Friday, September 19, 2008

Filthy Friday

Your guess is as good as mine as to what’s going on here.


  1. It's the new Jonas Brothers purity ring for the cross dresser saving himself for marriage!

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  3. I don't care. I only care that Eroswings ACED me again.

    oh yeesh, is that Dude wearing panties?

    (i'm so annoyed I messed up the comment.)


  4. EROS: All dressed up and no place to go.

    BOXER: You lost out by TWO SECONDS!

    Yeah. Panties.

    Lacey panties.

    The kind I'm going to make your husband wear as he scrubs my toilet.

  5. *laughing at eros comment, enough to get cheese to come down and look at it*

    after that i have nothing....

    are his legs shaved as well?

  6. Thats what happens when you park it in a no parking zone.
    Someone comes by and puts A Boot on it.

  7. This brave soul has volunteered to be the subject for a study on sensory depravation. With his brain safely encased in a wank free biosphere, Scientists hope to discover whether or not men can function for an entire day without flogging the bishop..
    you know?
    badgering the witness?
    chokin the chicken?
    holding the sausage hostage?
    come on!
    squeazin' the weasel?
    checking for squirrels?

    ah forget it!

  8. VOICES: Keep Cheese out of it.

    She’s a decent woman, aside from her penchant for hooking up with un-housetrained hillbillies.

    I’m guessing his legs aren’t shaved and a certain Mr. Bollix is going to have issues with that.

    Bollix has a thing against body hair, apparently.

    WALKER: Imagine the fee to have it removed!

    DONNNNN: It is my belief that even when encased in a wank-free biosphere, the human male will find a way to wank.

    Prove me wrong.

  9. I'm not gonna bother to comment after Eros, I got nothing.

    Those gunties look comfortable.

  10. KNUDSEN: Not only was Eros first, he's getting the biggest laughs AND he's putting everyone else off their stroke.

    Damned show off everything-is-big-in-Texas Texan.

    As for the gunties, fit is key.

    You need something that doesn't draw attention to your problem areas.

    We'll talk privately.

  11. Nice panties! *rolls eyes*

    Jesus, what a pussy

  12. What happens if you lose the key ???
    Girls panties don't have enough room in the gusset region

  13. CYBERPOOF: That’s rich coming from a man who wears glittery eye shadow.

    BEAST: What happens if you lose the key?

    I don’t know. Why don’t we lock you up, throw away the key and find out?

    As for the panties, I shouldn’t think you’d need much room in the gusset region.

    You’re the exception to the phrase “good things come in small packages”.

  14. I actually know what this is, but I'm curious how you got my picture?

  15. i have no freakin got me this morning...

  16. Let's just hope he doesn't get too excited.

  17. Brought hubby here to have a laugh at "domestic dispute of the day" (for we like to have a laugh at a good aggravated assault story from time to time, that's just who we are), forgot it was Filthy Friday, and landed on this. Hubby didn't even bat an eyelash at the besqueezed, shiny, shaven testicles. Not even when I poked him hard in the side to get a reaction. He's stoical like that.

    But, now I know where he'll be on Friday mornings...

  18. i know what that device is, and i have been up close and personal with one (watch out for condensation, folks). Never understand the point tho' ..

  19. MAXI: You’re all over the Internet.

    You’ll get your cock out at the drop of a hat, I’m told.

    DAISY: Obviously not something you’d see everyday in Illinois.

    KAZ: You’d best not walk across his line of vision then, you little minx.

    LEAH: Is your husband pulling his weight when it comes to housework?

    If not, he’s welcome to visit Mistress MJ for a training session along with Boxer’s husband and Catscratch’s husband.

    CARNALIS: Is it a greenhouse for a Venus fly trap?

  20. That's different.

    Lace panties is way too sissy. Glittery eyeshadow is avantgarde and trendy. Not to mention, for everyone.

  21. CYBERPOOF: You’re not making a convincing case for not being a big sissy gurl.

    We’ve all seen the Veet in your bathroom.

    HEFF: Click here for my guide to measuring your cock.

  22. Well at least I'm not so much a sissy that I wear lace panties

  23. CYBERPOOF: So you keep telling us.

    BOLLIX: If you’re reading this, where the hell has your blog gone?!

  24. It's a government experiment gone horribly wrong.

  25. RANDOM: Hillary's futile attempt to make Bill keep it in his panties.

  26. im more of a hybrid than an inbred...

    you know, the likes to shoot guns but also likes to garden type.

  27. VOICES: Next thing you know, you’ll be like Nations, trying to tell me you don’t have a toilet planter in your yard.

    Where is that bitch, anyway?

    CYBERPOOF: Not to mention your love of Kylie, cocktails with umbrellas, and shoes.

    Need I go on?

  28. MJ..."Hillary's futile attempt to make Bill keep it in HER panties."

    Warped minds think alike...LOL!

  29. shes off on one of her pharma-vacations i think... like a stay-cation but with bennies, black beauties, 357 magnums... you remember those days... or not.

    and sadly no, no toilet planters, too much shit happening at our house to have them outside in the yard!

  30. RANDOM: John Edward’s wife might want to invest in one too.

    VOICES: I doubt that Nations is even aware of our existence at this point.

    She’s probably scaling the walls of the gated communities of Lynden, WA, with a plan to flash her bottom at all the frightened residents.

    Or maybe she's run off with Bollix!

  31. It's Garfer, isn't it?

    And the photographer is IDV. I can see his reflection on that contraption.

    And if I'm not mistaken, those are Carly Smunts knickers - from when she was four (younger, slimmer and before the slime).

  32. Free Willy.

    Totally awesome porn title.

  33. Read the card:

    Anti-wanking device, catholic, 20th century, plastic, metall. Comes with small lock (key lost) and handcuffs (see numbers 22, 23).

  34. No idea what it is, but where do I get one? looks like it might be fun mwahahaha!! :oP

  35. That does not a sissy make m'dear.

    A fag, perhaps. Not a sissy.

  36. its a fitted aquarium for his little fish! apparently it's been a very very BAD fish.

  37. PUPPY&HIPPO: That would explain IVD’s mysterious absence.

    Where ARE the Smunts anyway?

    CATSCRATCH: I wish I’D thought of that!

    MAGO: When in doubt, blame the Catholics, I always say.

    POSH: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    I recognize you from Random Chick’s place.

    If you can get that contraption off of him, it’s yours.

    CYBERPOOF: You’re a fag, then.

    A very BIG fag.

    A flaming fag, in fact.

    Stop me anytime.

    NATIONS: Eeek!

    It’s a Candirú fish!

  38. Its a she wee - thats what it is - oh yes!

  39. I wonder if the static created by those nylon panties reacts with the brass padlock and lights this contraption up like a torch?

    Handy thing to take fishing or camping I guess.