Monday, July 17, 2006

Notice Your Nuts

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer to affect men aged 15 to 45.

This viral ad encourages you to Notice Your Nuts.
(may take a minute to load)

So remember fellas… make your balls a bigger part of your life. Check yourself regularly.


  1. I asked my doc to offer his testimony at my last tuck and roll appointment. Normal he says. Who knew?

    I guess I'll just have to donate the 'new guy' to science in my will.

  2. Piggy and Tazzy3:15 AM, July 17, 2006


    I've been there.

    Ignored the lump for months and ended up losing one, followed by chemo and radiotherapy which is not nice at all, I can assure you.

    Sadly, I think too many men do what I did - think of them only as playthings and ignore any 'abnormalities'.

    I concur. Check them regularly guys. It might just save your life.

  3. I'm still whincing at the thought of the guy with the big bollocks and strimmer hitting some stones.

    Blimey I'd better check mine.

    one...... two.

    Is that the right number?

    Or should I recount?

    I check for prostate cancer regularily.
    I'm not paranoid about it, I just like having someone stick a finger up my arse.

  4. OH! and I don't know what that creature is in the picture, but I bet there are a hell of a lot of them.

  5. my god that squirrel has big balls!!

  6. HE: This is the first time I’ve seen the word ‘normal’ and Homo Escapeons in the same sentence.

    Piggy: You mean they’re not just playthings?

    You know all those times last week when I poked fun at your shriveled ball sac? Your comment here is almost enough to make me eat my words. Almost. But not quite. Anyway, I thought you were born with 3 testicles. I can’t keep track of your balls anymore.

    Tickers: I’m sending Piggy and Tazzy over to do a ball count on you.

    Charles: Welcome! Whenever I look at this pic I start humming that AC/DC tune ‘Big Balls.’

  7. tickers - unless you run a pawn shop, you've probably got two.
    mj, Darling! While you've gotten their attention bringing up the scary business, why not throw in a good word for grooming?

  8. Phlegmfatale: I've directed the fellas to Mr. Baldnutz in a previous posting for all their hair-care-down-there needs...
    But you can never stress the importance of good grooming enough, can you?

  9. Lol! Btw, I got your email. Did someone came over here from my blog ? Coz I think Talamasca didnt see you first. But anyway, you can play as many times as you want

  10. Charles: Talamasca was first to visit here. Then Gail dropped by to thank me for visiting her.

  11. Dang, that little squirrel is packing!

  12. Awaiting: That little squirrel has bigger balls than Piggy.
    *runs away*

  13. Fact: The mouth is more sensitive than the hands. So if you want to check for abnormalities in your testicles...

    ...yes, I see you're there ahead of me.