Monday, December 18, 2006

Blogging Roundup

Blogging Roundup: Now in it’s second fabulous week! A look back at ‘the week that was’ with a handful of Infomaniac’s readers.

Typical crazy Yorkshireman (Tazzy)

And another (Piggy)

Tazzy and Piggy: Stop the insanity!!! Yet ANOTHER template change at Tazzy and Piggy Dot Com.

Steve and Carly: Launched a full frontal assault on foreign foods.

Frobisher: As you can see above, the Christmas festivities are well under way Chez Frobi.

SID’s piece of shite PC

SID: SID’s hunk of junk computer is still undergoing an overhaul hence the silence over at Stupid Irish Daddy and the blessed peace and quiet from his inability to access our blogs.

Maidink: In a move typical of Piggy and Tazzy, Maidy closed her blog for renovations but returned two days later and now she won’t shut up!

Midget Arse: Do not, I repeat, do not do anything ever to piss off Midget Arse.

Camilla paper doll

Kaz: Kaz is delighted to dress and undress a line of virtual paper dolls including Camilla Parker Bowles.

Awaiting: Hungover from her husband’s birthday party.

Geoff: Quietly celebrated his 45th birthday on Wednesday. In honour of his birthday, West Ham finally scored a goal and defeated Man U on Sunday, 1-0.

Betty: Introduced us to the Insignificant Awards.

Oye Billy!: A tribute to pub toilets.

Prunella Jones: Pru took a break from celebrity cooch-reporting to start her own version of “Blogging Roundup” called “This Week in Blogging.”

Pamer Finally started blogging again!

Join me next Monday for another edition of “Blogging Roundup.”


  1. I feel like there should be some dramatic music in the background.

    Maybe some Big Ben bongs.

  2. Gosh mj - some of these posts make your blog seem so *refined*.
    I can't wait to ask my Jamaican mates for some 'Cock soup'.

  3. Geoff: I believe there were bongs involved in some of these postings although not necessarily of the musical kind.

    Kaz: I am the picture of taste and refinement in comparison to some of these bloggers. Especially Tazzy and Piggy. And Steve. And Frobi.

  4. Fine, I'll go back into hibernation.

    Picky Canuck.

  5. Maidy: No! Blather on, chatty American.

  6. Yes I did. Now go think up some more good ideas for me to steal!

  7. And SID saw the filth...and it was good.

  8. Yes back to abuse you give me 10 mins to download all the shite etc etc etc.

  9. SID: Hurry up ya fecker.
    *sets timer*

  10. What an eclectic crowd!
    The universe is truly unfolding as it should...
    or is it just unravelling?

  11. Unravelling.

    Before you know it, we'll be back at primordial soup stage.

  12. I'm better now.


    I feeelz soo muchsez bettahr nowe.

    I ammm not hungged over, I am okaykk.

    Now I am off to click on Betty!

  13. Awaiting's been hitting the Nyquil again.

  14. HE and Piggy: It's a sign of the Apocalypse.

    Awaiting: See Maidy's comment.