Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Happy Birthday, Geoff!

Geoff on hols in Ibiza

Happy birthday to our Geoff: a self-described “wet blanket” from Kent, England.

Geoff and his wife Betty have been loyal Infomaniac readers since day one and seem not to have suffered any ill effects as a result.

Geoff has the burden of being the only person with whom I can call upon to discuss football. Proper football that is… “soccer” to those of us in Canada and the U.S.

Geoff’s birthday celebrations would be oh so much sweeter if only West Ham United would score some goals. Come on you Irons!

Leave a birthday greeting here in the comments for Geoff or over at his blog (Contains Mild Peril). With the way West Ham’s season is going, he could use some good wishes.


  1. Is that T shirt his birthday present? Is it a bit like the British version of the 'Green Elf Shorts'?

    I'll get over to Geoff's place now.

  2. Yes, Happy Birthday Geoffrey!

    Whoever you are.

    Does this mean we get to see nekkid pics of him in a compromising position to celebrate?

    Kent. *laffs*

  3. The Hammers.

    *laffs even more*

    *tries very hard not to mention 'relegation'*

  4. Awaiting: Yay! You were first!

    Kaz: Gift? This posting isn't enough of a pressie?

    Piggy: I'll remind you that your town of Barnsley once made the "crap towns of the UK" list. In fact, wasn't it once voted the "worst town in Britain?"
    *laffs harder*

  5. Cheers MJ, although I'm still completely sober.

    Thank you, Awaiting.

    I would NOT wear that teeshirt if my life depended on it, Kaz.

    It's not the real Kent Kent, P&T. Just shitty London suburbia.

  6. Everywhere in Britain's a shithole, MJ.

    Except for the countryside and that's full of shit.

  7. Geoff: Still sober? It's afternoon there! Come back when you're plastered (or "hammered".. har) and tell us all to fuck off. Especially Piggy.

  8. Happy Birfday, Geoff!!!

    Hasn't suffered any ill effects?

    *looks at Geoff's photo*

    You've aged the poor bastard and he's unconscious.

    Stupid, thick-headed, daft Canuck cunt. But I loves ya, so it's all good.

  9. Maidink: It's not me that aged him, it's West Ham's points in the Premiership.

    And why are you closed for renos? I can't leave comments on your latest posting. Annoying yet adorable American.

  10. Happy Bday Geoff - Kent is not missing you - sorry!