Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Zidane Head Butting Game

I promise this will be my last Zidane headbutting posting … for today.

Play the Zidane Head Butt Game! Use your cursor on Zidane to headbutt Materazzi. Turn on your speakers for added special effects.


  1. Yay! I'm first!

    Don't know why I bother though. I've had enough of this boring Zidane crap already to last a lifetime.

    Can't you think of anything original?

    Boring cunt.

  2. Piggy and Tazzy: The shite you posted today put me into a boredom-induced coma.

    And you're outnumbered by the Neil Young fans in a previous posting.


  3. Why do people come onto other peoples blog and be rude?

    MJ you post whatever you want honey and I'll still keep coming back everyday.

  4. Maddie: A quick note to let you know that Piggy and I really love each other madly and are just having a laff with each other. Thank you for your concern though. He really IS an arse though, isn't he?
    *runs away from Piggy*

  5. OMG..SO SORRY PIGGY!!! Here's a hammer...feel free to bash me over the head with it. I am MORTIFIED. :)

    I am sorry...the last thing I read was 'cunt' and it is probably the worst word in the English dictionary as far as I'm concerned. But get a free pass.

    Also, I have seen SO many arguemnts over this incident. I guess I thought someone was spoiling for a fight.

    Please forgive me Piggy!

  6. *bashes Maddie over the head with the offered hammer*

    I thought this was really funny.

    MJ and I rip each other to bits regularly. In jest though, I might add.

    And 'cunt' whilst indeed being the worst english word doesn't stop it being my fave.

    Well she does anyway. I really mean it.


    *bashes Maddie once more for the fun of it*

  7. Maddie: I wouldn't go overboard with the apology if I were you. He WILL use that hammer on you.

    Ooops. Too late.

    Piggy: Someone actually apologized to you. THAT'S a first.
    *attempts to kick Piggy's shriveled scrotum. Can't find it. Too small. Misses. Kicks his arse instead. Loses shoe*

  8. *slaps MJ on the back of the head*

    *laughs as her plastic teeth shoot across the room*

    Maddie - don't listen to her. I was innocent and angelic before I started visiting this hovel. Corrupted me, she has.

  9. Maddie: The only pleasure poor Tazzy gets is when Piggy takes HIS plastic teeth out. And even then he has to think of England.

  10. Indeed.

    He thinks about how wonderful this green and pleasant land of England is, in the clutches of his darling little Pigster.

    Ah, bliss!

  11. YEAH BABY!!!

    Watch the little weasel get what he deserves. Too bad you can't get Zizou to crank him in the cookies and drop him with a haymaker.

    Oh I forgot, Materpuzzy would fall over with a little kiss from Topo Gigio!

  12. MJ...I am shocked and offended that you didn't share with me the fact that you wear plastic teeth. I thought we were more than that. Piggy, I need my hammer back please.

    *hits MJ in the knees with the hammer then calls her a cunt*

  13. HE: How do you REALLY feel about the Italians?

    Maddie: Ouch! You've been fraternizing with that filthy plonker Piggy, haven't you? What happened to my sweet Maddie?
    *re-inserts teeth, wrings hands, and regrets introducing her to Piggy*

  14. I Love Italians! My kids are 1/4 Italian. I just 'do not prefer' the Italian Men's Diving Team.

    Now let us put this matter behind us and never speak of them again.

  15. HE: Fine. We'll put the Italian debate to bed. But I won't stop posting about them. Although just for you, I won't post about them again for the rest of the week. Truce!