Friday, September 26, 2008

Filthy Friday

Yesterday, I posted a simple request with simple instructions.

But it seems that some of you bitches think you can pass off photos like this as your Longrod Von Hugenstein...

Nice try, Tickers

Or reader Ron Knee moaning that this is his prick; the prick that is plaguing his life and everybody else’s in England…

Mistress MJ will not be fooled by cheap imitations.

Send me the real thing, all of you, or suffer the consequences of pics of naked old men on this blog for the rest of my blogging days…

Do as Mistress MJ says, bitches


  1. That first one can't be real. I refuse to believe it.

    It's yucky.

  2. Crap...I was almost first.

    What's with the nipples on that last guy. And that first schlong is HUGE!!! Can't be real.

  3. T-BIRD: Tickers will be punished for misrepresentation.

    RANDOM: Almost first?


    It was an hour later!

  4. Hey, I was drinking! I've got my priorities.

  5. that first boy is definitely german.

    german boys are fucking hung.

    all I can say is that looks like it could kill a dinosaur with one smack.

  6. I'm More a bag of Wotsits than a tub of Pringles (*weeps*)

  7. That is certainly one enormous can of chips.

  8. RANDOM: I manage to drink AND blog at the same time.

    TACHAE: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    Perhaps our German friend Mago will drop by to prove your point.

    TONY: CHEESY Wotsits?

    LEAH: Bet you can’t eat just one.

  9. I am a bit suspicious that the todger in the first picture appears to be thicker than his arm !!!

  10. I'm more concerned that the nipples on old guy are as big as his dick!
    If that's what happens to men when they get old, I'm jumping out of this body sooner rather than later.

  11. Don't they say 'once you pop, you can't stop'?

    That wallpaper i s hideous though. I sure hope for Tickers that's not his room. At least it matches the curtain.

  12. BEAST: That's what happens when you work out.

    Try spending some time at the gym, for a change, doing something other than snapping your towel at unsuspecting men's bottoms.

    IVD: As you usually have sailors attached like leeches to your teats, it's only a matter of time before you suffer the same fate.

    CYBERPOOF: Exactly what kind of relationship did you have with your English teacher?

    TICKERS: We won't ask what's on the beverage menu.

    Now see me after class for punishment.

  13. why do i stop by on friday???????


    (yes, it


  14. I don't know what you mean.

    I did service the principle once or twice though.

  15. I'm still reeling with 'ew' at that first dude. I feel sorry for him if it is real.

    Petra - tell us more!

  16. Come on guys puh-leeze send one in...
    it's the only way to stop her from posting those wretched wrinkled weiners!
    buck buck buck bu-cock!

  17. SAVANNAH: Admit it.

    You live for filth, period.

    CYBERPOOF: I was referring to the phrase “'once you pop, you can't stop" and I was wondering where and how you learned that phrase.

    T-BIRD: *agrees with CyberPoof must tell all*

    DONN: It sounds like you’re choking the chicken.

  18. T-BIRD: That should read, *agrees THAT CyberPoof must tell all*

  19. I don't think this is necessarily FILTHY as much as it is HEALTHY?

  20. BOXER: There is nothing healthy about a diet of Pringles.

    No wonder Americans are fat.

  21. I thought that was the Pringles tagline a few years ago?

    I'm not telling because, well I have to have my dark secrets.

  22. gah....

    forgot it was fucking filthy friday again....

    *will never eat a tube of pringels and enjoy them again*

  23. Those nipples are enough to make me puke. There is something very unheathy about erect nips on a man.


    I hear through the blogger grapevine (knudsen) that IV has a cock shaped like a baby's arm holding an orange.

    Over to you MJ.

  24. CYBERPOOF: One of your deep dark secrets will be revealed here on Monday.

    VOICES: You’ll never see another snatch on this blog if you don’t submit your pic soon.

    BOLLIX: Voices is stalling on sending a snap of his alleged cock-shaped-like-a-baby’s-arm-holding-an-orange.

    Personally, I think Little Jimmy has intimidated all the other bitches.

    Looks like I could be posting photos of naked old men from now on if this keeps up.

    As for erect nipples on men, I notice yours poke through your vest whenever I talk to you.

  25. You don't scare me.

    Post all the pictures of old men you like, I'll start a campaign to flood your inbox with Siamese bestiality porn.

    You might like that though.

  26. They aren't my nipples, they are just blackheads pushing aside the filthy sweaty hairs on my chest in their quest for fresh air.

  27. MAXI: *holds aloft a well-pedicured foot in front of Maxi’s face as a peace offering*

    BOLLIX: Your chest IS incredibly hairy which is why I was surprised to see that your arse is so smooth.

    Um, not that I would know...ish.


  28. its gonna take me a bit to get the pics in order... as i do most of my posting at work.. also gonna be hard to explain why im scanning pictures of my shvanz onto the copy machine and sending them through the network to my bosses computer to post on my anti-work blog...

    so cut zack some slack, mack johnson...

    *orders lunch from pub and makes sure they have cold glasses... today our hero will be having beer with lunch*

  29. VOICES: Fine.

    A bit of slack for your Leader of the Sack.

  30. says quite timidly...


    *offers mj a bottle of jamesons for the extra time*

  31. VOICES: Ahhhh...liquid joy.

    Stop! You're bribing me, aren't you?

  32. You just had to tell everyone about my arse huh?

    Is there no secrets safe as far as my body is concerned?

  33. You cockasidal maniac those pringles make my bag of cheese'n'onion seem kinda pathetic.

  34. BOLLIX: Was I meant to keep that to myself?

    Well now that the cat’s out of the bag, do you think the others might want to see your big fine shapely Scottish arse?

    Show of hands.


    KNUDSEN: I won’t rest ‘til you and Bollix are engaged in a cockfight.

    Me gunties are moist just thinking about it.

  35. MJ, I've responded to your original request on the nice Mr Knudsens last post.

    For fuck sake put down that rampant rabbit and go look.

  36. BOLLIX: Knudsen’s a tight-arse.

    He won’t repay you the £43.50 so you may as well get yer troosers down and your cocks out!

  37. *leaves trail of small bottles of jamesons going out the back door*

  38. VOICES: *torn between following trail of Jamesons bottles or trying to pull doon troosers of Old Knudsen and Bollix*

  39. MJ must stand for 'Mighty Jiucy'.

    We once had a mongrel dog as horny as you, we had to have his nuts cut off to stop him from humping everything.

    I once caught him in the vegetable patch shagging a cabbage. It wasn't his fault though, he thought it was a caulie.

  40. Could you please not?

    I'd appreciate it if you didn't.

  41. *waits outside with club and sack made of animal skins*

  42. BOLLIX: Wait ‘til I’m let loose in your courgette patch!

    CYBERPOOF: It will be our little secret IF you send me a pic of your prick.

    VOICES: I’m not falling for THAT old trick.

  43. If it's a picture of your toes from 'neath those stripey tights, I humbly accept!

  44. MAXI: Go into my Blogger profile and enlarge the pic.

    Just a wee teaser for you.

    By the way, I went shoe shopping today.

  45. The old man is a pre op trannie who could only afford getting boobs; the shaky economy has devalued his 401k, thus, he can't afford a new vagina just yet...

    Americans aren't fat; Americans are just big BONED!

  46. PaaaaaarrrrrrarrararararrarrraPPPP!!!

  47. I've enlarged that picture many times during the long lonely nights, MJ don't you worry.

    What kind of shoes did you get for those dainty feet of yours??

  48. EROS: Well get down to it and show me your BIG BONE!

    MUTLEY: Feeling poorly is no excuse for bad manners, Mr. Dog.

    MAXI: Platform open-toed sandals.

    Peter Kaiser and Kenneth Cole to name names.

    *dangles sandal from pedicured foot*

  49. bitch I told you that picture of my husband and his tasty snack was for private use only. *runs off-bowlegged-crying*

    hey random here:

    its real.

  50. NATIONS: You can't take care of your husband and that's why he's over HERE, bitch!

    In fact, you can't take care of any of your men.

    You're pimping out Beast in your tawdry vocal combo and making him wear a Sears poncho.

    And it's Frobi's birthday on Saturday and where is your happy birthday post?

    On MY blog is where you'll find his greeting, THAT'S WHERE!