Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Frobisher!

Spanish rent boy (left) and Mr. Frobisher (right)

Newcomers to Infomaniac may well scratch their heads and ask, “Who is this Frobisher you speak of?”

Veteran Infomaniac bitch Mr. Frobisher has been holidaying in Spain for several months; hence the shocking lack of updates on his blog and the can’t-be-bothered-to-comment attitude here on Infomaniac.

Frobi’s been too busy shagging rent boys, having his wigs backcombed, and making meatloaf to do something as pedestrian as blogging.

But let’s get down to the meat of the matter.

Frobisher’s meatloaf is legendary. It’s even more celebrated than Ma Beastie’s Chickpea Curry!

Frobi’s famous meatloaf (stolen from Ms. Nations and modified for a British palette)

In celebration of Frobi’s birthday, Infomaniac has ghost written his autobiography entitled, “Life, Loves and Meat Loaf: A Cook Book for the Bachelor-Minded Male”…

Note that for the sake of his old ma in Dorset who hasn’t given up hoping Frobi will give her grandchildren, I’ve surrounded Mr. Frobisher with beautiful beach beauties.

However, I’ve subtly displayed secret symbolism with the huge baguette!

Read into it what you will.

But the fun’s not over yet! In lieu of a birthday cake, Infomaniac has prepared a very special meatloaf.

Click here and enjoy.


  1. 1st to be 1st to say happy birthday...

    happy fucking birthday

  2. SOOO.... since we were last here.. (cheese and i, we were a crackin-the-fuck-up at her yellow/white lab... it was beggin at us during our mid-night snack, so we gave him a really good dose of "sriracha" hot chili sause...

    hes been licking the tile floor for twenty minutes after...

    thats as far as we go for frobi's birthday...

    fuckin second....

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. FUCK! and fourth? comment posting rookie, double clicking the mouse over at mj's...

    *smacks self in head*

  5. Oh Mann ...

    yeah, happy birthday and all.

  6. O M G .......MEATLOAF FARTS ??????

    I am off to deliver a birthday cake to Mr Frobisher who is doing a kitchen bitch shift at cafe C . Mr C was going to decorate the sink of doom with balloons and stuff , I shall take a pic if I can

  7. Happy Birthday Frobi!

    OH that meatloaf fart is disgusting. I got so mortified I had to watch it to the end. Gross.

  8. We were doing fine until the video.
    That's IVD on the book cover. Love the trizers.

  9. VOICES: Up late with a bottle of tequila, were we?

    MAGO: Where have you been, Herr M?

    BEAST: Is cake farting part of your birthday plan for Mr. Frobisher?

    If so, remember to remove the banana from your bottom first.

    CYBERPOOF: Wait ‘til you see what I’ve got planned for YOUR birthday.

    KAZ: Yes, I had to use IVD to make the book sell as no one really wants to see a tired old poof on the cover.

  10. Ok, I revoke my email of this morning.

  11. And I'm going to need that pass back, yeah? Access all areas.

  12. enjoy your celebrations, sugar! xox

  13. Excellent meatloaf! A little gamey, but nothing a little Tabasco Sauce won't take care of.

  14. What does that woman eat that makes her fart so?

  15. Hah! and you told me you'd never show your bare arse on the web.

    I like your friend... maybe a 3sum on the cards when your flatulence dries up?

  16. CYBERPOOF: La la la la la la la…

    I can’t hear you.

    SAVANNAH: Thanks for stopping by.

    Enjoy a complimentary cocktail on the house.

    CSI: There's a reason they call it “brown sauce” in the UK.

    GEOFF: Ma Beastie’s Chickpea Curry.

    BOLLIX: Mr. Frobisher is not a minge muncher so you’ll have to work extra hard to fill in for him.

  17. Always happy to oblige, Mistress MJ. Shall I bring the scissors again, or have you waxed?

  18. Happy birthday, Frobi!

    * clutches on to the "baguette" for dear life, but gets rid of the basket *

  19. Happy birthday Frobisher!!...the rent boy looks good on you...hope you have a grand day!!!

    on another note...MJ you are just fucking wrong for the meatloaf farts...wrong i say!!!!!

  20. CYBERPOOF: Is age making you aware of maturity?

    BOLLIX: We’ll take care of the hair on your back while we’re at it.

    IVD: You could use a new basket after what yours has been through.

    DAISY: Agreed.

    Why waste your farts on meatloaf when you could be cake farting?