Friday, October 17, 2008

Filthy Friday


Thanks to Leah who sent us this remarkable likeness…


  1. OH MY GAWD!!! Such a horrible pic! Look at all that crap in the room!

  2. Yup, that's pretty filthy.

    His apartment's filthy too.

    yup, I look at that schnizz too.

    SECOND!! and happy about it.

  3. whats going on with that lumpy belly button

  4. leah...thank you so much! i needed that...

  5. Well spotted, Leah.

    Judging by his actions here, the bloke on the right also has the ability to store huge amounts of food in his cheek pouches like a hamster.

  6. Can't bear to look - but must thank Euroswings for yesterday.
    Glad Garfer isn't my mentor!

  7. Yuk. Ugly, dirty sex in ugly, dirty rooms should be outlawed. Where's the sheriff? Did that enormous belly button devour him?

  8. The worse thing about the picture , even worse than the bloated aneamic flesh and filthy apartment is the gratuitious self nipple tweaking.
    There is no excuse for that WHATSOEVER

  9. it just the self nipple tweaking or all nipple tweaking you are against?

    inquiring minds and all :)

  10. EROS: Is that shit on the closet door?

    BOXER: Someone needs to send Molly Maid round.

    CYBERPOOF: Décor not stylish enough for you?

    BEAST: That’s where he keeps his salt…for dipping purposes.


    I’ve updated the post with that pic. Thanks!

    GARFY: Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.

    DAISY: *agrees*

    BETTY: Give me a bowl of cashews and I’m the same way.

    KAZ: Let’s all have a look at Eros again and give him a big round of applause…and then throw our panties at him.

    IVD: Are you saying you should keep sex where it belongs?...Dockside?

    BEAST & DAISY: *listens to see where this is going*

  11. OMG, the likeness is really unbelievable side by side, right down to the beady blank eyes and the clutching little hands...errrrrggggghhhhh

  12. No, although I must say at least he celebrates the holidays in a festive way.

    Love the update, but there is less ugly decór to discuss.

  13. Daisy , I think I am against self nipple tweaking as a public statement of pleasure , especially when coupled with that 'back arched eager to explode into the extacy of orgasm' stylee pose fatty has adopted.

  14. LEAH: Thanks for making this such a great Filthy Friday.

    Let’s see what you can do with next week’s!

    CYBERPOOF: Looks like the stuffing was the best part of the festive meal.

    MAXI: Ha!!!

    My boy Lollipop
    You make my heart go giddy-up
    You are as sweet as candy
    you're my sugar dandy

    Hey Eros… see how I italicized that?

    BEAST: Might I remind you that you were trying to tweak MY nipples in my previous posting on the subject?

    See your comment.

    Tee hee.

  15. Kaz, you're welcome!

    MJ, nice job!

    As for the compare and contrast pics, wow! It's like finding evolutionary evidence for a common ancestor.

    Darwin should've forgotten about the finches and focused on fellatio instead. Survival of the fittest: whoever can fit the most, wins!

  16. EROS: Survival of the fittest: whoever can fit the most, wins!

    I WIN!!!

  17. Hah!

    There is a great expression in Danish "han gabte over mere end han kunne sluge" or something but it loses everything in the translation.


  18. I don't like either picture, whats with those two blokes? that looks totally ghey I wonder if they knew how it makes them look.

  19. CYBERPOOF: Hans, come over here and hand me a slug?


    KNUDSEN: Remember that time you asked if you could try on my matching bra and panties?

    It wasn't ghey.

    It was just a bit poofy.

  20. Dental hygiene?

  21. Hah!

    No, it was something about biting off more than you could chew, just with less biting and chewing and more swallowing.

    Danish is such a filthy language

  22. But it sounds nice. At the beginning one thinks that people always say something like slögenkögen mörebröd or hengenbengen, but it sounds very friendly.

    Knudsen wanted into your panties MJ? Maybe you sent him a pair by mail like the Japanese do. Would rock the old rooster I am sure.

  23. MAGO: I think he missed a spot.

    CYBERPOOF: The Danes are a filthy people.

    MAGO: Old Knudsen is a member of my Panty of the Month Club.

    Sign up now and receive the first pair free.

  24. We are indeed a filthy people, and we love it!

  25. sooo are not totally adverse to tweaking someone else's nipples...just one tweaking their own...

    just clarifying here...

  26. CYBERPOOF: Well if YOU’RE any indication.

    DAISY: I’m convinced that Beast is a closet self-tweaker.

    SAVANNAH: Oh SURE you did.

    MANUEL: Do you feel dirty, Manuel?

  27. Knudsen is right, it does look sort of ghey? In fact, if I didn't know any better, I would almost swear that those guys are, you know, into guys!?

    The Hammy Hamster cheek stuffing thingamabob sort of takes the edge off the whole thing. His ears are funny. Gosh that's cute.

  28. His paw is too cute - the hamster's, that is. Why do they not have fur on their feet?

    The guy in the top pic probably does have hair on his feet - would that make him a Hobbitt?

  29. DONN: It could just be a phase they’re going through.

    PONYGIRL: Hairy feet…

    I may have to research this for a future posting.

    I’m sure it applies to a few of our readers, don’t you?

  30. I bet there are lots of guys out there with really hairy feet.

    That could be kinda gross, cuz they probably have way too much hair everywhere else also.

    I like a smattering of chest hair but not the gorilla look. I don't even care if he has hair on his head (a la Sean Connery or Patrick Stewart).

    Let's see what you can come up with, MJ!

  31. PONYGIRL: Egads.

    The pressure's on.