Tuesday, December 12, 2006

REGINA: Chlamydia Capital of Canada

Go on. Today’s post title is asking for it. REGINA: Chlamydia Capital of Canada.

Turn it into verse. Or worse. Or create your own slogan.

Planned Parenthood Regina has launched an STI awareness campaign using humour and directness on billboards, buses and bathroom advertisements around Regina, Saskatchewan.

Via [Neatorama]


  1. Very good. Deserves a good clap.

  2. Murph: Welcome to Infomaniac! I recognize your tail wagging ways from the Geoff/Betty/Kaz/Vicus/Wyndham Circle.

    And since you know Geoff, please return here tomorrow for a special surprise. I'll say no more. Woof!

  3. Much better than the rubbish STD campaign we have here in the UK.

  4. Is that where they make Mott's Clamydia Juice? I like it in a Bloody Ceasar...

  5. Frobi: Is that the campaign where you wear the name of an STD on your clothing/jewellery?

    Pamer: Seasoned with secret spices.

    My word verification is fyrpvVD.

  6. could be worse. you could actually live there.

    p.s. miss me?

  7. How Queer - Gonnorhea!
    Syphilis, syphilis nothing ryhmes with syphilis!
    I am off for a pee - oh no look I've got VD!

    Did I do this right - can I make up rhymes about leprosy?

  8. Pink: Anything is finah than being in Regina.

    Mutley: Welcome! That's 2 new dogs in one day! Woof! Did that filthy rat Frobi send you here?

    Thank you for your inspirational VD verse. I think you should submit it to Planned Parenthood Regina for use in their ad campaign.

    Yes, you did this right. And yes, if you can find a word to rhyme with leprosy, you can make a verse about that too. And any other disease.

  9. mj: exactly where do you find this stuff?

  10. I thought YOU were the chlamydia capital?

  11. There was a young girl from Regina,
    who forgot to protect her vagina.
    Her first name was Lydia
    now she has chlamydia
    and that's all I can say 'cause she's a minor!