Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Mitchell Brothers

Grant and Phil Mitchell from the BBC TV show EastEnders

Frobi: the photo above has been posted just for you and Miles.


  1. Phew! well at least I'm not Phil! LEAVE IT 'AAAOUT

  2. The shit actor who plays 'Phil' is a bit of a perv.

    And a wife-beater, apparently.

    His ex, Lucy Benjamin, has told many tales of his violent mood-swings.

    And he was the star of the 'News Of The World' a couple of years ago, after being caught doing a bit of voyeurism from his old beaten up van near the woods.

    Watching couples shagging in cars, he was. And he was caught with his knickers down and wanking by a News Of The World reporter.

    Fantastic stuff.

  3. Frobi: Be thankful for small mercies. But you still have Peggy Mitchell for a mum, don't you?

    P&T: I read about his dirty "dogging" escapades in The Sun... same place I find out everything I need to know about what the Brits are up to. When I'm not reading News of the World and The Mirror, that is. Somehow I missed the knickers-down-wanking story so I have to thank you (ouch) for that. What he gets up to is nothing compared to what you two get up to on a Saturday night in the Morrison's parking lot. Pervs.

  4. The only thing we do in Morrisons car park is mow down the cripples.

  5. P&T: And pick up scabby trannies on Saturday nights.