Friday, December 08, 2006

Men: Make Your Own Underwear

Are you a guy who loves something cute?

I make lacy and fancy underwear. All for boys and cute men.
These handmade underwear and lingerie are decorated with frilled lace and ribbons.
So graceful, pretty and fancy. Not sexy.

My underwear is not for sale.
If you want to make one by yourself, I would help you at DIY page.

Underwear maker Runo of Snake Charmer Men’s Underwear shows you how to make your own knickers.


  1. I feel pretty,
    Oh, so pretty,
    I feel pretty and witty and bright!
    And I pity
    Any boy who isn't me tonight.

  2. Something about this just isn't right.

    It isn't right, I tell you!!!

  3. Geoff:
    See the pretty boy in that mirror there:
    Who can that attractive boy be?
    Such a pretty face,
    Such a pretty dress,
    Such a pretty smile,
    Such a pretty he!

    Awaiting: Take another swig from your vodka bottle and it will make it right.

    Piggy: The pot calling the kettle black again.

  4. Done.

    And it still isn't right.

    I think another swig is in order.