Thursday, December 07, 2006


The Australians produced Wonderjock. And here they are, “down under” again with yet another way for men to lift and separate.

Fellas, pack more into your package with Cocksox.

No rings! No slings!

Do you know anyone who would actually wear these? Is this something you’d buy as a stocking stuffer?

I just like saying the brand name.


  1. I like the brand name, too. It sounds like a great replacement for "God dammit!"

    "Cocksox! I erased that entire report by mistake."

    Yeah, that'll work.

  2. Maidy: If you wear Cocksox, does that make you a cocksoxer?

  3. Talk about chafing your willy, what a terrible are just asking for trouble if you constrict 'the bishop and his altar boys' and put them on parade portruding like some masthead..
    like any newspaper if you cut off the circulation the readership shrinks!

    Besides, how many guys that you know in the rw would look like that...there is no need to make these for men with a waistline over 30 inches..unless..
    I think that the only reason that most men would want there dinky stickin' that far out would be so that they can still see it beneath their beer belly and not have to fumble about when they had to take a whiz in front of other men!
    They should call it the 'there-you-are-you-little-rascal' or PeeMate.

  4. I would seriously take a guy to court for false advertising.

  5. Awaiting: It's the male equivalent of wearing falsies.

  6. i don't like them i prefer a man in a nice pair of boxer shorts

  7. I shall have a pair in Diablo Red if anyone is stuck for what to get me for Xmas!

  8. Frobi: Satan, thy name is Frobisher. Devil man.

  9. I don't get falsies either. But then again, pregnancies and childbirth have bestowed a nice rack on my chest.

  10. Awaiting: That's not just a rack. That's a treasure chest!

  11. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

    In this case, we are talk about the infamous codpiece.

    I say this product is the unholy union of a G-string and a codpiece.

    Perhaps it was thought up by the same person who invented the mullet?