Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Weenie Roast

At the suggestion of our friend First Nations, Infomaniac is hosting a wiener roast and everyone’s invited.

Afterall, we can’t allow the Invasion of the Penis Snatchers to rain on our parade, now can we?

Nations and Mistress MJ want YOU to enjoy some fun on a bun!

Chef-in-training Beast is on loan today for us all the way from Café C in scenic downtown Dorchester, England…

IVD dons traditional French costume as your serving wench…

Saucisson, anyone?

Mr. Frobisher takes time out from “Frobisher’s Country Kitchen on Tour!” (currently in Spain) to sample our wares…

Frobi: I love a big juicy wiener, I do.

Kapitano likes nothing better than to chow down on a weenie. Open wide, Kapi!...

Funny, isn’t it, how many little wieners we have on hand for this cookout? One wonders where such an abundant supply came from.


And now a word from Garfer

I’m glad you’re all having a laff while chaos reigns around us. The Penis Snatcher has struck again! I bent over to pick up the soap and came up with missing genitalia. Right. Go on and enjoy your hot dogs, you miserable bastards.

Help yourselves to our appetizers as we sort this out…

Continued tomorrow!


  1. I hope y'all were wearing your hair nets when cooking those sausages...I'd rather floss after eating, not during...

  2. I'm glad to see nothing changes around here.

  3. I'm not going.

    I wish I could but I don't want to

  4. If you think I'm serving that platter of huge saucissons, you're very much mistaken. They're from my private collection - I only got them out to show you how big they were.

    * takes crow off head and flings it into the corner *

  5. I see from my picture that I have gained a few pounds since the pool party , so no wieners for me

  6. Weenies do have the advantage of making your hands look bigger.

  7. EROS: Help yourself to a bacon toothpick.

    MAIDY: Hello slag.

    Any chance of your blog returning before hell freezes over?

    CYBERPOOF: What's your problem?

    It's not as if you're a vagitarian.

    IVD: Your private collection from down at the docks?

    BEAST: Looks like weight's gone straight to your arse.

    I like that.

    Why are you clenching your butt cheeks?

    BILLY: *notes hair growing on Billy's palms*

  8. Being minus my bratwurst I feel unable to comment in this instance.

  9. I think there's a penis reference in this post.......but it's subtle.....

  10. jeez, Eroswings is first and isn't even proud about it.

    Do you know if they're serving tofu dogs?

  11. I was never a big fan of weenies, but I do love to munch on a ladies furry burger!

  12. Re: the first picture. I hope Beast has very good eyesight when he's got those wieners on the griddle, what with standing so close to the barbecue and all.

  13. GARFY: Your bratwurst?


    Vienna sausage, more like.

    MANUEL: Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

    BOXER: Eros is cocky, isn’t he?

    Perhaps that’s the wrong word to use in this case.

    Beast is a vegetarian so I’m sure he’s prepared a nice chickpea curry for the likes of you.

    MAXI: I hope you don’t cough up a furball.

    BETTY: I misread “griddle” as “girdle” which Beast certainly looks like he could use to hold those rolls in.

  14. Vag and I don't go well together.

    I thought you knew?

    Now if you served up a nice batch of Timbits.

  15. If you took every sausage off that plate and placed them side by side in MJ's love tunnel, you would still have room to put both hands in and perform a shadow puppet theatre.

  16. ummm.... is there no state sponsored protection plan in place here? shouldn't someone mention that? always wear protection when eating wieners...
    there ive said it...

    *wanders off looking for mjs pool*

  17. Holy Hirsutism Batman!

    I was very relieved to see that the young lady on the left had (obviously) finished cleaning the BBQ with her grill brush...
    and I most certainly don't want to know what they used to degrease.

    I must commend you on your restraint..
    how on earth did you refrain from subjecting us to vintage retrospective photographic images of awkwardly executed acts of middle aged marble gargling?

    Turning over a new leaf are we?

  18. Beast is not a friggin tree hugging vegetarian
    Its a girl thing
    ***snatches tofu dog from anonymous boxer and stamps on it***

  19. HEY EVERYBODY! Don't eat those little weenies! I saw Mr. Fukushima bring them to the party in a Tardis. I'm just saying.

  20. Much all castrato men? Eat dicks and that? Wha....? Nasty

  21. Is Cyberpoof a vagiterian then ??? :-)

  22. Is there Canadian bacon on the grill?

  23. Ew no Beastie!

    XL: sorry no, William Shatner was not available

  24. CYBERPOOF: TimBits?

    I sense another bitchfight with IVD!

    BOLLIX: Speaking of puppetry, too bad you lost your crown jewels and can’t perform genital origami for our entertainment.

    VOICES: You have become the prime suspect.

    More on this development tomorrow.

    DONNNNN: Thank you for the middle-aged marble gargling reminder.

    We are rapidly approaching Filthy Friday.

    BEAST: : *secretly plants tofu/lentil/brown rice/alfalfa sprout surprise into Beast’s refrigerator, disguised as Ma Beastie’s Chickpea Curry*

  25. RANDOM: Fukushima-San no eat meat!

    You make me nice seaweed soup.

    Get in kitchen!

  26. MS.DONG: Your fucky sucky friend Beast eats dicks, yes it’s true, Miss Mu.

    BEAST: “Ew no Beastie!”

    XL: Where have you been?

    Are your bits still intact?

    CYBERPOOF: You have the last word, as usual.

  27. beast i thought we discussed naked the wiener would yah!