Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Call Now!

See those calling cards inside this telephone box?...

One of those cards belongs to our friend Ms. Nations who has finally returned from an EIGHT MONTH hiatus.

If you’re a newcomer to Infomaniac, pick up the phone, give her a call, and tell her who you are.

Wait, scratch that.

EVERYBODY pick up the phone, give Ms. Nations a call, and tell her who you are. (You can magically do this by leaving a comment here).

No doubt her mind is nothing but a purple haze after mushroom season in the Pacific Northwest so she’ll need to be reminded who’s who.

You might also want to tell her what’s been going on around here for the past EIGHT MONTHS so she’s brought up to speed.

Thanking you in advance,

Mistress MJ


  1. Welcome Back Ms Nations.

    *whew* its been a WHIRLWIND 8 months here in the Infomaniac Mansion.

    I suggest you just walk the halls to catch up.

    Oh........ and FIRST BITCHES :)!!!

  2. Ms Nations needs to know that this is no place for a lady to hang out.

  3. Good grief! How many posts have I missed? I feel like I've been away for a couple of years as well!

    Welcome back Nations!!!

  4. i was there 2 minutes after she opened up shop! xoxox

    @lulu ...which is why we're all here, sugar! ;~) xoxoxo

  5. I'm no lady, should I hang out here?

  6. Hello? Ms. Nations? This is Mr. CoolCookie (of the Shaker Heights CoolCookies) calling to thank you for again reaching out and touching someone. While I don't wish to appear as if I am groping for something to say, I get the feeling that I'll let my fingers do the walking over to your site, which tickles me to no end.

    Warm personal regards,


  7. I sure as hell wouldn't go in that booth with one of those CSI jizzlight thingamabobs!

    I'll tell Nations to get off her patootie and caption the FGES.

    I have a few finalists and their witticisms posted on the update but there is still time to enter before Saturday.

  8. Hello...Operator? Yes...It's me Princess...Yes... I'm fine... and how are you Dhaaarling?
    Now. i'd like to place a collect call to Miss Nations. Yes that's right...Somewhere out in the Pacific Northwest... what do you mean she's not taking calls?...
    Oh...The phone just rings out?...
    I guess she's still tanked on the Laudenum.... I'll try again later dhaarling...

  9. OO, keep them 'coming'!! Our 'smooth operators' are 'standing by'!

    And speaking of eager 'beavers', I threw my 'hat' into the 'ring' over at Donns 'place'.

    *staggers off beneath burden of 'innuendo'*

  10. Hello, hello!

    *waves at Ms Nations*

    Did you hear the joke about the beaver, Donn, a pike, a goose and the Taliban?

    Yes, well, given your home grown receipes, it'll take a lot to suprise you.

    *looks at the osteospermum and wonders if will pretend to be a Shasta Daisy*

  11. FN darling! It's me 'Petra. So you almost carried it to term I see. Lovely, boy, girl or pitbull?
    Anyway, I've got a social engagement with Miss Roses and a bottle of Moët - much like everyday these past 8 months.
    Talk to you later darling. *air kisses*

  12. My name is Soren L Knudsen, you may know me better as the Octomom or Kevin Bacon both of which I played on stage for extended runs on the east and west ends. I currently live in London ..... England in a secret base under the river Thames where I think about taking over the world but can't be arsed.

    No wait I know you, ye gads prison has really changed you.

  13. My name is mago and I am Franconian *uncontrollable sobbing*

  14. BITCHES: This is a good start but we're taking it up a notch.

    See new post.