Saturday, July 29, 2006

TAZ & PIG RADIO: Your Ears Will Bleed

Announcing the launch of Taz & Pig Web Radio at Tazzy and Piggy Dot Com

If you haven’t already been over there, you’ll find a link to Taz Radio on the right hand side of their page. Although being typical poofs, they’ve probably rearranged the furniture on their website yet again and who knows where the radio link will be by the time you read this.

In any case, you can make requests and dedications. Although all I’ve done so far is ask DJ Taz to talk dirty to me.

There’s a Playlist option so you can browse the huge selection of tunes available.

If you’re lucky, DJ Taz will be spinning the tunes live while you’re there. If not, the music is on a 24-hour loop so you can tune in anytime. (Note to SID: I checked. It’s really 24/7.)

Occasionally a drunken Piggy gets hold of the controls when DJ Taz is out of the room and all hell breaks lose with farting sound effects and such. DJ Taz can’t turn his back without that wee Piggy running amok.

So give Taz & Pig Radio a listen and tell ‘em MJ sent you.


  1. yipeeee 1st haa haa yet again
    t&p are getting senile, and lazy spent tooo much time snuggled in bed

    DJ TAZ rules he's brill

  2. How the fuck did Midget Arse get a comment in before me?

    I mean, she gardley ever writes anything on her own blog, for goodness sakes.

    Anyway (fave word), thank you for the plug, MJ (I can't believe I'm actually thanking you for something other than being thousands of miles away from us).

    Da Pig.

  3. Midget Arse: I don't think it's snuggling that they're up to but I don't want to picture it. DJ Taz IS brill and that sidekick of his ain't half bad either.
    *feels physical pain from admitting it*

    Piggy&Tazzy: You've got to get up pretty early in the morning to beat Midget Arse. She's on top of her game.

    What do you mean she hardly (or 'gardley' as you put it) posts anything on her own blog? There's some lovely pics of her today which I see you've trashed already.

    I can't believe you've thanked me for something either. It makes me feel dirty. I'll be scrubbing all day to try to get clean again.

  4. 'gardley' is a local Yorkshire word.


  5. Dang, I missed Piggy on the radio! Damn.

    I just love the way they say my name. Makes me all gushy inside.

  6. P&T: Honestly, you two talk a load of bollocks.

    Awaiting: Oooo yes, gushy indeed. I love it when Taz calls me a "dirty cow."

  7. I tried to listen but I just can't. I guess I will try it again.

  8. Charles: Those poofs have been mucking about with the pc again and Taz Radio was offline when you tried to connect. Try again later. They'll probably make an announcement on their blog when it's back up.