Monday, September 15, 2008

What Did I Miss?

For the past couple of days, I’ve been encased in my Sensory Deprivation Skull and couldn’t come ‘round to your blogs.

What have I missed?

Tell me about your latest posting(s) and I’ll pop over to see you.

Make your description sound enticing as I might not have time to visit everyone today.


  1. You've never visited my blog. You're afraid to. Chicken! Bawk Bawk Bawk!

  2. TROLL: Ahem.

    If you’ll recall my first (and so far only) Mute Monday, I think you’ll find I both visited AND commented on your blog that day.

    Now entice me with your latest offering and I’ll consider another visit.

  3. Pussies. Lots of pussies on my blog tonight.

  4. It's my 200th post and I have a contest to win a pair of socks, handknit by me, of the Koigu color of your choice. You just have to tell me about your favorite childhood toy.

    Or you can check out my sois-disant NC-17 blog for a contest to win a teeny toy in a matchbox. Join the moiling rabble in telling about your "first time" in ten words or less.

    Now that was a lot of info for the Infomaniac.

  5. Forget about YOU, MJ! I just did a completely boring post that you'll no doubt make fun of regarding American war resisters in Canada!

    I'm heading over to Leah's place! Or is that just another of your OWN pseudonyms???

    I have no idea what koigu is, but who cares?

  6. MAXI: Your cock?


    Are there pics?

    *head spins*

    BOXER: Pussies?

    Ahhh… that sounds so purrrrrfectly cute.

    Or did you mean?

    *head spins*

    LEAH: I can’t tell you about my fave toy because I’m doing a future contest on that very subject!!!

    Dang! You’re making me give away classified Infomaniac secrets.

    But I want the socks!

    What to do?

    *head spins*

    WW: American war registers?

    Z z z z z.

    Well, I won’t be coming over to YOUR blog.


    *head spins Excorcist-style*

    *spits up pea soup on WW to thwart his sock-stealing plan*

    CYBERPOOF: I’m assuming you’ve still got Christian Ronaldo’s arse up on your blog?

    *head returns to swiveling to more interesting offers above*

  7. My latest post features steaming undies and levitating knickers

  8. cake

    ... lots of pictures of damply dense and darkly intense chocolate cake.

    please keep knickers on at all times, if visiting

  9. BEAST: Is “steaming” a euphemism for “smelly”?

    Because yes, you have steaming knickers.

    And your knickers are levitating because they can stand up on their own due to their crustiness.

    There. I don’t even have to bother visiting you as I’ve figured it out for myself.

    CARNALIS: “Oooooh, I love a bit of cake. Oooooh, cake. Oooooh, cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake."

  10. WANTSIES! The Skull that is. It would look fetching in the corner beside my antique rocking chair.

    Nothing to see on my blog today as damn hosting 365 have fucked up. AGAIN! Do drop by later to see some Irish celebrity underpants.

  11. Actually no.

    I've got something else up. But nothing you'd like.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. You didn't miss anything interesting at my place....but we sure missed you!

  14. I'm developing a secret code so that in the future, Bloggers can avoid paying exhorbitant defense lawyer fees, the inconvenience of having to get out of one's pyjamas to go out of the house and into a courtroom in the RW, and shelling out punitive damages to the victims of their so-called "slanderous" postings.

  15. LOTTIE: Have you been reading “Infomaniac for Beginners” and decided to delurk?

    In any case, welcome to Infomaniac!

    I recognize you from Manuel’s and Maxi’s.

    Celebrity Irish underpants?

    I’d rather look at Manuel’s Irish arse (you know I’ve posted a pic of Manuel’s arse, don’t you?) but I’ll be over later for a look.

    CYBERPOOF: Is it cake?

    DAISY: I’ll give it a miss for today then.

    But I’ll be round later this week.

    EROS: Are there pics of you skinny-dipping in Galveston Bay or body-surfing the waves from Hurricane Ike?

    DONNNNN: By “slanderous postings” do you mean that pic of your arse I posted?

  16. MJ - I have to admit I am a total Infomaniac virgin. I think Maxi directed me here. I like it. Everyone seems just the right amount of crazy!

  17. LOTTIE: Maxi is a disturbed individual who gets his cock out at the drop of a hat.

    You seem a little off kilter yourself with those dirty knickers you're flogging.

    You should fit in quite well here.

  18. No. I wouldn't want you and your puckering anus running wild on my clean family friendly blog

  19. Nothing much.
    Watched TV
    Counterfieted some fives
    Watched football
    same old shit

  20. i havent posted shit... ive been too busy drinking and pissing on trees around my house to keep the wolves at bay... i'll see if i cant come up with an mj worthy post about my weekend or some other shite! so dont waste yer time just yet...

    *walks back over to the inner voices compound and sits down to rub temples and banish the evil gods left over from the weekend*

  21. just more filler shit until the MITM finishes his damn documentary post on our trip out to lalalnd! xoxo

  22. CYBERPOOF: Unlike YOUR anus, mine is still elastic enough to pucker.

    TATAS: Tatas who?

    WALKER: Would that be football as in CFL/AFL football?

    Or REAL football as in “soccer”?

    Slip me a carton of those fives and I’ll be over later.

    VOICES: I’m working long hours today so I’ll come round late tonight or early in the morning to see the damage.

    At least you’ve learned to piss in your own yard.

    *covers furniture just in case*

    SAVANNAH: It couldn’t possibly get better than the present you posted for me!

  23. I don't remember what I posted...I lost my mind. Can you help me find it?

  24. RANDOM: Voices is sitting on it.

    KAZ: Cake?

  25. Your insinuations are disgusting and completely without merit.

    Take that back.

  26. CYBERPOOF: I must have been thinking of IVD.

    Where is that bony little bastard anyway?

  27. Exactly!

    He is no doubt down by the docks.

  28. @Lottie:

    Don't listen to what she says, she doesn't allow men on here until they get their cocks out.

    Then she does bad stuff to them.

  29. I have been posting about the English political situation in the run up to the party conference season..

  30. an arty and sensitive piece on how scitzophrenics freak me the fuck out.

  31. I had an old man in with his new squeeze.....his wife and kids didn't come this time......he tried to bribe me to be silent.....Manuel does not accept hush money

  32. Just what us polite Canadians talk about all the time - the weather!

    Pretty boring - nothing risque ever happens on my blog.

  33. wtf? where the fuck is my firsties for the tuesday posting?!?!?!?

    i am here and waiting and there seems to be a problem houston....

    are we ready for lunch...

    *thinks to self that suddenly he is hungry*

  34. CYBERPOOF: IVD never did show up.

    No doubt he needs the money to finance his orange shirt habit.

    MAXI: Who asked YOU?

    MUTLEY: I hear there's an opening for the junior WHIP position.

    I'm interested.

    NATIONS: I'll need half an hour for your posting, no doubt.

    I'll be over after I've watched "The Cho Show".

    MANUEL: And I don't accept hush money to keep your arse off the pages of Infomaniac.

    See Tuesday's posting.

    PONYGIRL: Isn't it always winter in WinterPeg?

    Except during mosquito season?

    VOICES: Keep your pants on.

    I just got in the door.

  35. *waited*

    ha hah!!!!

    *sliiiiiiiiides in from side room wearing sunglasses, a white button down shirt, socks and tighties*

    "sometimes you just gotta say, what the fuck?!?!?"

  36. MJ ... I'm bare-chested with two babes on my arms. I kid you not!

  37. BITCHES (including Voices in his undies and bare-chested Joe):

    I'm now a bit drunkish and tired and need to get horizontal so I won't be coming 'round to all your blogs 'til hours from now.

    It's been a longggg day.

  38. Right now it is Windypeg, not yet Winterpeg.

  39. You wouldn't last long in one of those things if you'd eaten a curry the night before *phew*

    But then again, you could do your own video. Sensory deprivation skull farts.

    You walk out wearing a gas mask and then we hear you sort of mumble "Hmmm. ngooo whaaa ei yike de mosss? Thenthry depriaon skuhhh gay har." Which without the mask would be "Hmmmm. Know what I like the most? Sensory deprivation skull farts"

  40. GINRO: I've always liked the Brit term "a dodgy curry".

    I've been busy enough with the cake farts to even think about skull farts.

  41. OK, being serious for a minute here, lol. But what have you started with those cake farts? What I find the funniest are actually the videos of peoples reactions when viewing cake farts for the first time. Maybe I just lead a sad old life, lol, but I have been reduced to tears of laughter on occasion.
    There's even a facebook group now.

  42. GINRO: Facebook?


    I fart on Facebook.

  43. Aha! Facebook farts? You'd have to squat over your monitor for those though, lol.