Saturday, December 23, 2006

Vacuum Shoes

Looking for housework shortcuts?

The Baby Mop is too hard to maintain as it requires care and feeding?

Try vacuum shoes (The Dustmate) from Electrolux.


  1. They must think we're suckers.

  2. Ha- found your blog! I reckon these shoes are a silly idea. I take the carpets out once a year and burn them!

  3. Wooden floors burn better.

    And just think, if you burn the house down the insurance company provide a whole new one!

  4. Geoff: Suckers...

    Mutley: You're the anti-Martha Stewart. I approve of your housekeeping tips.

    Piggy: I have wooden floors.
    *makes note not to invite Piggy over *

  5. being a colossal sucker for shoes, it's nice to think there's finally a pair that will be suckers for me. Still, that baby-mop is pretty hard to out-do. Merry Chrismas, you wild beast of a woman!