Sunday, September 28, 2008

Donn’s Dong

Hot Canadian men. An oxymoron? Not anymore!


Our Donn (pictured above) has offered to flaunt his fiddlestick here on Infomaniac!

Previously, Mistress MJ had threatened to post pics of naked old men on this blog for the rest of her blogging days unless each and every one of you sent in pics of your pricks.

Donn, fearing a lifetime spent staring at wizened old weenie, piped up, “I’ll do anything to stop you posting pics of those nasty old men!” and gallantly produced a pic of his pyjama python.

Do you recall seeing Tickers’ alleged anaconda?...

Tickers’ todger

Well, Tickers’ tiny todger pales in comparison to the Donn Ding-a-ling…

Donn's dong

Top that, bitches!


  1. MAXI: I just posted this two seconds ago.

    Fastest premature ejaculation EVER!

  2. That's what insomnia will do for ya, it's 3.15am here now.

  3. The New Pringles Flavour! 'Smeggy Cheese' Once you pop, you just can't stop.

    Good for you Donn.

  4. Is it prehensile like an elephant's trunk, one wonders?

  5. Now I feel the need to say what's been on my mind ever since that picture was first displayed here.

    Rice Fusion are the worst kind of Pringles ever. They are just nasty.

    Is it just me, or does Donnnnnn appear a little more buff in that photo than in the arse one?

  6. can't eat just one...isn't that pringles...

  7. I never had much time for Freud's ideas.
    But now I know what he meant by 'penis envy'.

  8. MAXI: A new motion picture…

    “Sleepless in Sligo.”

    Or “Dead on Your Feet in Dublin” in your case.

    BOLLIX: Is our one-eyed wonder, Little Jimmy, jealous?

    WALKER: Stop! You’re killing me!

    IVD: Prehensile like your freakishly bendy thumbs, more like.

    CYBERPOOF: Cut Donn some slack, would you?

    The arse photo was taken after a long Canadian winter when he was unable to get “out and about” as they say here.

    TONY: Crumbs?

    That reminds me of the phrase, “I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers.”

    DAISY: That’s Lays: the preferred choice of Mr. Walker.

    KAZ: Penis envy?

    You can purchase a reasonable substitute at Anne Summers.

  9. ****maintains a dignified silence ***
    But I agree with cyberpoof rice fusion pringles are vile

  10. Thanks for the birthday greetings! (previous post) - back in the UK, posting imminent! I have been watching y'all tho'

    nasty wallpaper/curtains in the cock pic - no one notice?

  11. Frobisher--that was the first thing I noticed.

    Are we quite certain that that is the Pringles can of a human? Or some sort of Entity?

  12. It wasn't meant like that MJ.

    I adore Donnnnn. With or without the Pringles.

  13. BEAST: Well they don’t make chickpea curry flavor.

    FROBI: Just get your cock out and send me a pic.

    Show us what makes so many Spaniards say Ole'!

    LEAH: Have you been smoking through a Pringles bong?

    CYBERPOOF: You adore Donn’s dong, more like.

    You’ve been begging him to show it all week.

  14. Well I have, but that's neither here nor there.

    I adore the whole package.

  15. You're supposed to share them, Donn!

  16. SAVANNAH: You said a mouthful.

    CYBERPOOF: Oh my!

    GEOFF: Yes, Donn.

    Show our friends across the pond how polite we Canadians really are.

  17. What's so shocking about adoring that hunk of Canadian goodness?

  18. With the Pringles and a six pack of Molsons, "Little Donn" could have himself quite a party,eh?

  19. Like his trunk, a bull elephant's dong is prehensile as well. It searches around for the cow's mighty minge while she tends to try and wander off.

    Not always a willing conquest, one would assume.

  20. I'm calling this "Suitable For Work".

    Go work it...

  21. I'll never look at a tube of pringles the same way. Ever.

  22. CYBERPOOF: Wouldn’t he make a lovely birthday present for you?

    Dream on and take a number.

    His fan club is ginormous!

    XL: But if he carries on too long he’ll develop a Molson Muscle.

    ANONYMOUS: All I can say is WOW!

    GORDIE: Where do you work, one wonders?

    T-BIRD: Donn has ways of infiltrating our thoughts.

  23. Although I still have undying respect for Donn and his witty posts and unmatched intellect...

    I no long want to sleep with him.

  24. Geez I will never buy pringles again

  25. Mmmm love that huge cock!