Monday, July 31, 2006

The UK’s ‘Most Annoying’ List

James Blunt

“Singer James Blunt is more irritating than traffic wardens, noisy neighbours and estate agents, according to a poll ranking the UK's most annoying things.”

The top ten most annoying things are:

1. Cold callers
2. Caravans
3. Queue jumpers
4. James Blunt
5. Traffic wardens
6. Tailgaters
7. Brown nosers
8. Chantelle and Preston
9. Ex-smokers
10. Noisy neighbours
11. Tazzy and Piggy

Read the complete list of the top 100 most annoying things in The Mirror.

Did they miss anything?


  1. for me it's that McDonald's commercial about the Philly steak Deli sandwich. They have a girl reporter asking people about it, only she constantly says "samwich"...urg.!!! Could they find anyone to pronounce it properly? angers me so much

  2. Rain?

    The Brits are always complaing about it.

  3. royals in boucle'.

    the queen mum wearing boucle' and making it all popular again as if it looked good when in fact it looks like burlap with bits of trash all stuck in the weave.

    boucle' annoys the fuck outta me.

  4. Pamer: Ditto for 'libary' instead of 'library.'

    SID: I complain constantly about it here in Vancouver. Broken record, I am.

    FN: How do you feel about serge?

    Frobi: Getting stuck behind one, perhaps?

  5. Weather is our only topic of conversation.

    Oh and caravans are very annoying to get stuck behind. Most people 'caravan' down in Cornwall or West Wales where the roads are little more than dirt tracks so you can't get round the caravan trundling along.

    The kind of people who have caravans are the kind of people who'll go down the seaside and sit in their car eating sandwiches. They never go outside!

  6. Billy: As long as they don't eat "samiches"

  7. Billy: You want to come to Canada and get stuck behind a 40 foot, 30,000 pound RV (recreational vehicle.) But as Pamer said, "as long as they don't eat samiches."

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  9. To the person whose comment I deleted: Excuse me for removing your comment. Perhaps the comment was meant in jest (I'm not sure) but since I have no tolerance for animal cruelty (even as a joke) I've deleted it. It's possible I've misinterpreted your comment. I hope you'll understand and continue to visit.

  10. lol @ #9. Aint it the truth...

  11. Great list, although in my total ignorance of entertainment tonight hotties, I have no idea who James Blunt is.

    Haven't seen any Piggy or Tazzy response to No. 11...

  12. Maddie: I'm a "never-smoked" which is almost as bad as a number 9.

    WW: You haven't seen a response from P&T because this post was too long for them to read so they missed the mention of their names. Anything more than a paragraph and they can't keep up.

  13. Good list. I can't think of anything to add.

    Also, the alcohol has not kicked in, I may be back to add something once my buzz hits me.