Friday, September 13, 2013

Let's Bring Back: Part Five, P-S

Welcome to Part Five of "Let's Bring Back." If you missed our discussion on what this is all about, click here.

Note: If an item on this list is highlighted in blue, you can click on it, if you wish, for a description.

Let's bring back...

Peggy Guggenheim sunglasses

You're well aware of my obsession with Peggy Guggenheim sunglasses.


You've all seen this sign in my scroll bar to the right of this post...

It was designed by our Miss Scarlet who exhibits beautiful penmanship (with her deft nibs) in the form of calligraphy.

Not everyone has the patience nor the talent of Miss Scarlet but we here at Infomaniac say let's bring back penmanship: the art or skill of writing by hand.

The writing is on the wall, so to speak, for cursive in today's school curriculum. At least 41 states in the USA do not require public schools to teach cursive reading or writing; preferring to teach keyboarding skills.

Perfume atomizers

and Powder puffs

You'll feel like a glamorous Hollywood movie star with your perfume atomizers and powder puffs.

Keep them on your vanity table, which we don't bring back until Part Six.

This antique, hand-painted, French perfume atomizer is a steal at $275.00 and is available from this site if you should be in the market for a gift for me...


Red cabooses on trains

Children would always wait for the caboose to appear at the end of the freight train and they'd wave to the conductor and he'd smile and wave back at them.

Who do children wave to now?

Rolltop desks

You won't find these at IKEA...

Above: Roll top desk with cover closed.

Above: Roll top desk with cover open.

Roll top desks were usually made of hardwood like oak or walnut. The roll top desk had a cover that rolled up or down to reveal or conceal the contents of the desk. You didn't have to clear off your desk at the end of the day. You could simply draw down the cover to conceal your paperwork.

This gentleman has rolled the cover of his desk back to reveal the writing surface...

My favourite features are the numerous cubbyholes and compartments (including secret compartments!) of various sizes, used for storing stationery and files...

Sealing wax

For those who still practice the art of letter writing, sealing wax adds a beautiful final touch.

And it eliminates the need to lick the envelope!

A word of caution that you're "playing with fire" when using sealing wax. Apply in a well-ventilated room and make sure your hairdo doesn't contain too much AquaNet Hairspray.

Silver Tea Sets

Fancy a cuppa?

Take time for tea and serve it in style.

Components of a typical sterling silver tea set or "tea service" vary but may include a tray, tea pot, coffee pot (for those who prefer coffee), creamer, sugar bowl, and waste bowl. You might wish to round out your tea set with sugar tongs, a strainer or tea ball, a silver teaspoon, and, of course, a porcelain china teacup.

If the tea set pictured above isn't your cup of tea, try a different style like this Art Deco beauty...

Silver is susceptible to tarnishing so your tea set will need polishing. But isn't that what houseboys are for?


Before Jonathan Adler and his Vice Collection, there were snuffboxes for your snuff.


In the market for a pair of spats? They’re available here.

And if you're going do-mi-do-ing, you'll want your lavender spats...


Which of the above would you Bitches like to bring back?

And would you add anything to this "P-S" list?

Come back soon for Let's Bring Back: Part Six.


  1. bring powder puffs back?

    you can't take a step here without
    knocking into one of them.

    1. Did I step on your foot, Norma? I'm so sorry.

      First to say first!

    2. NORMA & HUGGY JON: A phrase you don’t hear anymore is “I'll be right back; I just have to powder my nose.”

      Ladies used the phrase when taking leave of a group to use the restroom.

  2. " isn't that what houseboys are for?" Mmmmmmmaybe.

    And I prefer to call the "waste bowl" the "slops bowl." It lets the houseboys know what they're in for.

    1. PEENEE: Perhaps we should bring back the finger bowl while we’re at it.

  3. I could do with a snuff box and a proper silver coffee service for the times my desk is drawn...

    1. WALLY: Do you have to powder your nose?

    2. I used to do snuff but it only made my nose hunger for cocaine. I have a feeling powdering my nose would have the same effect....

      (The Guggenheim glasses would instantly turn me into a coke dealer, I fear.)

    3. WALLY: If you’re going to be a coke dealer, be sure to take a silver spoon with you from our sterling silver tea service.

  4. Red cabooses and snuff box? I'm sure I wouldn't know anything about those. Meanwhile Muriel Jewels I wasn't aware your powder puff ever went out of vogue?

    1. MISTRESS MADDIE: It’s common knowledge that you’ve got a loose caboose.

  5. There must be a signet ring somewhere here ... You prefer art deco / Jugendstil?

  6. whatever happened to silk hosiery (or socks) for men and sock garters? All of your recommendations are simply brilliant! Brilliantine? There's another!

    1. TOPHER: I need you to respond to my sock garters poll.

      As for “Brilliantine,” perhaps I should do a post about it over at The Hair Hall of Fame.

  7. I want Peggy Guggenheim's sunglasses. On Peggy's pair there is a small insect body on the nose bridge, like a butterfly. It gives purpose to the shape of the lens. So I want HER sunglasses. So open the coffin...

    1. COOKIE: I foresee a graveside catfight betwixt us.

      Let’s bring back the word “betwixt.” Although, for me, it never really went away.

    2. "Raider heißt jetzt Twix -
      sonst ändert sich nix!"

  8. Bring back all of it... I'm loving this sentimental journey... The world needs more old fashioned style, glamour and decorum..

    But might i suggest brining back the schoolyard "Shelter Shed" I gleaned a wealth of knowledge hanging out behind them in my younger school days...

    1. PRINNY: Hanging out behind the “shelter shed?”

      Do go on, Prinny, dearest.

  9. "The time has come," the Walrus said,
    "To talk of many things:
    Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--
    Of cabbages--and kings--
    And why the sea is boiling hot--
    And whether pigs have wings."

    Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There
    Lewis Carroll

    1. LX: Speaking of looking glasses, see Part Six, coming soon here on Infomaniac.

      And no, that doesn’t mean I’ll be going all Seventies on you.

  10. the children wave to kabuki. kabuki thought you knew

    1. kabuki: To atone for the sin of forgetting, Mistress MJ must do penance.

  11. Segs for shoes, turns any pair of shoes, even Crocs, into tap dancing shoes, or you could use drawing pins. Antimacassar covers on armchairs even though nobody wears Macassar oil anymore. I love this mince down memory lane.

    1. MITZI: Segs look like little chocolate biccies…or dog turds. I can’t decide.

      I’ve never been able to spell or pronounce Antimacassar correctly. It always ends up looking and sounding like anti-massacre.

      So I usually just say doily.

  12. These items have been approved of by Thombeau.

    That is all.

  13. I am definitely a P-S sort of girl.
    But what I really want, to go with my pens, sealing wax and roll top desk, is a plan chest. I want a really old knackered one.

    1. You're in the right place for old knackered chests... Jx

    2. Jon took the words from my mouth, Miss Scarlet.

  14. Infomaniac meets many of my needs.
    Qx... Sx...