Friday, October 24, 2008

Filthy Friday

(click know the drill)


  1. Accent pillows can be decorative and functional!

    Shouldn't that number be '69', not '4'?

  2. you know what's REALLY filthy? Eroswings bogarting the number one spot.

    That's filthy.

    **clicks on picture despite knowing better**

  3. Speaking of drill, those two seem to be doing a pretty good job of it!

  4. Hey! I'm 4 just like the picture!

    ((frowns, not sure what it means))

  5. And why do her ankles turn into stovepipes??? Poor thing...

  6. at least it isn't one of those gory ones.

  7. I don't know 'Petra - Olden Day Folk doing the dirty looks pretty gory to me.

  8. One of the best positions ever put in the Kama Sutra:

    The 1869.

  9. EROS: Just checking to see if you're paying attention.

    BOXER: Eros had almost an HOUR on you.

    EROS: Theres oil in them thar hills.

    PONYGIRL: Are you still high on cleaning products?

    CYBERPOOF: I thought you were away with your imaginary boyfriend.

    IVD: He needs to see a barber about that cowlick.

    MAXI: It was the year that Basutoland became a British protectorate.

    Obviously something worth celebrating by the looks of it!

  10. What about numbers one to three? And 5 following? And as usual on vintage pictures: The man wears stockings! In this case the lady too. Was it too cold in these studios?

  11. Oddly quaint, decorous, and staid. Is that because of the aforementioned rolled stockings? It just seems so earnest...

  12. No, not cleaning products.... now it is drywall dust and chicken curry.

    ((hmmm... that sounds a bit odd, doesn't it?))

    Those two are so white, I bet they glow in the dark.

  13. This photo makes me wonder when "69" was first thought up ??

  14. Regardless of how sad old tyme sex is... this picture only makes me realize I ain't gettin none.

  15. Ah, a beast with two backs. How delightful.

  16. AHAHAHAHAHAA!!! yeah im not first but im NEXT!!!!

    yeah NEXT!!!

  17. MAGO: Do you wear loferl with your lederhosen during intimate moments?

    LEAH: The elastic in the hosiery cut off their circulation.

    PONYGIRL: I bet your chicken curry glows in the dark.

    HEFF: When “70” wasn’t getting them anywhere, they started counting backwards.

    CATSCRATCH: I’ll see if any of my houseboys are willing to travel.

    GARFY: I’d like to set it to music and have them rock back and forth.

    VOICES: I don’t think you’ll be next as the lady looks satisfied with the fella on top.

  18. i was wondering if that was going to be the retort...

    but looky looky, im NEXT again!!!!

    *basks in own glory*

  19. Geez, seems like they were in such a hurry they forgot to take off their socks...

  20. VOICES: And then along came Random Chick.

    RANDOM: Don’t try and tell me that’s never happened to you.

  21. I've seen that vacant look before.

  22. That's what I call a (slightly off-) centre parting.

  23. KNUDSEN: It’s the “lie back and think of Killamory” look.

    GEOFF: And with that oil slick in his hair, I hope he’s using an antimacassar on those pillows.

  24. Try Doing that in a photo-booth...............!RE; My Hats.................

    It's a real problem! I cant decide! Can You?
    Here are my options.................... Head Gear #1
    Head Gear #2
    Head Gear #3

  25. I like his carpet slippers. Do they give him better traction? Probably kept him from scooting her all around the studio floor on those pillows.

    the ol' carpet 'chew chew'. as twere.

    god i am so sorry.

  26. seen worse......mainly here it has to be said.....

  27. oh yummy!! This photo was shot back when people knew how to have fun...didn't they?

    Anyway, I always look forward to filthy Fridays here. I just can't look when I'm at work.

  28. I may wear leather in an intimate situation, but no socks, sandals or loferls (whatever that may be exactly).

  29. Ye Olde Worlde medieval tymes nine and sixty.

    So do you guys think that's what they called it back then?

  30. TONY: Link #1 doesn’t work but I found the pic on your site.

    Are you sure your hands are big enough to protect the jewels?

    NATIONS: No Velcro back in those days to keep things in place.

    MANUEL: For better or for worse, we aim to please.

    RICH: Good times.

    Do you suppose they were accompanied by a bordello pianist?

    MAGO: Loferl are Bavarian split two-piece socks.

    Tell us more about your leather attire.

    T-BIRD: Unless they were French and called it “soixante-neuf”.

  31. Ooh er! I like that! soixante-neuf away!

  32. i imagine she would appreciate a little ankle support. My calves ache just with thinking about maintaining that position.