Friday, December 29, 2006

Things Not To Say During Sex

Via [Lady Bunny]


  1. Yay! First again!

    I think I've said almost all of them.

  2. Yay! Second!

    I actually had someone make a comment that their ex was better in bed.

    That relationship lasted all of five hours.

  3. I have never said nor been told any of these.

    I'm a good girl.


  4. "On second thought, maybe I AM gay"

  5. Piggy: Especially the first one, right? Which reminds me, when are you bringing back the Bristol Stool Scale?

    Maidy: Was that one of your longer relationships?

    Awa: Back to your pack of lies, I see. Like in the previous posting.

    Pamer: Piggy has said THAT one too.

  6. These are so funny MJ.
    I love them all!

    Maybe I'll try and spice things up with the hubby by trying a few.

  7. DP: *listens for the ka-thunk as DP is thrown out of bed*

  8. And Tazzy is still with Piggy???

  9. SID: Oh come now. Surely we've all fallen under Piggy's spell by now.

    Maidy: Cunt.

    Spikey1: Tell you what. Try repeating any of those lines to your wife tonight and then get back to us.

  10. * Oh sorry, I thought it was your finger.
    * So, was OJ guilty or not?
    * Oh good! I like it unwashed.
    * I need to call you MJ. Is that okay?
    * Your mouth tastes of poo.
    * I'm missing Gilligan's Island for this.
    * What did I say my name was?
    * Have you tried those celebrity butt plugs?

  11. SID - I said them all to the cunt before Tazzy.

    I'd really love SID to tell them, one each night for the next week, to SB and see how long he can go without being decanted to the garage.

    And am I the only one who's noticed that Maidy is getting much bolder since the surge in her hormones? Amazing what a little parasite can do to a woman.

  12. We're having major problems reading/submitting comments on Blogger blogs this past couple of days too (just in case anyone wondered why theres been so few comments from us lately).

    Fucking pain in the arse.

  13. Tonight??? Dont think so... if I remember in June 2007 I will get back to ya!

  14. " Wow! You moan just like your mom when SHE comes!"

    well you do.

  15. MJ ~ Drunken, thickheaded, Canuck cunt

    Spikey ~ June '07? First available slot the Mrs has for ya in her diary?

    Pig and Tatty ~ Yeah, I'm bold AND bitchy. Now you know WHY Geo's back on the road.

    Word verifier - twogs.

  16. I checked.. she is double booked then but says she can squeeze me in!

  17. Kapitano:"I need to call you MJ. Is that okay?"

    Nice one.

    Piggy: Maidy has always been a class A bitch. And I wouldn't have her any other way.

    FN: Hope you didn't really hear THAT one!

    Maidy: How did you know I'd been hitting the sauce?

    Spikey: Turn on that Canuck charm. Only half a year to go!