Friday, October 31, 2008

Filthy Friday - Hallowe'en Edition

Click pic to enlarge…

Infomaniac devotees worshiping at the altar of Mistress MJ

“What’s so filthy about that?” you ask.

As Infomaniac insiders, you know what’s really going on in this pic.

So tell us all about it.



  2. Those are some wild and ca-raaazy dudes! Even though there is snow on the ground they are goin' barefoot!
    and prolly commando too!

    That is whack!

  3. Clam bake?

    Fish fry?

    An arts and crafts workshop on turning tricks for Halloween?

    You're doing what you do best: Welcuming new people into your circle! And what an amazing circle it is, taking in so many people at the same time!

    Canadians are such wonderful hosts!

  4. is that Goldie Hawn?

    I was wondering what she's been up to lately.

  5. Dear Mistress MJ.
    Beast has a cold today so please excuse him from nekkid frolicking and Halloween Cake Farting and I particularly don't want him exposed to acres of nekkid saggy old man meat as he has a delicate constitution
    Ma Beasty

  6. I don't know. Is one of them going to put the kettle on though?

  7. The bitches are preparing to push Mistress MJ off that cliff.

    And about time too.

  8. Their feet must be freeeezing.
    They are begging the famous shoe fetishist mj to provide them with footwear from her huge collection.

  9. A blessed Samhain to you...have a great weekend.

  10. XL: Is this your first first?

    Perhaps XL would like to show us how a proper circle jerk is done based on his expertise in the matter?

    COPPENS: It’s not exactly a Winnipeg winter they’re dealing with though, is it?

    BOXER: Happy Pacoween!

    Thanks so much for the card.

    EROS: If you elect McCain, you’re out of the circle on your arse.

    CYBERPOOF: Auditioning fellas for The Banger Sisters sequel?

  11. MA BEASTY: Your son seems well enough to comment over at IVD’s place!

    What is it this time?

    The Man Flu again?

    SCARLET: Beast is in charge of the kettle.

    Though he’ll probably ask mummy to do it for him.

    GARFY: You’re going down with me, ya bastard.

    KAZ: You know perfectly well (as we take the same wee shoe size) that I can’t shod those monstrous clodhoppers from my personal collection.

    Having said that, I would love to see them tottering about the dales on high heels.

    MADCELT: Ta, Mad Kilt. And to you.

  12. The filth obviously relates to the mud and muck they're tromping around in.

    I don't think much of the pentagram they're standing in, either. It looks more like an amoeba. What a shoddy excuse for a coven. They deserve to be burnt at the stake.

    Oh, and happy Hallowe'en!

  13. IVD: I see you've roused yourself from your sick bed.

    It seems the dreaded Man Flu is making the rounds once again.

    Is Ma Beasty taking care of YOU too?

    Did you catch the Man Flu from BEAST, by any chance?

  14. *glad that he had the hood up on his bathrobe that morning*

  15. VOICES: But you left the butt flap open.

  16. MJ you have high heels? Boots maybe even? Woo! Why didn't you say so before?

    *sound a la Homer Simpson drooling*

  17. Beast is doing weird stuff with a pumpkin. Can I stay here????

  18. GINRO: If I provide you with the high heels, will you wear fishnet stockings too?

    SCARLET: You can stay if you bring HobNobs.

  19. They are going to cut round that circle and drop into the centre of the Earth....

  20. was thinking that i needed to have a little fresh air in there...

    how did those pictures get out, i thought i had them all.

  21. VOICES: Stop coming through my back door!

  22. MJ I don't think we need to hear about your anal proclivities with Voices. Don't you think you ought to be settling your issues in private?

    And re the fishnets and highheels. No. With legs as hairy as mine you'd be reaching for the vomit bag, lol.

  23. ***sniggers as Beast faked the excuse me note from Ma Beasty , and will be round the back of the shed , smoking and quaffing tea ***

  24. GINRO: Our Danish bitch, CyberPoof, uses Veet to rid himself of superfluous leg hair.

    Or I could wax you top to bottom.

    BEAST: The joke's on you as I've consulted Ma Beasty and she says you can forget about bringing your laundry over this weekend.

  25. Would anyone like to see my penis?

  26. "Is this your first first?"

    No. The first time I did it RONG, didn't shout FIRST! There is just too much pressure and responsibility.

  27. MUTLEY: Do we have a choice, Mr. Mutley?

    XL: Get used to it.

    And why haven't you applied to be a "New Cunt of the Week"?

  28. *joins beast for a smoke and brings own coffee*

    ahhh, what could be better than two boys hanging out behind the tool shed eh? hey here comes mj!

  29. VOICES: Gah!

    You did it AGAIN!

  30. The sequel must be the adult version.

    Personally I don't want to see any of that but maybe there is a demand.

  31. *fully enjoys a cigarette after his encounter with the beast and mj behind the tool shed*

    anybody wanna puff of this?

  32. "anybody wanna puff of this?

    No it's alright thank you.

    “I don’t need no drugs in my system, ‘cause my dancing and didge sets me free”

    And MJ, I'd rather let you try and wax me.

  33. And don't ask me watch a 'didge' is as I haven't a clue.

  34. CYBERPOOF: May I borrow your Veet to use on Ginro?

    VOICES: I feel another tea break coming on.

    GINRO: Is that a didgeridoo in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

    Back, sack and crack wax?

  35. Absolutely!

    The creme, cold wax strips or the hot wax?

  36. Erm...yes ok.

    On another note, is this 'dancing and didge'? I'd be Art Arty Storm I guess:

    Art Arty Storm

  37. "why haven't you applied to be a New Cunt of the Week?"

    I am too fragile for that. I will, however, volunteer for extra pillow fluffing duties.

  38. CYBERPOOF: Whichever stings the most.

    GINRO: Diggin’ it, Ginro Jazzoid.

    What do you do for an encore?

    XL: You’re official Infomaniac fluffer.

    VOICES: *mellows out long enough to forget how annoying Voices can be*

  39. my bad, i meant to hand you the fresh bag of tea instead...

  40. Well once I've recovered from falling off the stage...

  41. I just noticed, XL is an official fluffer eh? WooHoo!

  42. The creme is out then.

    What do you use?

  43. this is clearly not anything to do with mj or any of her minions. how do i know this?

    1. everyone is barefoot. please.

    2. everyone is clothed. please.

    3. they're getting ready to push that virgin into that volcano. and, just....*begins laughing uncontrollably* yeah.

  44. VOICES: You just want me to pluck those leaves.

    GINRO: Do you need to be fluffed AGAIN?

    Haven’t you heard of Viagra?

    CYBERPOOF: The houseboys dutifully pluck my hairs out one by one with their teeth.

    I feel no pain after consuming copious amounts of Jamesons.

    NATIONS: Did you just remember we exist over here?

    Why don’t you go back to listening to your music and check back in after another week to make sure we’re alive?

    Oh, and is it raining hard enough for you there like it is here?

    Are you collecting rainwater in the toilet planter?

  45. This is the before shot. I want to see the after shot...

    Plus - fluffing. It's sadly a dying art isn't it?

  46. T-BIRD: IVD seems to be on a one-man-fluffing revival.

  47. Woah - the red man!
    Flonk bonk and the holey schtonk! It's a still from "Scusi and the frogmites" first video, maybe February 1983. Damn flashbacks.
    Nothing but corny pics and and a bad taste in the mouth from rat munching.

    Ay Mistress, gimme the boot ... you're better than life.
    Or its end.

  48. I went and stood in line for almost two hours in the hot, humid sun for early voting...and I voted for Obama and Biden.

    ...and I also voted for Propositions 1 thru 5 to fund fixing streets and schools, fund cops, firemen, and public health. If it passes, that means homeowners have to fork out more in property taxes--sucks to be a homeowner...but I voted against developing the bayfront--NO to greedy developers--and Leave the damn beaches alone!

    Then I went and bought more candy, as I've almost eaten all the ones I bought the week before. Now, I'm just handing them out to trick or treaters.

  49. MAGO: What did you ingest during your tea break?

    EROS: Bravo!

    Will the circle be unbroken.

  50. looks to me as if they're all begging forgiveness for totally inappropriate comments, sugar! xoxo

    (where the hell is bollix? i need o hear him say nice things about me and call me a laydee)

    (did i tell you how much i hate packing & moving & knowing i have to unpack all this stuff all by myself?)

  51. SAVANNAH: I like it when they beg.

    I'll call you a laydee AND offer you cocktails.

  52. A quarter of "Regent" (a heavy red) and a bottle Silvaner Kabinett.