Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blogging Tips and Tricks

Ever wondered how to add a blogroll to your blog?

Or how to increase the size of the font?

Or change the colour of the font?

Or how to add assorted gadgets and widgets?

Months ago I wanted to add an avatar to my Profile but didn’t know how. Everybody had an avatar but me!

So I put the question to you bitches and the result is the stripey legs you see everytime I leave a comment…

You taught me how to do it! (Special thanks to Old Knudsen).

Yesterday, Eroswings taught us how to italicize a comment. Try it yourself if it’s something new to you…

1. TYPE <>
(DO NOT HIT SPACE BAR! Just follow next step)
4. TYPE word(s) to be italicized (AND DO NOT HIT SPACE BAR! There should be NO SPACE after the last word you want italicized. Just follow next step)
5. TYPE <>
9. CLICK Preview button to see if it worked. CLICK Publish if happy.
10. If you want to use bold, just follow the same steps, except replace i with b.

Eroswings has more basic HTML tagging tips here, if you’re interested.

So what can the rest of you teach us?

Tell us about some of your fave blogging tips or tricks.

Or feel free to ask questions and see if someone can answer your query.

Banter back and forth here throughout the day about what tricks you’ve employed successfully or what you’d like to learn.

Share your knowledge and make us all better blogging bitches!


  1. I have a tip on reading or posting comments. If you don't like the comments pop up window or don't like being redirected to the comments page, here's an alternative:

    1. Right click on comments link.
    2. Open in new tab.

    That way, you can read or post comments on a bigger screen and you don't have to leave the blog page.

    You can also do the same thing if you want to see a bigger view of a picture in a post.

    1. Right click on pic.
    2. Open in new tab.

    And the PREVIEW button is your friend.

  2. Um..
    you can add years to your BlogCOUNTER* by writing crap that nobody understands.

    *TA-Da! Look what I can do!

    Being able to do THIS is like discovering Fire and inventing the Wheel all in one afternoon. I am as giddy as a schoolgirl.

    I can't wait to see what else there is, but it'll be hard to top this!

  3. I am illiterate when it comes to bloggy tricks so I'm pulling up a chair and I think I may stay up all night just learin'

    Did Old K REALLY teach you how to do it?

    Wait, let me do that again,

    Did Old K<>REALLY<>teach you how to do it?

    I just checked "preview"

    Looks like I'll be here awhile. Carry on.

  4. test?

    by george, I think I've got!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. BITCHES: I'm anticipating a day of educational tomfoolery here so I'll disappear back into the shadows in a minute.

    Why didn't Mago bold the word 'first'?

    Eros, look at the state of Donn and Boxer. They'll be promiscuously italicizing all over town now!

    Old Knudsen not only taught me to make my avatar...he's also my Life Coach.

    Carry on.

  6. There is this button in settings called delete pronounced de-let a French word meaning to make better so if you all wanted to make yer blogs better hit de-let.

  7. If you needed advice to add an avatar you must be even thicker than I thought.

    I hide my genius by not going all clever clever and using wordpress, not like some I could mention.

  8. How do you replace the word 'comments' with something witty - like Garfer.
    No - not that Garfer's witty but he's done it on his blog.
    Well OK Garfer is witty.

  9. Whats wrong with WordPress?

  10. if i put my post in a word doc and change the font then cut and paste it over into my blog it usually changes the size and everything automatically...doesn't do it every time and i haven't figured out the secret font where it works because i haven't really paid that much attention but that is how i do

  11. i Love the "MARQUEE" tag! (it dont work on the comment - box however.....!)
    just try
    It's good clean fun!

  12. screw html, screw blogger, screw wordpress, screw italics and screw Old Knudsen.


  13. (I like the way his hat smells.)

  14. I'm computer illiterate. I know nothing. Which explains why my blog is so plain and boring.

  15. *feels like hes been robbed of something never even given to him*

    ummm... wheres the tits? i thought beast would be turning tricks and there was going to be hot blogging tits!?!?!?

  16. I've forgotten how to do links! please help!

  17. BITCHES: Great tips coming in so far!

    I said “tips” not “tits”, Inner Voices.

    Knudsen, I’ve noticed that it’s trendy these days to delete your blog but I’m not hopping on the bandwagon just yet. By the way, Ms. Nations wants to screw you but then who doesn’t?

    FROBI, darling: Have a look at Eroswings blogging tips here. Towards the end of the post he tells you how to make links.

    Garfer, don’t keep the lady waiting. Kaz wants answers.

  18. Dashboard: Layout: Edit posts.

    Or summat.

  19. I cant do links iether
    Becuase I am an idiot mainly!
    but even idiots should have links

  20. I cant do links iether
    Becuase I am an idiot mainly!
    but even idiots should have links

  21. GARFER: That’s IT?

    I’m sure Kaz will be falling all over you with thanks.

    *rolls eyes*


    I tried it once and it worked but then forgot how I’d done it and could never replicate it.

    BEAST: Follow the link to Eros’ tips that I gave Frobi.

    If it doesn’t work, email me and I’ll help you with it over the weekend.

    I learned how to do links from Betty.

  22. *grumbling about tits still*


    *feels like a hero for having a hot commenting/blogging tip*

  23. oh great, it's turned into geek-a-rama.

  24. Holy shit, I'm getting bolder now!


    CYBERPOOF: Would you rather I'd posted a pic of a big snatch?

    GEOFF: Holy shit this MUST be fucking ace as I seldom hear you use such colourful language!


  27. No, but you could post a pic of a very sexy naked man no older than 35 once in a while.

  28. VOICES: Did you notice that Old Knudsen is bilingual?

    CYBERPOOF: Like THAT'S ever going to happen!

  29. he speaks the language of love for many people im sure... and you? stuck only with one language?

    tsk, tsk..


    OK, assuming that is not an euphemism, do this:

    Press Shift and Print Screen

    The image is now in the clipboard. Go to your graphics program and paste the image.

  31. when you're on this bit you can't see the bit with the instructions so how can you do it?


  32. Typographical reserve.
    Fett, kursiv und Kapitälchen (nicht: Großbuchstaben! There is a difference!) should be used cautious. These forms have a lot of development behind them. If someone knows the names Garamond or Boldoni, Tschichold, Morris ...

    There is something to explore, the fine art of typographie, close related to printing (the real stuff, no laser or ink-peeing) and bookbinding.

    When you have a fine paper well printed you can feel with your fingers where the type was imprinted. Even after years.
    When you streak your fingers over a 25 years old xerocopy the paper is wiped empty again.

  33. My experiments in HTML have all gone horribly wrong
    ****ominous roll of thunder***
    I seem to have italicised My Arse

    ( ! )
    Eeeek its getting worse

  34. the only hint/tip I have is be nice and don't be a dick to people. But at the same time don't stand for bullshit and people being nasty or saying nasty things. Fucking pull them for it every time......

    and if one of your favourite bloggers is threatening to give it all up get yer arse out.......

  35. I want to know how to change the colours of words when doing a post - never mind in the comments!

    And how do you change the size of the letters so that a word appears larger or smaller than the rest?

    Mago: I was a typesetter many years ago before desktop publishing came along - used a machine with font strips that were like negatives. Pasted up everything using a lightboard and paper with thin light blue lines. And had to wax the strips of typesetting and paste it on the graph paper. Borders came on little rolls and stuck on. Used exacto knives all the time to position everything. Even did freehand graphics for stuff! Was fun and creative. Made plates of the finished thing in the camera room that was put on the press and inked with real, sticky ink. Not like today when things are all computerized and automated.

  36. PONYGIRL: Here ya go…


    Let’s say you’ve already entered the text into your new post on Blogger.

    Make sure you’re in “Compose” mode instead of “Edit Html” mode. (see where it says “Compose” above “Preview”?) Click on “Compose” if you’re not already in compose mode.

    Highlight the word or sentence that you want to change colour. (Don’t highlight more than one line at a time or it will run all your sentences together in a row.)

    See the black letter “T” with the colour chart beside it in the toolbar? If you hover your cursor over it, you’ll see that it says “Text Color”.

    Click on it.

    Find the colour you want and click on it. (Make sure your text is highlighted first.)

    Press “SAVE NOW” at the bottom and then preview your work.

    As you’re working on the post, it might default from time to time to “Edit HTML” mode instead of “Compose” mode which is fine if you’re not planning to change another colour. If you need to play with colour again, just go into “Compose” mode again.


    Do as instructed in my previous instructions but instead of clicking on “Text Color”, click on the double “T’s”. If you hold your cursor over the double T’s, you’ll see it says “Font Size”.

    Select your font size and away you go.

    Just make sure that before you select your font size, you highlight the word you want made bigger or smaller.

    Let me know how it goes.

  37. BITCHES: I’ll get to the rest of you later. A bitch has got to eat, you know.

  38. Tips:

    Kaz asked:How do you replace the word 'comments' with something witty - like Garfer.


    1. Go to Dashboard after signing in on your blog.

    2. Click Layout; it should show Page Elements.

    3. See the rectangle labled Blog Posts. Click on the blue Edit link.

    4. A pop window should come up with the name Configure Blog Posts.

    5. See the boxes with text and date and time? You'll find the box that says comments. Double click in that box and type in 'Garfer' or whatever you want your comments to say :)

    6. Then scroll down and Click on Save. View your blog to see if you're happy with your changes.
    Happy formatting!

    Frobisher and Beast asked:How to do links


    Follow my instructions on my post. I have pictures there to make it easier.

    But here are the basic steps:

    1. TYPE <
    2. TYPE a href="
    3. TYPE or COPY AND PASTE URL OF LINK (The url address should be in the quotation marks).
    4. TYPE ">
    5. TYPE word(s) to be hyperlinked
    6. TYPE <
    7. TYPE /a>
    8. CLICK Preview to see if it worked. You should see a blue highlighted word. RIGHT CLICK and OPEN IN NEW TAB to see if the link is right.
    9. CLICK Publish if happy.

    Ponygirl asked: How to change color of text and size of text.


    1. When creating a new post, go to the Compose screen. You'll see the easy buttons/icons.

    2. If you want to change the color of your text, highlight the text, then CLICK on the icon with T by a multicolored square.

    3. CLICK the color you want for your highlighted text.

    To Change Text size:

    1. Highlight the text you want to resize.

    2. Click on the icon that has two 'T's, a small T by a bigger T. You'll see the different sizes.

    3. Click on the size you want.

    Remember, the easy icon buttons are your friends. You can resize and colorize the same texts!

    Hope these help out a few of you. :)

  39. Tip on how to make screen shots:

    I have a Windows PC laptop. So this is the easiest way for me:

    1. Go to the screen you want to make into a screen shot.

    2. For laptops, press together the blue Fn key and the Insert key (which is the blue Prnt Scrn key). If you have a regular desktop instead, Press together the Alt key and Prnt Scrn/Sys Req key.

    3. Go to MS Paint (Click Start, Go to All Programs, Open Accessories, Click on Paint).

    4. Go to Edit menu, then Click on Paste.

    5. Go to File menu, then Click on Save As. You can rename your file and save it as PNG or JPG or whatever file you like. Just remember which folder you're using to save your screenshot.

    Happy screen shots making :)

  40. Okay, so I don't seem to have 'Compose' on my post screen. I click on the 'Create' tab to start a new post, and the 'Preview' word is there, off to the upper right. But no 'Compose'. So I don't have those cool buttons for changing colours and sizes unless I am in the formatting tab, which doesn't let me highlight any text and make any changes that way.

    Any ideas?

  41. Ponygirl, sign in on your blog and go to Dashboard.

    Click on New Post. It should take you to the screen that that lets you create posts (the tab labeled Posting and subheading Create).

    Towards the right upper middle of the posting square, you'll the blue Preview link on the right. Above that should be the title Compose and next to it should be Edit Html.

    Don't click on Edit Html; stay in Compose because the little pictures on that menu bar should be your easy button icons. Click Compose tab if you're not all ready there. That should show you more icons than the Edit Html tab.

  42. VOICES: I’m tongue tied.

    XL: Thanks for the screen shot advice.

    I tried it but I have no idea where the image got saved to.

    I’ll have to work on this one.

    ZIGGI: Do you have a printer?

    Print out the instructions and follow them while you’re working.

    MAGO: *sudden urge to create a ransom note with cut-up newspaper letters*

    BEAST: I will KICK your italicized arse!

    MANUEL: You don’t know how timely that advice is.

    Bless your big Irish arse.

    PONYGIRL: I shall leave you in Eros’ capable hands.

    EROS: Thanks for all your hot tips and sound advice.

    I gotta go post a filthy pic and then I’m outta here for the evening.

    You’re a star.

  43. Eros: Nope. No 'Compose'. Under the Posting tab, I have Create, Edit HTML and Moderate Comments. In the box itself, all I have is 'Preview'.

    Do I have a defective version of blogger or something?

    I really appreciate your help on this.

  44. Oh and, Eros? What else are your hands capable of????

  45. Okay, never mind, I figured it out. I had the "Show Compose Mode for all your blogs" set to No in Settings. So now I am good and no longer horribly confused!

    Well, maybe still confused but just not horribly. Whatever!

  46. It worked! I am a happy camper now!

    You gotta go read what has happened in my life over the past few days. OMG it is funny now but sure wasn't then!

  47. Ponygirl, Congratulations on fixing your problem and sharing that awesome tip for others who might have the same problem!

  48. Did anyone mention using Google Analytics? It tracks all the traffic to your blog in extraordinary detail. MJ, if your not using it, let me know. I will post about it. It's huge....will change your world.

  49. Thanks to Euroswings - if you're still here.
    You are twice the man that Garfer will ever be.:)

  50. CSI: I used Google Analytics for a while but it really missed a lot of visits that show up on Sitemeter. So I deleted it because it pissed me off.

    I actually had people TELL me they had visited my blog at a certain time and it never showed up on Analytics but did on Sitemeter.

    It does, however, give you lots of indepth info on the visits it DOES record, so is way cool for that.

  51. PONYGIRL: Good for you!

    Eros looks like this in case you were wondering.

    CSI: I’m not using it but will it really change my world?

    My world is fab at the moment as it is!

    KAZ: You make that sound so sexy.

    PONYGIRL: Hello again. Thanks for info.

  52. Oooooo, Eros is one hot Texan! Like they say.... save a horse, ride a cowboy. I have the horse but no cowboy at the moment...

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  55. Whoa! Ginro, That is too cool! How'd you type upside down like that??? I wanna know!

  56. PONYGIRL: We think so.

    GINRO: Gadzooks!

    PONYGIRL: Yes, Ginro.

    Tell all.

  57. .uoy morf yawa gnicaf si ti taht os ti esrever uoy ,nwod edispu rotinom ruoy gninrut fo daetsni ,nehw sneppah tahw si siht dnA

  58. Okay, Ginro, quit being such a tease and fess up - we need to know how you do all those things!

  59. I think I may have to hold another Blogging Tips and Tricks Day soon.