Monday, October 11, 2010

Filthy Canadians

A peek inside Canadian women’s laundry hampers reveals that we’re a filthy bunch.

And we’re not referring to our penchant for riding out the rinse cycle…

Oh go on, we know you’ve all done this (above).

A recent poll reveals the following shocking statistics:

1. One per cent of women surveyed say they wait until their underwear is visibly dirty before laundering it.

2. One in five women admits to spraying on perfume or deodorant to mask the smell of clothes that weren't fresh.

3. A third of the women polled admit to leaving delicates and handwash items at the bottom of the hamper for months.

4. Nearly half of women admit to fishing clothes out of the laundry hamper to wear again.

5. 14 per cent of women have worn the same pair of socks for several days in a row.

6. More than a third of Canadian women admit to going a month without changing the bedsheets.

Mistress MJ admits to statistic #2. She keeps a travel-size bottle of Febreze for those emergency situations where she just can’t get home before dawn. Ahem.

But surely we Canadians are not alone on top of our heap of dirty laundry. Previously we blogged about the Brits and their filthy bedsheets.

So tell us which laundry crimes you’ve committed.


  1. 1st

    It recently came to my attention that one is supposed to separate whites and colors for washing!

  2. 2nd
    I'm innocent.

  3. my mother always told me that women were pigs. funny, she left out the canadian part. i'll have to ask her if the omission was intentional.

  4. I'm as innocent as fresh snow!

    Then again, I'm neither Canadian nor a woman.

  5. I'm guilty of #5.

    BUT, I only wear them around the house. So it doesn't count. They aren't all stinky or sweaty.

  6. I don't wear underwear. It eliminates half the laundry.

  7. And I want back on the blogroll dangit! I am officially out of hiding.

    Can I tempt you with a beer?

  8. Why aint my dang pick-chuh showing up? Frick blogger. I hate it right now. Bastid.

  9. What a bunch of nasty whores. I’m so glad that I’m HOMO! The lot of us are rather nice and tidy. I’m guilty of none of these charges as I have a MAID. Also a boyfriend who is fond of cooking, cleaning, washing and drinking. I just lounge around reclining in the nude reading Barbara Pym novels eating chocolates and sipping champagne in between beating my maid and screwing my squeeze.

  10. The trick with underwear is to buy enough so you don't have to do the laundry that often.

    Oh yeah, and wear pantyliners for when you do run out.

    My bed doesn't see enough regular action for anything other than a monthly change of sheets. Unfortunately.

  11. *Febrezes everyone in the room and flounces out*

    New post up.

  12. Not to sound superior, though I am, I am completly innocent of all of the above on a technicality: I is a man, and as a man, I can say that all men are guilty of all of the above because, well, we is men. And manly things and smells is a manly way to live.

  13. "So tell us which laundry crimes you’ve committed."

    Well, I once washed a cushion cover on a 40 degree cycle instead of sending it to be dry cleaned!