Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blogging Roundup (cuntinued)



Englishman Ginro first appeared on Infomaniac in September of this year; another innocent bystander lured in by this Filthy Friday posting.

Although secretly I think he’d been enjoying the Cake Farts video prior to that.

You may remember the day that Ginro contributed to our Blogging Tips and Tricks posting by writing upside down and backwards in the comments section.

Ginro (left) in the garden with Charlie Dimmock and Alan Titchmarsh...if I knew how to post this gif properly, Charlie Dimmock's tits would be swinging back and forth, alternately slapping Ginro and Alan TITchmarsh as they swung

UPDATE: That isn’t Ginro in the pic. If anyone knows who the bloke on the left is, please contact Ginro or Infomaniac.

UPDATE: Ginro informs us that the bloke on the left is Tommy Walsh from Ground Force.

Anyway, I’ll shut up and let Ginro take it from here.

From here on down, Ginro tells his tale. Enjoy…

Who am I?

I am a man that blogs. But would that be more along the lines of telling you what I am rather than who I am? Yes I guess so. I found this which was quite interesting, for several minutes: Who am I? I am a boy. I tried to put my age but it wouldn't let me go past nine years old. Well that figures, lol. Give me the hairstyle of your choice. Hair colour? Didn't have silver (my hair turned that colour in my late twenties when I got married) as an option so I had to go for blonde. I have a silly/bunny face. My pyjamas are, well I don't wear anything as a rule so I went with blue. And this is me. Fun for all of us.


I was born some time ago.
My earliest memory is from when I was about 2 or 3 years old. I was in the back seat of a car, and the car was black.
When I was 5 I broke my arm.
However, we didn't know this until the doctor had a look at it the next day as the nurse that lived next door had told my Mum that it was just a sprain.
I still have the cast. Don't know why I kept it.
When I was 8 the girl across the road used to chase me everywhere trying to kiss me. Naturally, at that age I was repulsed.
When we met again, about fifteen years later, my eyes popped out as she was a babe. Unfortunately she was also married and then emigrated to Canada.
When I was 10 we went to live in Ceylon.
I had lots of adventures.
When I was 14 we returned.
I was 14 when I got my first offer of *hem hem* relations.
She was the same age as me, and in my class, but looked the spitting image of Lynsey De Paul.
As she looked back then that is, not as she is now.

Lynsey de Paul

We moved again when I was 15.
We moved again when I was 16.
I hated school so used to bunk off and stay at home reading my Dad's encyclopedias.
When I was 19 I got a job as a croupier.
When I was 21 I joined the army.
When I was 24 I went back to croupiering.
When I was 25 I went abroad and worked in illegal gambling dens.
It wasn't a lot of fun sometimes.
The police chased us a lot.
So did other people.
But again, I had lots of adventures.
When I came back I moved.
I worked in a casino.
I met my wife there.
She was watching me deal a game and leaning over the table, she said in a very loud voice, "I want to have your babies".
The customers just ignored her and carried on gambling.
I went into a little bit of shock and asked her if we could discuss this later.
Two years later we were married with a baby daughter.
I discovered I love children and want more.
Over the next few years things happened.
Some pleasant.
Some very sad.
Some completely loopy.
My wife ran off with someone else.
It's a long story.
I raised my daughter.
I became a qualified PTI.
I went to college.
I went to Uni...
...several times.
Some things happened.
Some pleasant.
Some very sad.
Some completely loopy.
And here we are today.

Where am I from?

From a country far far away, in a land that time forgot. Actually when you want to know where I am from what do you mean? Where was I born? Where did I spend my childhood? Where did I go to school? Where have I spent most of my life? I will simply say, I was born in England and am an Englishman through and through.

My interests:

Well I love kittens and puppies, and I want to spread peace and love all around the world and if I win the Miss World competition I shall use the prize money to buy lots of balloons and spread happiness (*snort* yeh right as if l believe that garbage. I win the prize money and I'm off on a world cruise with a woman wearing kinky boots on each arm. Not wearing the boots on their arms I mean, but the women arm in arm with me).

One of my heroes is King Harold II.
I exercise a lot.
I am a martial artist and have been for over twenty years.
But I only train alone nowadays, as I'm tired of fighting full-contact.
It hurts, and I've done my time.
I am a bibliophile.
I smoke.
By that I mean roll-ups in liquorice paper.


  1. What an interesting character! Ginro, are you certain you're an Englishman? I only ask because I didn't read any mention of tea or declarations of undying loyalty to Her Majesty...

  2. some of us are still repulsed and try to run away when girls try to kiss us.

    Just saying...

  3. ***slurps tea***
    ***sings rousing chorus of god save the queen***

    ***trips up Cyberpoof so the girls catch him**

  4. I had totally forgotten you were doing this so when I clicked on your link and saw that photo at the top my first thought was "Who/what the f*** is that???"

    It's a pity that gif doesn't work. Have you tried saving it on photobucket instead and then posting it?

    Ah yes, those cake-farts. It was actually the chocolate cake I was interested in, being addicted to chocolate. Everything else was just the icing on the cake...so to speak...erm...

    And Eroswings, what Beast said. But I didn't just slurp tea, I actually lived where they made it, lol.

  5. Scarlet Blue: English. Drinks tea. Lured by Cunts.

  6. Lynsey de Paul. I've always fucking hated her for some unexplainable reason.

    I think it's something to do with that mole on her face.


    Oh and 'Hello Ginro'.

  7. I liked the upside down & backwards writey trick.

  8. EROS: Shall I put the kettle on?

    CYBERPOOF: Pucker up.

    *feels safe in kissing CyberPoof knowing where his lips have been, i.e. kissing his imaginary boyfriend*

    BEAST: PG Tips or Twinings?

    *assumes you’d fancy some teabagging as well.

    GINRO: Mistress MJ is not a member of Photobucket therefore the Bitches of Infomaniac will just have to use their imagination and picture Charlie Dimmock’s breasts slapping the bejaysus out of you and Alan Titchmarsh.

    Are you having fun so far?

    SCARLET: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    Yet another tea-drinking Englishperson lured in by cunts.

    Did you tire of visiting Beast and decide to visit someone who would appreciate you instead?

    *offers Scarlet a cuppa*

    PUPPY: Speaking of moles, has that wart on your bottom cleared up yet?

    XL: I’m hoping Ginro will give us a tutorial.

  9. Apart from that picture, at the top of the post, that greets me, lol, yes thank you. But it isn't me being breast-slapped by Charlie Dimmock unfortunately, although he does bear an uncanny resemblance.

  10. GINRO: Oh dear. My mistake.

    Who IS it then?

    Are you being tit-slapped by anyone else we should know about?

  11. Thank you very much MJ. Milk and two sugars please. I must say it's much better service here than at Beast's. When I went there he shoved me out in the garden with his funhouse mirror and expected me to be impressed . . .

  12. My Word what an interesting and well written accounting.

    I was pleased to learn that a croupier has nothing to do with having a respiratory disease.

    Ginro will make an excellent addition to your entourage and I for one look forward to reading more of his zany-madcap upside down retorts.

  13. You get all the bestest Brits round here mj.
    How do you do it?
    Did we find out how to do it upside down and backwards?

  14. SCARLET: Miss Scarlet, do you realize that if you keep up this pace of posting comments that you too will become a “New Cunt”?

    Beast thinks the funhouse mirror makes his willie look bigger.

    DONN: I thought croupier was some sort of swordsman…I must have associated it with ”rapier”.

    KAZ: You English types are all barking mad but I’m quite fond of you.

    Ginro is withholding his technique.

    Perhaps you could sweet talk him?

  15. he has a shrubhead.

    i like a man with a shrubhead.
    kinda makes me want to...i dunno...whip out my tits and slap him a few times with 'em.

  16. NATIONS: Slapping Ginro with your ginormous tits would create quite the bustle in his hedgerow.

    The English have a thing for disguising themselves as shrubbery, do they not?

    That and cutting down trees with herrings.

  17. I did not kiss him and he is not imaginary or my boyfriend.

    There is no way in hell I would ever date him, or do anything else to him.

    After a little over 4 days with him I was ready to throw him out of the window.

  18. Who is it? Do you know I haven't the foggiest idea, lol.

    But I suddenly thought, "I wonder what I'd look like with a shrub on my head", and the rest is history.

  19. And I've just been told by the milkman that the price of milk has gone up again, dammit! Looks like I'm going to have to find a woman that's just had a baby so I can supplement my milk intake.

  20. *yawns*

    i'd like some tea please...

  21. I think I'd better shut up then. Sit in the corner, slurp my tea, not say another word, be invisible . . . I'll just look at the pictures then . . . quietly . . .

  22. CYBERPOOF: He has it coming to him for watching American football on your telly all day.

    GINRO: Or you could become a MILKMAN!

    VOICES: Is “tea” a euphemism for pot in your case?

    XL: MOM!

    I mean, WOW!

    SCARLET: Too late.

    We know you’re here.

    We can hear you breathing heavily as you look at Manuel’s arse.

  23. I think so.

    I slept for most of it but every time they mentioned tight ends and wide receivers I woke up for some reason.

    Although every time I was sorely disappointed

  24. .lol ,won nuf ym tliops uoy !lx ho

  25. sure, i'll have a whole pot of tea please... no not green tea, i prefer black.

  26. I'll have a cup o'tea! Welcome to the Filthy World of MJ's...we are all her little minions and do whatever she says. If we don't, we get spanked really hard.

  27. The guy in that picture is Vincent Price.

  28. CYBERPOOF: You ought to rub something on that sore.

    GINRO: Ha!

    VOICES: Luckily, you can just pluck a leaf from your penis and brew it.

    RANDOM: That’s enough of your lip or I’ll turn you over my knee and show Ginro how it’s done around here.

    MAGO: That doesn’t look like Vincent Price to me but if you’re correct, what is Alan Titchmarsh doing in a Roger Corman film?

  29. *pulls up chair to watch random get her morning spankings whilst sipping tea*

    and im at work so no penis tea for me please...

  30. VOICES: Quiet or I'll take both of you over my knee at once.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have to brew up another big pot of tea.

    I may be gone for some time.

  31. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to brew up another big pot of tea."

    dont you mean "brew up a tea of big pot"?

    *looks around for his "penis"

  32. Hello Ginro. That last picture makes you look like Mr Incredible!

    Who I don't fancy, by the way. Just thought I'd clear that up first, otherwise MJ'll just make assumptions.

  33. ʍou ʇı op uɐɔ ı ɾɯ ıɥ
    And I don't drink tea - cheers!!

  34. how cool is that, sugar? xoxo

    i'm drinking now! you're such a dear to offer ;)

  35. *looks around for mj*

    anybody home?

    *sneaks in*


    *does something bad and runs*

  36. Did I drop acid, or are some of these pictures really fucked up ?!?

  37. What? Must be the acid. These pics are completely normal... aren't they?

    Really interesting write up, applause all round.

  38. Didnt Lynsey do that Tory rally with Kenny Everett in 1987? I think I was there ... odd life youve had Ginro, will you put me in your will?

  39. **stumbles in** bumps Eroswings for no reason at all, but just because**

    I love newbies. Or oldbies.

  40. lol tnorf ot kcab ti gniod m'i tub nwod edispu ti gniod lla er'uoy .hen hen

    Well, the picture of me with a shrub on my head is perfectly normal. I'm not too popular at the barbers though. But how come you have an animated pic Heff? I tried uploading an animated pic and blogger wouldn't let me.

    Mutley, when you ask me if I'd put you in my will do you mean you want me to leave you to somebody? I don't remember if Lynsey did anything with Kenny Everett but I do remember lusting after her when she used to appear on the Golden Shot.

  41. it really is the best blog title I've read in ages.....bwahahahaha

  42. BITCHES: My tea break was longer than I expected but I’m back and would like to thank all those who stopped by to welcome Ginro, the New Cunt, to Infomaniac.

    And a big round of applause to Ginro who as of today has been officially initiated into Infomaniac’s Community of Cunts.

    I feel warm all over.

    Perhaps it’s the “tea”.


    so that was a long pee break... sorry to hear about the little accident...