Saturday, July 15, 2006

Back from Seattle

I’ve returned from my mini-trip to Seattle and wish to thank all of you (except Piggy) for your kind words of bon voyage.

A few Seattle photos to follow after I’ve had my coffee.

In the meantime, Piggy, suck on this…

It’s the stick of rock you requested. Don’t let the label fool you. There was a mix-up somewhere between Seattle and Blackpool in the packaging.


  1. That looks a little small dontcha think,mj?

    I think Piggy is used to bigger things being in his mouth!

  2. Awaiting: Laff! Yeah, it's really the size of what Tazzy is used to having in his mouth.

  3. Cheeky cunts.

    And that Awaiting can talk, the dirty hussy.

    I don't like mint rock anyway, especially from Blackpool. Fucking Blackpool, good Lord above! The only people who visit Blackpool are chavs and hen parties.

    Not the kind of place for middle-class white poofs at all.

  4. And you missed your opportunity to photoshop that label to read 'Blackpool Cock'!

    You're slacking.

  5. Piggy: You don't like mint? Last time I bring back a souvenir for you. Ingrate.
    *takes back stick of rock and replaces it with boot up arse*

    And Alton Towers is a CLASSY theme park, then?

    Blackpool Cock? I don't have such impure thoughts.

  6. Everyone: My Seattle pics posting is delayed as I have to go to work. And Piggy's boring posting today on his blog put me to sleep so I lost precious blogging time. See you later!

  7. Alton Towers is classy when we're there.

    It certainly a zillion squillion times better than that scum known as Blackpool.

    All that falling asleep you do, it must be awful being your age. Never mind, it wont be long now until the big sleep.

    Then we can have a PARTY!

    *gets party hat's ready*

  8. George Formby liked his little stick of Blackpool rock...

    Every year when summer comes round, off to the sea I go.
    I don't care if I do spend a pound, I'm rather rash I know.
    See me dressed like all the sports, in my blazer and a pair of shorts.

    With my little stick of Blackpool Rock, along the promenade I stroll.
    It may be sticky but I never complain, it's nice to have a nibble at it now and again
    Every day wherever I stray the kids all round me flock.

    One afternoon the band conductor up on his stand
    Somehow lost his baton - it flew out of his hand
    So I jumped in his place and then conducted the band
    With my little stick of Blackpool Rock

    With my little stick of Blackpool Rock, along the promenade I stroll,
    In my pocket it got stuck I could tell
    ‘Cos when I pulled it out I pulled my shirt off as well
    Every day wherever I stray the kids all round me flock.

    A girl while bathing clung to me, my wits I'd to use
    She cried, "I'm drowning, and to save me, you won't refuse"
    I said, "Well if you’re drowning then I don't want to lose
    My little stick of Blackpool Rock."

    With my little stick of Blackpool Rock, along the promenade I stroll
    In the ballroom I went dancing each night
    No wonder every girl that danced with me, stuck to me tight

    Every day wherever I stray the kids all round me flock.
    A fellow took my photograph it cost one and three.
    I said when it was done, "Is that supposed to be me?"
    "You've properly mucked it up the only thing I can see is
    My little stick of Blackpool Rock."

  9. I spent most of my youth being bad in Blackpool. I ate so much of the bloody rock It's a wonder I've any teeth left.
    Middle class - NO! But for a great time it takes a bit of beating ...
    George Harrison loved George Formby.
    Can't imagine why.

  10. ah Seattle, the home of Yuppy Coffee and Serial Killers. What a combo?

    Yo mj, what up wid dat stick of rock? Yo iz all craaazy! Do da Dudley Doorights know dat y'all iz crossin' da line to buy ROCK? Gonna catch you 'ridin' dirty' know what am sayin'!

  11. Geoff: Either George Formby was a filthy minded perve to write stuff like that...or I am to read it like that.

    Please elucidate me.

    And when you've done that, tell me which of us is the perve.

  12. Kapitano's a perv!

  13. Geoff: That is the longest comment ever on my blog. I could hear the strumming of the ukulele as you typed it.

    Kaz: As you may already know, George Harrison learned to play ukulele later in life. Perhaps he was a Formby fan because Formby's music made him feel good. George once said, "It is hard to play a ukulele-banjo without smiling.”

    Now tell us more about your bad girl days in Blackpool.

    HE: Seattle is indeed the coffee capital of the United States. However, there are dozens of cafes that are superior to Starbucks. Starbucks opened its first location in 1971 in Pike Place Market. I walked by it on Thursday but I didn’t go in as I’m not a Starbucks fan.

    Now please go back to talking like a Manitoban. Use words like “jambuster” for example.

    Kapitano: Geoff is naughty but he’s not a perv. You, Kapitano, have perv tendencies but you’re not a bona fide perv. The real perv is Piggy. I don’t think anyone can argue with that.

    Piggy: You are the perv.

  14. Welcome back. I missed you.

  15. wow. i've been to blackpool. I didn't get any rock, there, though. Pity.