Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Totty Week: VIN DIESEL

I’m behind in my “Totty Week” requests so here’s one for Awaiting. Although she’s already had Billy Zane. Apparently he wasn’t enough for her. Greedy bitch.

Today is Vin Diesel’s 39th birthday. So Awaiting, why don’t you give him a big smooch?

Update: Awaiting has spoken. She wants more revealing pics of Vin.

Vin tries to cleanse himself from his impure thoughts of Awaiting

Vin checks to see if his weenie is intact after a round with Awaiting


  1. yipeeeee 1st corrrrrrr im liking him !!!!

  2. you couldn't find anything more naked??????
    come on, mj. too much holiday, i'm thinking.

  3. Midget Arse: Figures. Is there anyone who DOESN'T turn you on?

    First Nations: Hmmm. More likely too much time spent looking for nude Italian footballers. Perhaps I'll update when I get home from the shopping. We'll see if Awaiting wants me to look for something a little more nekkid. Back later.

  4. Hell yeah, I want him wearing skantily clad!!!

    If I would have known he would've been here, I would've never left this morning!

    Oh Vin, don't ever leave me again....Billy won't find out. Our secret is still safe. He will never now that one of the kids is yours and not his.

    *begins passionately kissing Vin*

  5. I hear, from good sources, that he's a shirtlifter.

    And that he has a big cock.

    And likes using a vacuum pump.

    Fucking perv.

  6. Awaiting: More pics to come in a few minutes.

    Piggy: I don't think Awaiting cares whether or not he's a shirtlifter. She just wants some Vin totty. Now please get busy on lifting Tazzy's shirt so we can see some nipple.

  7. OMFG! He is SOOOOOOO HOT! And his stomach is turning me on.

    I am so glad I get to meet with him tonight. Billy is out of town, so Vin and I will be all alone...I plan on sending the kids to my mother's. Oh the phone we shall have.

    *wakes up from fantasy*

    Well, f-you piggy for messing with my Vin. He does not use a vacuum pump. He can use me, I will gladly supply him with suction!

  8. Shirtlifter....I am confused? That better not be anything mean!

  9. A 'shirtlifter' my dear is a poof!

    You know, he bats for MY team!

    I know of at least two people (men) that he's played hide the sausage with. And he used to visit my old drinking den when I was still living in London.

    *laughs as Awaitings bubble suddenly bursts*

  10. I heard the same thing. You know Awaiting...he likes to eat tube steak.

    Hows my piggy wiggy? ;)

  11. Awaiting: You're better off with Billy. I bet you do have some fine suction though. He doesn't know what he's missing.

    Maddie: I've just spoken with Piggy and he's getting ready to shag Tazzy silly. It's late at night there.

  12. Well, fuck me with a broom stick! I dont care if he's a shirtlifter.....he can lift my shirt and bat for the other team tomorrow.

    Ohhh the humanity, and we have a child together!


    *takes a swig of vodka*

    *gets drunk*

  13. Awaiting: You poor thing. They say the wife is always the last to know.

  14. Vin...is...not...rooting...for...the...opposing...

    *copies pics to desktop*

  15. "They say the wife is always the last to know"

    So very true.

    *looks at Mr MJ*

  16. Piggy: Keep your trotters off of him.