Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Canadian Election Snooze

Canada (Mistress MJ excluded) has opted for another four years of this…

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

*rolls back over to sleep*

I can’t be arsed to link to the news item and I doubt any of you can either.

Good night.


  1. Oh, the joys of a coalition gov't! I see another early election because things will be at a standstill, given the economic crisis!

    Perhaps he'll be invited to one of Dick Cheyne's hunting trips.

  2. ((yawn))
    Did you say something about Canada, Britain, and the USA being the only Democracies left in the world without proportional democratic voting systems?
    One Vote One Value!
    Check out Fair Vote Canada.

    *pulls covers over head

  3. He looks like the man for a crisis.

  4. Exclude me too.

    If Harper gets out of hand, I am marching right into Parliament with my horse whip and givin' his sorry arse a good whuppin'. Can't stand the bugger and didn't vote for him either. Ugh.

  5. EROS: Let’s hope Harper’s a better aim than Cheney.

    DONN: Lowest voter turnout in Canadian election history.

    *catches contagious yawn*

    GEOFF: We’re so proud.

    PONYGIRL: You go for it.

    I don’t want anywhere near his arse.

  6. Less than 60% of us voted and only 38% (or something like that) of people that voted did so for the Conservatives. The Conservatives are our government until next election. Gosh, I love democracy Canadian style!

    At least this was blessedly short as compared to the ongoing marathon south of the Canuck/Yankee border!

    Was just down in MJ Land for another wee road race on Vancouver Island.

  7. NWT: Vancouver Island…land of the 6 hour ferry wait.

    Did you make it there in time for the race?

  8. It was only a one sailing wait each way - long enough for about 4 beers... Was looking for you and your stripey tights - what with all those boats and sailors hanging about and all! Sadly, no MJ sightings :-(

    Happy to see that Newfoundland and Labrador had the lowest vote for Sweater Stevie and elected none of Stevie's chums. That'll teach Stevie to piss off Danny and Danny will soon have lots and lots of stuff Stevie wants - money and oil to go with an electorate that adores the ground he walks on.

    We re-elected a very good NDP feller up here in the frozen northlands. Happy with that too.

  9. He looks waaay better than the choices we got here in the U.S. I'm actually voting for the druken squirrel on A.B. blog. He's a good president type.

  10. Ummm...that's "drunken" squirrel. D'oh!

  11. NWT: Oh I forgot that I wanted to post a pic of Harper in his blue sweater!

    Next time he does something stupid (any day now) I’ll post the pic.

    RANDOM: You’re druken, I mean drunken right now, aren’t you?

    *agrees about Boxer’s squirrel*

  12. Oh sorry, did not realize that you HAVE something like a gouvernement. Cherie.

  13. MAGO: All you need to know is that Mistress MJ rules.

    Any other system of gouvernement matters not.

  14. He looks like someone just stole his "six shooter."

  15. XL: He's shooting with blanks.

  16. SLEAZIEST picture in ages.......

  17. MANUEL: Fucking disgusting, isn't it?