Wednesday, September 17, 2008



  1. The life of an Eastern European rhythmic gymnast after years of steroid use...Her most impressive skill has to do with handling her balls--especially how she manages to tuck them!

  2. "She" looks like a real ball buster.

  3. 3rd??????

    What. Ev.

    I've seen those before but I'm not telling where.

  4. I Googled Klik Klak and found out that it's a cheap, super absorbant, Russian Tampon, designed by the engineers at Trabant, modelled after Sputnik, and manufactured in Chernobyl.

    Initially Klik Klak was made for Lady Cosmonauts stationed on the MIR space station and was meant to be inserted in their vagiant for up to 6 months.

    Unfortunately the enriched Uranium pellets in the core cause quite a nasty rash although one of the side effects was a glow-in-the-dark 'Minsky' which was good for morale.

    According to Babelfish this Magazine Ad featuring Cosmonaut Svetlana reads..
    Klik Klak
    Rash Schmash, look how she glows

  5. Blimey Svetlana is a bit of a munter.Is she featured in the Reduced to clear section of ???
    I remember these , they were all the rage at school , in the UK they were called clackers, but got banned after a few broken wrist incidents iether that or they are 'Love Eggs'

  6. I went to school with a girl named Svetlana from the Ukraine. She was less butch but very odd.

  7. Now you all know where it went when you "lost your cherry".

  8. Donn, that was an ace comment. I can't really see if Svetlana is a glow in the dark Russki or not - better turn off all the lights.

    I'm surprised the Russians didn't just use a pencil. Didn't that solve all the space race problems for them in zero gravity?

  9. Klik klak ... done properly it sounds like a small automatic. Hoola loops, and these things where you snap a celluloid ball up in the air and try to catch it again ...
    No, don't want to go there now. Swetlana seemingly is czech or croatian, I'm sure she glows.

  10. Anal beads.. I've seen them before on your bedside table, but never advertised by such a rotund heifer.

    Love the hairdo... so retro.

  11. We all had clackers at school. Even the girls.

    I think I got fed up of mine before they were banned.

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  13. i remember those as clackers and they were quite popular...i had a pair of translucent purple ones...omg i cannot believe i just admitted to that! MJ what are you doing to me!

  14. She Looks Russian (they ALL have balls.)

  15. EROS: She looks all pumped up on steroids, it’s true.

    And when she’s not pumping, she’s humping.

    XL: A ball buster or a nutcracker.

    BOXER: Spill your story.

    DONNNNN: You can purchase a glow-in-the-dark ‘Minsky’ here.

    Dang. They’re out of stock.

    Must have been a rush of Infomaniac readers snapping them up.

    BEAST: Tell us the truth about how you broke your wrist.

    CYBERPOOF: Were you voted “Least Butch” in your class?

  16. KAZ: What makes you think my cherry has gone missing?

    T-BIRD: Donnnnn (make sure you get the number of ‘n’s’ right) is unusually bright for a Canuck.

    And I like a pencil with a lot of lead in it.

    MAGO: I’ll check to see if Svetlana is listed on Croatian Brides.

    BOLLIX: There you go again.

    Fixated on my arse.

    I do have other bits, you know.

    GEOFF: Did clack become whack?

    DAISY: I’ll bet you’ve been the cause of many a pair of blue balls.

    TONY: I’ll raise my Putinka glass to that.

  17. Did she "play the balls" on that album ?

  18. She looks like my deceased Aunt Veronica. She and her bitchy dachshund were very mean. Bad childhood memories...I need a vodka.

  19. CYBERPOOF: You’re the winner, hands down.

    HEFF: She wants to play horn for Butlik.

    RANDOM: You might have to wrestle that bottle of Stolly away from Kaz.

  20. At least I won something.

    What have you won?

  21. MJ, if you're looking for a place to eat for dinner tonight go to my blog.

  22. CYBERPOOF: What have I won?

    Your slavish devotion.

    RANDOM: Mmmm, mmmm.

    I’ll have the penis.

    With a side order of…penis!

  23. Miss MJ , it wasnt me that had the clackers arelated broken bones . I did however break my arm playing rugby but that was a few years later , and then I broke my shoulder at Karate , and that was only a couple of years ago and had nothing whatsoever to do with clackers:-(

  24. Oh mistress MJ

    I've been a very bad boy

  25. "Klik-Klak" is hands-down my favorite Milius Svetlana album. She really came into her own with the klaking and kliking on this one. Second-finest is her poignant homage to love lost, Hic Haec. It's very rare, but I have a copy of the first and only pressing.

  26. So that's what they do with the neutered bits.

  27. soooo.... lots of time to post last night i see!!

  28. I just wish I knew how to read Russian.

  29. BEAST: I’ll bet you’ve fallen off your tricycle more times than you’d care to admit.

    CYBERPOOF: Take a number.

    I’m busy slapping someone else around at the moment.

    LEAH: Her cowbell album was a disappointment though.

    WALKER: I could bronze yours, if you’d prefer.

    VOICES: Well excuse ME.

    Expect more content on Thursday.

    MANUEL: I couldn’t find a way to tie your arse in with this posting.

    CECILE: ‘War and Peace’ has been translated into English, you know.

  30. No it's OK I already have insulation sprayed on them to keep em warm in the winter

  31. MJ...only one set i have been made aware of...

  32. WALKER: Some form of peter heater, no doubt.

    DAISY: And the rest are happy campers?