Monday, October 27, 2008

Blogging Roundup

A peek at ‘the week that was’ with a handful of Infomaniac’s readers.

In case you missed it last week, Infomaniac has resumed posting the Blogging Roundup: documenting what you lot have been up to over the past week or so.


But before we get started, let’s extend a warm welcome back to everybody’s favourite British expatriate, Eddie Waring!

Eddie Waring's arse

There’s much to be told about Waring but we can best sum it up by telling you that his lad (his penis) can change the channels on telly with the remote control, he suffers from a sweaty arse crack and he enjoys having sex with Swiss Cheese.

I'm thrilled to have him back!


Butter goes punk.

Johnny Rotten: pre-dairy-endorsement days

Geoff exposes former Sex Pistols’ front man Johnny Rotten celebrating the joys of British butter in this commercial…


Old Knudsen sticks it to that “big Texan twat” Dr. Phil.


Garfer has a go at the French.


Tony gets a new hat!...


Manuel’s big Irish arse in need of underpants

Manuel contemplates buying new underwear to replace his Incredible Hulk comedy pants.

Incredible Hulk gunties with extra elastic to contain big Irish arses

Inexplicable DeVice (IVD):

IVD gets lucky!

After months of living a monkish existence (aside from servicing the sailors down at the docks) IVD has finally pulled!

No details yet but we’re quite certain that for once, money was NOT involved.

Well done, IVD.

And IVD was interviewed here by Dinah.

In this exclusive interview, IVD admits he’s going mad. Something we long suspected.


New Cunt of the Week” is a regular Blogging Roundup feature that welcomes new Infomaniac readers.

Since we hadn’t done a Blogging Roundup in over a year, there were quite a few “New Cunts.”

So even though you’ve seen the following bloggers here for months, they qualify as “New Cunts” since they’ve started visiting Infomaniac in the last 12-14 months (the date we temporarily stopped posting Blogging Roundups.)

Two New Cunts are featured here today: Carnalis and Inner Voices.


Carnalis joined Infomaniac back in December 2007 when she commented on a Filthy Friday posting.

Carnalis hails from the gentle, rolling green fields of south-west England.

In addition to being one of my rivals for Old Knudsen’s affections and his pee-stained cloth cap, she’s a saucy suburban mum who serves up a pot-pourri of cake, knickers, angst and occasional butt sex.

Interests: Boys and Old Knudsen's cap.


Inner Voices likes to hang out with his buds

Inner Voices (from Big Sur, California) joined Infomaniac in February of this year when he commented on our Fun With Foreskin posting.

What could possibly be said about Inner Voices that isn’t already revealed in 101 Zack Facks?

To summarize: His favourite movie is The Sound of Music, his spelling and grammar sucks, he loves blowjobs (duh), he farts whenever he feels like it, he doesn’t own any underwear, he pees on stuff all the time, he has a big mouth (see photo) AND he’s half-Canadian.

Tomorrow on Infomaniac: A New Cunt from England…Ginro!

Ginro has so much to say that we’ve had to give him a separate posting!


  1. Wow, you could've named this post Cheese and Crack(ers)!

    Who knew this many sexual deviants (and eccentrics) had access to the internet? Another public service brought to you by Infomaniac.

  2. Jeeze, It's like Crimewatch-on-Acid............

  3. *blush*

    i can still remember my first filthy friday .. despite the therapy.

    *dashes off to post something hot and steamy*

  4. *sulks*

    When do we vote for cunt of the week?

  5. One day soon I shall be walking round Manchester and see Tony in that hat.
    He's such a brave man to expose himself like that.
    I wonder what Garfer looks like.

  6. Now I understand what you meant by "Write a little something about yourself".
    This is where I start to wonder if I ought to take something for my verbal diarrhoea, lol.

  7. EROS: Sexual deviants and eccentrics?

    Speak for yourself!

    TONY: It's like Crimewatch-on-Acid

    That would make a great tagline for Infomaniac.

    CARNALIS: You’re sweet AND savoury.

    CYBERPOOF: This isn’t a compo.

    Why are you sulking?

    Is it because IVD has a real boyfriend instead of an imaginary boyfriend like yours?

    KAZ: Tony hasn’t completely exposed himself.

    *note placement of hands*

    Thinking about Garfy keeps me awake at night.

    I’d love to see his big Irish arse, if nothing else.

    GINRO: I’m not sure that they make a blogger’s Imodium.

    Those fags are going to stunt your growth, by the way.

  8. Partly. It's because I secretly love him

    I want him and his freakishly bendy body

  9. interesting... im not the only one to come out of the comment closet and post on mj filthy friday eh?... i wonder how many other lurkers have come out on those days!!!

    *puts on new t-shirt from mj and proudly struts about*

  10. That ONE brings a new meaning to the term "Kiss Ass".

  11. *sigh* I never get tired of seeing Manuel's ass.

  12. CYBERPOOF: You’re secretly in love with IVD?

    I suspected as much.

    Perhaps his Subconscious is free to date you.

    VOICES: See my comment to Heff.

    HEFF: Which reminds me…

    You haven’t submitted a photo of YOUR arse yet.

    BOXER: I want to use Manuel’s big Irish arse as my pillow.

  13. i know, i know... but who wants to see my ass, really... its nothing new, just plain white with tattoos on it... not hairy, not flat, just normal white boy bummage...

  14. VOICES: Quit stalling and SUBMIT!

  15. Its true what IV says about his bum. Anyway what is it about me cap that gets me the chicks?

  16. if only we could bottle essence of knudsen

  17. KNUDSEN: Your cap contains your hoodoo, your voodoo, your mojo.

    All luring us to your lucky charms.

    BEAST: Have you ever been inside a hoorhouse?

    That’s what Old Knudsen smells like.

  18. has anyone commented on the disturbing fact that the only way to truly enjoy zacks penis is to light it on fire?

    because....yeah. huh.

  19. NATIONS: Couldn’t you just bake it into a fudge brownie mix?

  20. *hands nations some matches and wonders if mj has a dominatrix side as she is always wanting voices to submit*

  21. ...oh please, you just now 'twigged' to that, zackie? *dodges whip*

    So sexay, so powerful is the powerful power of Knudsons piss hat, that it has spawned a whole host of halfass imitators, such as this
    Go the phrase 'Urine hat'. I dare ya.

  22. VOICES: Submit and you won’t get hurt.


    Although you may experience a slight stinging sensation in the buttocks area.

    NATIONS: Urine hat…

    Is that anything like an ass-hat?

    Don’t get any ideas in your head about Old Knudsen’s cap.

    *looks shiftily about*

  23. 'Petra, you're welcome to as many SubC's as you can handle!

    I wondered who that loon was in the butter ad, and now I know thanks to Geoff's expose (don't know how to do the little accent thing over the final e).

  24. awwww Cyberpoof and IVD
    Aint that sweet
    Can I be a page boy at the civil ceremony I WANT TO WEAR A KILT!!!

  25. ...that means you'll have to take off the dirndl, beast.

    think hard before you go jumping into kilts (words I live by.)

  26. didnt you follow my link a few days back?!?!?

    i love myself some spankings!

  27. IVD: CyberPoof will make your Subconscious wear body glitter and listen to Kylie on an endless loop.

    I’d think twice if I were you. It. Him.

    Why don’t the pair of you do a Boy Butter advert?

    BEAST: Listen to Nations.

    She is wise in the ways of menswear.

    NATIONS: If Beast is attending the wedding, it also means he’ll have to wash.

    I can’t see that happening any time soon, can you?

    VOICES: You won’t be surprised then to know I already had that link bookmarked.

    *considers alternate form of punishment*

  28. Perhaps we should - That Boy Butter could do with a little sparkle.

  29. yay!

    Don't forget about the heels MJ!

  30. if you really think so IDV.

    Anything for you.

  31. IVD: Have you already used up that industrial-sized vat of Boy Butter that I gave you as a birthday pressie last year?

    CYBERPOOF: IVD already has a nice pair of high heels.

    (scroll down to second pic)

    CYBERPOOF: Oh my!

  32. ooooo... i hear that high heeled nut crunching is all the rage... perhaps some of that then...

  33. VOICES: Alas.

    The link to the YouTube I posted of ball-bashing is kaput.

    Use your imagination instead.

  34. i saw it on an HBO special once...

    *readys self for nut cracking*

  35. If Beast is wearing a kilt at the civil ceremony, then I am wearing mirrors on my shoes.

    Plus - inner voices is a boy? Hmm. Clearly I haven't been paying much attention.

  36. Well as you can never go wrong with that, I'm opting for a Wang for the big day.

  37. T-BIRD: If you wish to look up Beast’s kilt, you’ll need magnifying mirrors.

    Inner Voices, unlike IVD, does not have a frontbottom.

    CYBERPOOF: You’ll have a Wang-dang-doodle of a time, then.

  38. i hate moving, i feel as if i'm missing everything, sugar *sigh*


  39. SAVANNAH: I’m here for you, as you can see, filling in the blanks.

    And I’m sure you’re happy to see Manuel’s arse again too.

  40. *checks self to make sure hes a boy*

    yup, things havent changed since this morning...... sorry t-bird.

  41. ass again.....will people ever tire of it?

  42. VOICES: Are you expecting a change?

    Are you on estrogen tablets?

    PRU: WHICH ass?

    There's two.

    Were you so stunned by the beauty of one that you didn't notice the other?

    MANUEL: Will people ever tire of your arse?


  43. OMG.. it's like a police line up.

    I knew there was a reason I have a blog crush on IV

  44. CATSCRATCH: A blogcrush on IV?

    Oh my!

    And CyberPoof has a blogcrush on IVD.

    It's all so confusing.

  45. *wonders how many police line ups catscratch has been involved in viewing*



  46. I love this blog!