Saturday, December 02, 2006

Ask Ms. Dewey

Ask Ms. Dewey anything.


  1. Dang, she sho' is a cutey.

    Won't be taking no advice from her.

    We all know pretty folks can't think straight.

    Wait....that cancels me out then...

    *wanders aimlessly*

    And dang it MJ--why you still up!!??

  2. 1) Yes, very attractive, but in order to compete with the even more alluring Evadne Google, she would probably have to appear naked. That would have answered 4 out of my first 5 questions anyway.
    2) The dumb tart tried to tell me that my favourite colour was "yellow". As if!
    3) The first woman I have ever met with a mute button. That could catch on.

  3. I told her to fuck off.

    She said, "Pretty funny, you must be a comedian" then told me the joke about the horse that walks into a bar and the barman asks him "Why the long face?"

  4. Awaiting: Infomaniac never sleeps.

    Vicus: It's been suggested that yours truly get an "off" switch attached to her body. Same thing as "mute."

    Geoff: Maybe that was a reference to Camilla just for British visitors.

  5. Amazing..truly humbling.
    She has fantastic she a real comedienne?
    If I had their techie vision of cyberspace I'd burn mine.
    Made me realise how much of cyberspace is completely and utterly wasted by us.

    ..and she said that she didn't know Monica Belucci's phone number and that it is very hard to find someone to love me...beeyotch!

  6. HE: You never know... Monica may be asking Ms. Dewey, at this very moment, for your phone number.

  7. Well I asked her if Kevin Federline would ever impregnate me and she evaded the question. Bitch! she just wants him for herself!

  8. Pru: You might wanna try Justin's stud service instead.

  9. apparently I will never...ever... look good in a kilt

  10. ask her "why are you such a bitch?" it's pretty funny

  11. I asked her How do I peel a potato?

    She said she did once with her three friends??

    Sounds good enough to me.

    Brought to you by akeogh!

  12. Pamer: Get a second opinion on that kilt.

    SID: Try not to get over-excited watching this revolutionary new Japanese potato peeling technique on video.