Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lick My Armpit

Lick my armpit, bitches.

You know you want to.


  1. Is it clean? or have you been indulging in vigorous, er, exercise?

  2. PEEVISH: Does it matter?

    Mistress MJ tastes delicious either way.

    LEAH: Don't take that attitude with ME, young lady!

  3. But you're not wearing the green elf shorts. And you've shaved, so what's the point?

  4. *notices mj trying to make him step out of line, stays in his his seat and thinks of a happy place, starts thinking about armpits.......*

  5. I say whomever is Firsty tonight should do the licken....


  6. No thanks. I'm not into that.

    Licking those is the pits

  7. watch out for that cigarette; i sense all is not ash it seems

  8. Confident! Confident!
    Dry and Secure!
    Raise your hand,
    Raise your hand
    If your Sure!

    Isn't this the crazy chick who fired shots at her lover during a lover's tiff? Then played Jane to Tarzan for bit? Should we take this a sign?

    *checks around MJ's place for pistols and chimps*

  9. I would, but, you know... I'm way over here and my tongue won't stretch that far. Besides, I think you've dropped some fag ash in it.

  10. Do any of you out there have smelly armpits?

    No...don't put your hands up.

  11. I would rather lick stale pish off of a thistle. Just because we usually 'do it' with the lights out, doesn't mean that I cannae feel the course wire like forest that sprouts from under your arms.

    The last time you suggested that you assume the doggy position to keep me happy, I didn't know whether to fuck you or ride you around the garden. All I'm gonnae say is that the hairs under your arms match the stubble on your legs.

  12. To be perfectly honest I'd rather lick stamps.

    *stomps off to buy MJ some under arm deodorant*

  13. I was going to find some clean and nice way to ask, but:

    Do you mind if I wank while I lick it?

  14. For an oriental theme this lady should wear some olibanum incense with notes of cinnamon and sweet overtones.

  15. WW: The Elf Shorts are in Denmark at the moment.

    When will we see them in Winnipeg?

    VOICES: Consider it an early birthday present.

    BOXER: Did you notice that Peevish was first on the previous posting too?

    She’s the new one to beat.

    CYBERPOOF: You’re a Pikslikker; not an armpit-licker.

    CARNALIS: Note that the fag is strategically pointed due south for any bad boys who refuse to comply.

    EROS: Yes, ‘tis the lovely Lupe Vélez who was married to Johnny Weissmuller (Tarzan).

    As for the gun, she took a shot at her lover Gary Cooper. Probably because he wouldn’t lick her armpit!

    Let that be a lesson to you.

  16. IVD: We’ve all seen that pic of your tongue and I’m sure it COULD reach all the way over here.

    TICKERS: Are you trying to cut in on my tongue action by soliciting my readers?

    BOLLIX: Did I shave my legs for this?

    Where has the romance gone?

    GARFY: Go back to your stamp licking if that’s more your thing.

    MAXI: Only if you take photos.

    MAGO: Would the fragrance entice the jade stalk?

  17. You know I adore you really. Apart from your flatulence.

  18. you couldn't be more right

    How about you?

  19. BOLLIX: When I wear these you’ll be able to kiss my arse with confidence.

    CYBERPOOF: How about me?

    It's all about me, don't you know that by now?

  20. things always come early for me...


  21. okay but only if you spread marmite on it first

  22. Kinky... do they do a crotchless version?

  23. VOICES: You come early?

    You must visit Miss Mu Tai Dong and purchase a PELOOP!

    EMMA: I’m not splashing out on groceries just for you.

    BYOB…bring your own marmite.

    BOLLIX: A crotchless version?

    You can tear a hole in them with your teeth, if you like.

  24. I'm trying to decide what that shadow puppet you are making on the sofa is. ???

  25. Really?

    I thought it was all about me

  26. RICH: You’ll take your enema when I’m good and ready to give it.

    I have other bloggers on my list waiting, you know.

    FF: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    I see by your profile that you’re an esthetician.

    Your services are required here at Infomaniac.

    We have a number of male readers who could use a good back, sack and crack wax.

    XL: Don’t you recognize the fingers of your proctologist when you see them?

    CYBERPOOF: You’re only the queen when you’re on YOUR blog.

  27. Really?

    I'm pretty disappointed about that.

  28. where does the line start for the zack wax i wonder?

  29. CYBERPOOF: *thumps CyberPoof over the head with my sceptre*

    VOICES: Oh, the line forms on the right, babe
    Now that Zacky’s back in town.

  30. *waits patiently in line on right, not causing any trouble*

  31. ***shaves tongue in readyness***

  32. Tastes like chicken.

  33. BEAST: Is that Ma Beastie’s Chickpea Curry on your breath?

    RANDOM: It’s the other white meat.

  34. VOICES: You're being such a good boy I didn't notice you there.

  35. I want to know where it's been first.

  36. Meanie!

    *throws Paris Hilton shoes at MJ*

  37. *whistling to self, while no one is paying him any attention*

  38. WALKER: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    So far, it’s only been exposed to Beast’s hairy tongue.

    So if it tastes of chickpea curry, blame him.

    CYBERPOOF: *throws even tackier Jessica Simpson shoes at CyberPoofter*

    VOICES: While you’re here, did you notice I’ve had a visit from Walker?

    I’m holding you personally responsible if he pees on anything.

  39. Ok, but I like licking Asses better...

  40. Miss MJ have you seen Mr Mutleys post with his first picture detailing the dangers of Ma Beasties curry

  41. *continues whistling to self and minding own business*

    what? pee? i dont know anything about pee...

    *runs off with wet feet*

  42. Wonder how she looked twenty years later w/ those cigarettes and those armpits?

  43. no but I could do with a light.....cant find my lighter.....

  44. In the deepest valley behind the gates of jade there is a fragrant mouse ... oily ambrosial and abundant.

    A fine scent is never wrong. A drop of perfume where skin comes to skin.

  45. it smells like parmesan cheese, and i have given up parmesans. wipe a little roquefort under there and....nope, still no improvement. sorry.

    meanwhile, there are drunks out yelling in the field behind my house.

    I blame France.

  46. CYBERPOOF: That was a low blow.

    HEFF: You prefer licking arses?

    Then you’ll want to stop by on Friday.

    BEAST: Explosive!

  47. DONNNNN: Do as Mistress MJ say with Canuckistani tongue action!

  48. VOICES: You’re lucky it’s your birthday tomorrow or I’d discipline you harshly.

    MATT: How does she look years later after all those smokes?

    Probably like this.

    SAVANNAH: I’ll settle for your kisses then.

    MANUEL: I’ll light your fire, you little well done fillet server.

    MAGO: The mouse wants the cheese that Ms. Nations mentioned.

    NATIONS: Don’t make me roll a wheel of fine Canadian cheddar across your border!

    It’s about TIME you got back!

  49. sure would love to lick !!!

  50. ARMPIT LICKER: Nice to see you again.

    Glad you enjoyed it!