Friday, March 30, 2012

Filthy Friday – Show and Tell Reminder

Put up Post-it notes to remind yourselves that SATURDAY is the deadline to enter our Show and Tell Day!

Note: Several of you inundated Mistress MJ’s box with submissions overnight. I’ll email you Bitches later today to thank you.


  1. First again?

    Jeez, where is everyone.

    You didn't bloody invite me to the party did you?

    How many times do I have to apologise for the last time? I'm sorry, damnit. I promise I won't do it again.

    *puts sparkly pink thong away*

  2. He's going to sniff that bottle of Liquid Paper®!

    Oh Hai Roses!

  3. Okay he's showing now I want to hear what he has to tell. From the look on his face he looks like he may be due for a spanking. TB

  4. His face seems to be saying "OH I fear that this pic will end up on some bitches blog for others to comment on." Said in English, French, Russian or whatever language the dear boy speaks. Love the teal wall. And the amusing post-it note wallpaper!

  5. Everytime Little Willie get his bony ass stuffed, he writes the name, the date and the lenght on a little post-it note that he then stick said note on the wall just above his bed.

    Hey! He took off the one with my name on it...

    Now, I need a drink...


    Mistress, why is there a pink thong in the vodka fountain?

  6. those are not post-it-notes.

    i'm not going to tell you how they're adhered to the wall.

  7. What's he hiding behind his back? What did he rip off the wall? Why is Roses thong in the vodka fountain?

    So many questions ....

  8. Is it just me Or does his skin tone almost match the colour if the "post its" paper stuck to the walls.

    Perhaps he's been contemplating another trip to the Spray Tanning Salon and has an array of swatches to compare and contrast?

    Could this be a young "Mr Burns" before he went all Nuclear?

  9. Bitches, who took the pink thong out of my pocket and put it in the vodka fountain?

  10. I didn't realize I was in your box last night! I must have slept walked again.