to Mistress MJ.

    BOXER: Dogs seem to have issues with toilets.

    CYBERPOOF: You can always count on Frobi for quality cock.

    XL: Lola has emailed me asking for her own bathroom.

  23. *adds Frobi to his favorite blogs*

  24. *hopes he doesnt become one of the new cunts of the week*

  25. What can you mean
    "Its not all about me"

    How ridiculous
    I may need therapy

    I did like wonky mouth , but was upset the pussy left the seat up

  26. CYBERPOOF: Frobi can sniff a good cock at a thousand paces.

    VOICES: It could be arranged.

    *searches for provocative photo of Inner Voices in personal porn collection*

    BEAST: Unless you pee like a girl, I can’t imagine why it should bother you that the toilet seat was left up.

    HEFF: Poor Knudsen?

    The man’s a babe magnet!

  27. ...aahhh, dont believe the hype...

    *runs to guam to hang out*

  28. VOICES: *waits for email blurb to accompany photo of Voices' naughty bits*

  29. OK *sigh* I take the hint *sigh*


    I did a blog rating test for your blog ( Infomaniac Rating)
    but unfortunately it won't let me add it in the comments. Mind you I didn't really need to do one. I just thought that maybe the test would break down. You got NC-17 because of nine bitches, four cocks, and one penis, lol.

  30. GINRO: Four cocks and one penis?

    Obviously there's not enough cock on this blog.

    I'll have to do something to rectify that.

    Where's your "New Cunt of the Week" blurb?

    I shouldn't have to remind all of you.

  31. I must apologise, that rating thing is rubbish as it only takes account of the text, lol. I suspected as much so, in the interests of science I decided to see what rating it gave youporn. The result might surprise you somewhat, lol!

    You Porn rating

    And you want me to nominate a cunt of the week? Me, because I won't tell you how to write backwards and upside down, lol.

  32. I just read that bit about it and do I have to email you with regards my nomination then? Ok I'll do that.
    Hmmm, I have to tell you a little bit about myself...hmmm...let me see...

  33. oh oh oh .. i qualify!

    *runs around and gets dizzy, sits accidently on cake*

  34. I was just establishing my 'new man' credentails Miss MJ
    ***sneaks in and leaves Miss MJ's seat up***
    eewwww Inner voices has already wee'd on the seat
    ***wipes hand on Miss MJ's towel**

  35. bwhahaha - that link for the dog made me spit out lunch.

  36. *shoots beast a dirty look for busting him on his seat cleanliness and points finger at nations*

    nations did it... i peed in the pool-- err... i mean on beasts bicycle tire...

  37. MJ, you really should get an award for the service you provide on the blogospher. I mean, how in the world would we learn about all these fascinating blogs, and cunts, and stuff?

    I'm glad everyone enjoyed the cats flushing the toilets as much as I did. Now I must find another video to rid me of that insane song that keeps playing in my head. I agree that someone would make a wonky-mouthed cat flushing the toilet video with a new theme song...maybe, "He's a wonky-mouth cat, flushing the toilet and he makes Madonna look like an old fart...No, this ain't no Mamma Mia review, just look at that cock!"

  38. pssttt... i think random is on too many cold meds...

    can someone help me get this nice white jacket on her...

    *sneaks up behind randomchic with new coat*

  39. GINRO: Well?

    What are you doing?

    Writing your autobiography?


    CARNALIS: Were you here for the cake farts?

    Or were you away that day?

    BEAST: Don’t make me put the big nappy on you.

    BOXER: No lunch-spitting!

    *flicks errant crumb off corner of mouth*

    You had cake, didn’t you?

    VOICES: Ms. Nations has the decency to use the toilet planter.

    RANDOM: I’ve been singing the flush song out loud since you posted it.

    My social circle has dwindled as a result.

    VOICES: Random is just politely trying to say that she loves cock, cock and plenty more cock.

  40. soooooo....... then, are we claiming LAST on posts at the infomaniac yet!!!

    yeah bitches, last!!!!!

    *hopes no one will notice*

  41. VOICES: Ahem.

    Did you notice the note that says, "No new posting ‘til Wednesday."?

    So it's possible that some latecomer might be along today.

  42. damn... i just look at the pictures... is there writing here on the infomaniac other than in the comments?!?!?


  43. GAHHHH!!! there are funny looking symbols that are vaugley familiar to the american----err english language scratched out there on yer main page...

    *scratches head and wonders why he never noticed them before*

  44. VOICES: Hey I think someone is calling you.

    Yeah, Cheese is calling for you from the bedroom!

    Guess you've got to go now.


  45. what, no new post today?

    *walks away disappointed*

  46. Being a timelord I have regenerated several times and so am a new cunt.

    loop-hole and glory hole are not the same thing.

  47. Is being the "New (C u Next Tuesday) of the Week" a good thing?
    What's wrong with me?
    I can't even get myself to spell the damn word, let alone say it.

  48. Yay - 50th - just like Madonna.

  49. CYBERPOOF: I’m not a blogging factory.

    KNUDSEN: You’re an old cunt.

    And a hornivore.

    JOE: Being a “New Cunt of the Week” is a fabulous thing.

    It means you’ve joined the Community of Cunts here at Infomaniac.

    You’ve arrived!

    Just say the C word. “Cunt” is a term of endearment here at Infomaniac.

    It took Kaz months to say it and now she sounds like a sailor!

    KAZ: Are you like a virgin?

    CHAMP: I’m sure I wouldn’t know.

    But when the Champ speaks, people listen.

  50. I wish my cat would use and flush the toilet.

  51. TICKERS: Just be grateful you've got pussy!

  52. You know, I thought you were.

    You can't just make used to having a post every day and then one day not have one.

    Be careful or someone will sue you.

  53. HAHAHAHAA, last again!!!

    me. me. me. me.


  54. Poor home alone Beast with no infomaniac tuesday post to read
    ***coughs pathetically***

    Dont worry about me

    I will probably be dead by wednesday
    ***plays hearts and flowers on violin***

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. YAY Last
    ***waggles ass at Voices***

  57. CYBERPOOF: Even 24/7 bloggers need a day of rest sometimes.

    VOICES: And then along came Beast.

    BEAST: I’ve just volunteered my services to The World Champ as his personal physician.

    Of course you know I’m already his Official Beard and Body Hair Groomer.

    And possible next-in-line as Head of Security if you don’t keep up your end of things.

    Anyway, as I’m now a physician, you shall be forced to undergo a routine medical examination.

    Cough again, please.

    BEAST: (again) *slaps Beast on the bare buttocks*

  58. LAST!!!!!!
    Neener, neener, neener!

    *sticks tongue out at Inner Voices...then waits patiently for lewd comment from MJ*

  59. *takes picture of beast getting his ass slapped and pastes it to the basket on beasts bicycle... grabs randoms tongue and draws on it with marker*

  60. RANDOM: I'd advise you to keep your tongue in your head if you don't want to find it stuck in someone's orifice.

    It's only a matter of time before someone comes by and takes advantage.

    VOICES: Oh look.

    Here he is.

  61. TADAHHH!!!!!

    *wipes hands off on sofa arm coverlet, as they were covered in randoms icky sicky toungue sticky*

  62. *wiping up fluids all over MJ and wondering if I can get a Frobi-style truffle/cock hunter for my home*

  63. I fully intend on coming in last...
    ew that came out wrong?


  64. Shut up. All of you.

    I'm trying to write Wednesday's post and I can't hear myself think over your chattering.

  65. *sneaks in minutes just before mjs normal posting time for THE LAST COMMENT!!!!

    YEAH BITCHES!!!!!!

    me me me me me meme!!!!


    *does happy dance and spills beer onto counter next to shot of jeager*

    oh there that is!!!

  66. HEH HEH...

    *basks in his glory of being the last commenter before mjs new post, waves at donn as he rides into the sunset*


    Donn has nothing to ride off into the sunset on.... I do! So there!

    Giddyup, Thunder, let them eat our dust! Yehaaaaw!

    ((last seen galloping off into the blazing sunset on her trusty steed, ThunderBunny))

  68. What on earth is going on here?

  69. GINRO: Best not to ask.

    Things move in mysterious ways here at Infomaniac.

    I might well ask “what on earth is going on here?” as I look at your avatar!

  70. I'm toying with a different look at the moment, so you'll probably see various avatars until I make my mind up, lol.

  71. GINRO: I'd like to see your bare bottom.

    Arrange for it.

  72. LOL!

    The only time you'll get to see that is in person.

  73. GINRO: Don't make me cross The Pond!

  74. Cross The Pond? Hmmmm...yes let's do that, lol.

  75. Dammit. Blogger doesn't let people do animated profile pics any more.