Friday, October 03, 2008

Filthy Friday

Nurse MJ will see you now.

Who’s next?


  1. I see you've got a finger on the pulse of American politics! How astute of you to get to the bottom of the issues! Tell us, what do the winds of change say?

  2. Well it sure as hell ain't the Man from GLAD!

  3. Thank you for once again reminding me that your Blog is not "work safe". Nothing like explaining that picture to my co-workers standing around.

    "Oh,, it's not what you think. You see, there's this Mistress who has a blog. No, really. Come back, I can explain...."

  4. what big manly hands you have Miss MJ

  5. Wow! MJ ... How do you keep your gloves so white?
    I mean ... except for that finger.

  6. So that's what Michael Jackson is up to these days.

  7. Keep your freakishly mannish hands away from my rear quarter.

  8. oh ffs...that is not pretty to wake up to in the morning...thankfully i have already had a cup of coffee and didn't put my glasses on prior to clicking the link...good god girl where do you get this stuff!

    yeah i know i keep coming

  9. Ooh - I'd forgotton it was Friday ....I'm goin' 'ome.

  10. Why is that person wearing gloves? Takes the personal touch away from it.

  11. I don't see any lubricant...

  12. Is Miss MJ wearing white after labour day tsk tsk

  13. EROS: Confidential information.

    I can’t give you the poop on that just yet.

    DONN: But he’ll give you the glad hand.

    CSI: Just turn the other cheek.

    BEAST: All the better for getting a firm grip on your backside.

    JOE: I used your toothpaste to clean them.

    Oops, forgot to wash my hands before I handled the tube.

    BOLLIX: When I said to keep that tongue wagging I didn’t mean for you to speak.

  14. IVD: I’m surprised you still have a functioning muscle left in that slack arse of yours.

    CYBERPOOF: Where are the other three quarters?

    DAISY: Your brother gave me access to your family photo albums.

    KAZ: You can’t go home again.

    MAXI: For your examination, I’ll be using my bare toes.

    T-BIRD: Lube is for sissies.

    BEAST: I see you’ve over-accessorized.

    You’re wearing a fruit basket up your arse when just a banana would do.

  15. I've shared it with people who haven't given it back.

  16. Mistress MJ, gloves or no gloves, do you really want your finger up the butts of this crew? I shudder to think.


    ...dare ya to read this, guys.

  18. ...past the part about the hairbrush, anyway.

  19. CYBERPOOF: Their parents didn’t teach them well about sharing.

    BOXER: Just as you reach the door, turn around and shake it for us.

    LEAH: Have you no appreciation for your fellow bitches?

    Where is the love?

    NATIONS: That is too much darned work.

    Instead, I recommend every male bitch on this blog reads How to Serve Pussy.

    Paying particular attention to this bit of advice: “When she starts to have an orgasm, for heaven's sakes, don't let go of that clit.”

    And most importantly:

    “After you've made her come, serve her in other ways. Stroke her body, caress her breasts. Lick her feet. Clean her house. Cook her dinner.”

    XL: There’ll be an after-dinner show.

    At that point in the evening I glitter it up a notch with a feather boa and sequins.

  20. All right...I love...but I'm still dubious...

  21. Absolutely not.

    One though though. They were polite enough not to do a brokeback. Unlike you and that hairy individual.

  22. Cyberpoof have you noticed the bad case of bottom acne as well.....
    ****dabs with clearasil***

  23. LEAH: Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream..

    Mistress MJ shall guide you.

    CYBERPOOF: Repetez, en anglais, s'il vous plait.

    BEAST: Is that how you cleared up your bum blemishes?

    GEOFF: *stifles laff*

    I simply refuse to play if it means wearing those unhygienic bowling shoes.

    I’ll leave it in your hands.

  24. Cleaning my house after doing lovely things to me? Yes please!

  25. Just're a pretty good bowler aren't you ?

  26. CYBERPOOF: I must learn to expand my Danish vocabulary beyond “Pikslikker.”

    T-BIRD: Expect no less.

    HEFF: I’ve got my hands on the bonus ball.

  27. I always look forward to filthy firday, MJ. I just can't check it from work anymore.