Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pink Seattle Landmarks

A former Seattle landmark, the Lincoln Towing’s Pink Toe Truck now resides at the Museum of History and Industry. The left toe was donated to MOHAI and the right toe is parked at the Lincoln Towing yard on Aurora Avenue North.

The Pike Place Market opened in 1907. The pink neon sign and clock were installed in 1927.

Here are a few pink landmark photos I took in Seattle...

Pink pachyderm neon sign at the Elephant Car Wash on Battery Street

Elephant Car Wash, serving Seattle since 1951

Marquee of the Lusty Lady peep show

The Lusty Lady is conveniently located at 1315 1st Avenue, near the Pike Place Market and across the street from the Seattle Art Museum


  1. I love the Toe Trucks!
    I want a baby Toe Truck! It's my birthday soon, guys, if anyone should feel moved enough to send donations. I don't, as it stands, but I can arrange to accept PayPal or, just cash will be fine. Thanks. That Toe Truck will be mine, oh yes, she will be mine.

    (RobinW is pretty astounding too...)

  2. It's Tazzy's birthday in 3 weeks time.

    He's much more worthy of presents.

    I might give him a toe up the arse. Yes, he'd like that.

    So will I.

    And no, MJ, you can't lick it afterwards, no matter how many begging emails you send me.

    I'm only thinking of your figure.

    And laughing.

  3. Funny Thing: You need to specify the actual date of your birthday before you can expect us to drive the toe truck over the pond. Or Robin Williams.

    Piggy: You're right. Tazzy IS more deserving of presents than you are. Why don't you give him the gift of a day off from YOU for a day?

  4. Is that not the place that advertises "83 beautiful girls and 3 ugly ones"?

  5. Raincoaster: Or a variation on that phrase. The Deja Vu used it too.

  6. I think for Tazzy's birthday we should send him to The Lusty Lady. I am sure we can pay her to wear a strap on.



    *vomits again*

    Ohhh, looky, there are little cranberries!

  7. Awaiting: Forget the Lusty Lady. Tazzy is ours. I say we all meet up at your place in Mississipi and we'll show him some southern hospitality.And please don't tell me you ate that string of cranberries.

  8. Hey! The Queer Chef pimped me here!

    Anyway, fab photos you got there! Love the pink Dumbo. :-p

  9. sooo pink!
    thanks for dropping by my blog

  10. Oops, was I not supposed to eat them.

    Damn you and Piggy for leaving that crap on my table! I thought it was leftovers from Thanksgiving and wanted to chuck them before they turned bad!

    Urghhhhhh...I am not feeling well now.

    But, yeah, before I pass out from food poisoning, I agree....bring Tazzy to me. Big Mama got a special treat for him. Hope he likes chocolate just as much as dear Piggy!


  11. damn, thats all my old stomps!!!!!!
    i used to wheel the baby Amazon around in her little stroller under that pike St. market sign waiting for a taxi! i remember when the toe trucks still 'toed!' (only volkswagens and motorcycles)
    now i am homesick. poop.
    i too am a founding member of the tazzy 'how many licks does it take?' fan club. i have to fan myself everytime i think about him!
    ( need a bucket every time i think about piggy tho)

  12. Waves to Talamasca and Gail. Thanks for dropping by!

    Awaiting and First Nations: Tazzy is luscious. Piggy should get down on his knees and give thanks for him everyday. Oh wait! He usually IS on his knees!

    First Nations: Someone needs a mini vacation to Seattle.

  13. Yeah, Piggy stays on his knees....he is the European Cinderella....not only does he clean floors, he give good head.

    Oops, did i just say that!

  14. Awaiting: He's not a very convincing Cinderella. His trotters are too big for the glass slippers.

  15. Glad you got to go. Seattle is so cool.

  16. When we went to Jamaica...there was Car Wash sign...they drove your car into a shallow river and washed it by hand. No joke.

  17. I love Seattle.... born and raised there. I live out in the 'burbs now, but go there every chance I get.

  18. Pamela: Ditto for me. Not the born and raised part. The "every chance I get" part.