Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Happy Birthday, Homo Escapeons!

Happy Birthday to Canuck blogger Homo Escapeons!

HE hails from Winnipeg (Winterpeg, Whateverpeg) Manitoba … Slurpee Capital of the World.

Occupation: Skallywag, Provocateur, the Gadfly in the Ointment.

Want to get to know this Canucklehead better? Read Within Without’s tribute… One Night With Homo Escapeons.


  1. So - the big question is - 'When will Within Without do his illustrated tribute to mj?'
    I can't wait.

  2. I wanted to do such a tribute but MJ would not allow cameras. I have previously disclosed all I could.

    Sorry, Kaz, it's not for lack of wanting.

  3. Thank you for squandering valuable cyberspace on little old me...
    especially on a 'hump' day.
    muah xx!

  4. Kaz: WW posted a pic of me with a bag over my head. Trust me, it's best that way.

    WW: Thank you for not disclosing my secret identity.

    HE: They broke the mold when they made little ole you. I'm having a double double at Timmies in your honour.

    Midget Arse: That's a birthday greeting for HE all the way from Barnsley!

  5. mj: where's my birthday tribute?

    he: happy birthday!

  6. Pink: Happy belated birthday! I missed a few Bloggers' birthdays in the past couple of weeks. Bad MJ.

  7. Kaz:

    It was a picture of a man with a bag over his head, the only one I could find on the Web.

    MJ is actually quite an attractive female with brownish hair around her shoulders, on the far side of 40, smiles a lot, is an excellent conversationalist and drinks very little.

    And she makes out of town visitors walk across huge bridges in the rain back to their hotel.


    This was a nice thing for you to do for Donn.

  8. Within Without - Is this reliable information? You should leave out the 'quite' before attractive and miss off the 'very little' from the end and it would sound more credible.