Sunday, December 24, 2006

Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt

MJ has been a bad girl all year.

But Eartha Kitt has been an awful good girl . . .


  1. Yayyyy! I'm first!

    Eartha Kitt was me in a former life.

    Except, Batman would have been my HUSBAND for SURE!

  2. MJ, I've always thought of you as "not bad".

  3. Can you remember Eartha Kitt in that film with Eddie Murphy a while back?

    "I'm not wearing any panties"!

    still cracks me up

  4. Eeewww... Frobi.

    Happy Chri... I mean, Bah! Humbug!

  5. Awa: Batman's husband? That Batcloset is full of filthy tights you'd be expected to launder.

    Vicus: Thank you?
    *wonders if "not bad" is a British euphemism*

    Frobi: Hard to believe I missed Boomerang. A film with both Eartha Kitt AND Grace Jones.

    I suggest you scream out "I'm not wearing any panties!" whilst on hols in Spain.

    IDV: The Witchy Wonder has returned!

  6. Oooo, Eartha Kitt!


  7. Have a great holiday dear MJ. Thanks for entertaining us always! :)

  8. Ooooh! Indeed you have been ;)

    Gentlemen prefer blondes singing that song.

    But Eartha's cool!

  9. Maidy: Purr-fect.

    Chelly: Happy holidays girl! See you soon.

    SID: ;)

  10. This has been today's earworm due to Kylie Minogue's unsexy version we saw on the telly last night.

    Thank you for the Frog cartoon, MJ. I'd like to watch it every Christmas from now on.

  11. Have a great Christmas MJ!

    *Hugs and Kisses*

    *raises glass of Jamesons*

    *and a potato*

  12. Happy Holidays to you, you nutty Canuck!

  13. oooooo that voice!
    have a fantastic christmas, mj. you rock out loud, girl.

  14. Geoff: Let's make Michigan J. Frog a Christmas tradition chez Infomaniac.

    SID: Oooo… that mistletoe taped to my forehead paid off!

    I’m well into the Jamesons meself, so I am. And a bottle of fine Canadian ice wine for this evening.

    Here’s to a Merry Christmas, Mucker. Nollaig Shona Duit.

    Sláinte! xxx

    Pru: A kooky Christmas to you, American woman!

    FN: I’m rockin’ around the Christmas tree. Merry Christmas from the Wet Coast!

  15. Merry Crimbo to you and the ever-suffering Mister MJ!

    Mucho Lurrrrrve!

  16. Mucho Lurrrve and Merry Crimbo to my favourite Yorkshire poofs!

  17. Pig and Taz: The comment above was meant for you. I'm not awake yet. :)

  18. Can we see a pic of you in the panties, Tickers?

    Perhaps some video?

    MJ - Do you have other fave Yorkshire poofs then?

  19. Tickers: Are you wearing a matching bra?

    Piggy: Well there's that slut Steve, a poof-in-training but he's in Dorset. And Frobi but he's a southerner too. So you've got Yorkshire wrapped up. There's only room for two Yorkshire poofs in my heart and that's Taz and Pig.

  20. Geo: Merry Christmas! Good to hear from you.