Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dancing Elf Piggy

Piggy (of Tazzy and Piggy Dot Com fame): pre-dancing elf transformation

Watch as one of Yorkshire’s favourite poofs (the camp one) is transformed into a dancing elf.

Turn on your speakers.


  1. Brilliant!

    *smashes computer in case he gets out and does rude things to me in my sleep*

  2. Chase: You should see his tiara!

    SID: For feck's sake don't fuck with your PC again! Better to let Piggy have his way with you in your sleep than to be without your computer again.

  3. I promise I have never fucked my pc.Though with this one I could quite happily let it fondle me.

    Its a beauty.

    *repeats gagging noises at thought of Piggy within bed range*

  4. SID: Gawd, how I've missed your filth.

  5. i got a strange little line that crawled across the screen.
    then it turned all blue and said 'done'.

    wow. that was..........blue.

    *boogie da elf stylee*

  6. Piggy: Twat.

    FN: Too bad it's not working for you. That strange line you saw must be slime oozing from Piggy's gaping orifice.

  7. I think that outfit is quite befitting of Mister Pigster.

    And he does move quite well.

  8. Awaiting: Yes, he does move quite well... for a tired old poof.