Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Quote of the Week

Mistress MJ awards the "Quote of the Week" to Cookie for:

"Zuckerberg you midget cock punching mother fucking father sucking piss drinking asshole."

Full post here.

Note: "Quote of the Week" is a new series here on Infomaniac. YOU could be quoted next.


  1. I will get a t-shirt printed with that quote. Jx

  2. Tata - one may ask a simple question?! Like "you know Devine?" or "What did you do last night?" - and never mind, it's perfectly okay to our rules that we marked your account ...

  3. Runner-up fave quote from Cookie's post is:

    I am a fifty year old gay man. Of course I have seen Mildred Pierce.

    1. Can you seriously see my face when that box appeared on the right hand column? I was like "What the fuck." It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

    2. We were wearing the same expression, Cookie.

      Regarding your post...thank you for speaking your mind.

      This (amongst other reasons) is why I love blogging.

  4. My experience with Facebook (I did it for the diner), really just annoyed me for the most part.
    I'd say more but I have pies in the oven...

  5. Zuckerberg should just ask his buddies at the NSA and cut out the middleman.

    Congrats Cookie!

  6. maybe if i'd had a tiny cock, i
    would've invented something big.

    oops, i forgot....i do & i didn't.

  7. Facebook nomore for me! Done! Fini! Kaputt!

  8. I'm going to try to work that sentence into every Jewish New Year greeting I make this week :)

  9. What is this Facebook of which you speak?

    Congratulations Cookie...

    I just love it when people speak their mind.

    Now remind me... Who is Mildred Pierce again?