Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Infomaniac Bitch Quotes

Welcome to a new series on Infomaniac entitled “Infomaniac Bitch Quotes” in which we post a random quote from one of you and ask you to guess who said it.

Are you ready to start? This one’s easy and we’ll even give you a hint.

"I'll have you lot know that my poo's are slender and sleek, smell of Calvin Klein 1 and are carried down gently into the toilet water by dainty little butterflies."



The answer will appear here in an update later.

UPDATE: The correct (and obvious) answer is PIGGY!
Come back again sometime to play Infomaniac Bitch Quotes.


  1. First!

    Worzel Gummidge?

  2. Yes, it's definitely one of Piggy's. The turd he's describing is not though - We all know Piggy was an accomplished fibber!

  3. I've got to get me some of them Butterflies....

  4. I seem to remember another Piggy turd post with it being so enormous it was declared a danger to the shipping in the channel .
    Anyway we have decided to bring a little 'social networking ' glamour to infomaniac

  5. Will The Mistress be quoting Herself?

  6. ***BEAST threw a flaming sheep at you***

  7. Beast, I don't think MJ wants to join FB. Dunno why.

    It's not like she's got anything better to do round 'ere.

    I'm going to ignore the guess the quote. Everyone else has got it.

    *slurps her cider*

  8. Its The Ginger Cunt.

    Too easy.

    Like you.

    According to the gossip on the streets.

  9. Yes, boys and girls, the correct answer is Piggy!

    Did we have fun?

    Do you want to play "Infomaniac Bitch Quotes" again some other day?

    *applies soothing balm to poked spots*

  10. A cuppa tea and a slice of cake.

  11. @IVD: We all know Piggy was an accomplished fibber!

    Indeed. He once tried to convince me he had naked photos of me.

    BTW, that pig in boots...cutissimo.